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AMP6 price setting: what's changing?

With the price setting process for AMP6 of the water industry's regulatory cycle underway, Ofwat's director of regulatory finance, Keith Mason, is in no doubt that this is "an interesting time" for the industry. WWT's editor, Natasha Wiseman asked for an update.

Coire Glas pumped storage one step nearer

Scotland's largest ever hydro project has been given the go-ahead by the Highlands council. Natasha Wiseman reports on the proposed £800m scheme.

Video The river's edge - a journey of transformation

The team working on the rivers and wetlands of the Olympic Park, one of Europe's biggest greening projects, faced numerous challenges, explains Ruth Boyle of engineering consultancy Atkins

Holding back the flood: tackling the SWMP monster

Four years ago, the Pitt Review made 92 recommendations to reduce flood risk. Richard Allitt of consultancy RAA says funding is just one limit to progress.

Can water leapfrog carbon?

Looking back on the UK's 40-year journey developing carbon reduction and climate policy to encourage business to become more sustainable,AEA Europe director Robert Bell asks if there are lessons that can be learned and applied to the challenges of water management.

'I've taken blunt questions - and given honest answers'

The winter crisis of 2010/11 has forced Northern Ireland Water to change the way that it operates. In an exclusive interview, chief executive Trevor Haslett gives WWT editor Natasha Wiseman the inside story

Tread with care

With a new international standard being developed for water footprinting, Stuart Crisp, business development director of Concrete Pipeline Systems Association, considers how pipeline materials measure up

MCERTS 'not enough' for complex sites

A successful monitoring system needs more than an Environment Agency MCERTS certificate, argues Steven Tuck of Pollution & Process Monitoring

Video Scottish Water completes 1.2km tunnel

One of Scotland's largest project in AMP5 has been completed in Airdrie. Scottish Water's William Ancell explains

Video Harsh reality of water poverty first hand

Twelve volunteers from the water sector in the UK have just returned from a fact-finding mission to Zambia in southern Africa.

Interconnection is key to UK water scarcity challenge

The UK faces some serious challenges if it is to maintain the balance of water supplies through the 21st century. Steven Lambert, principal consultant at Isle Utilities, believes interconnection and innovation is the answer

An investment not a hindrance

Chair of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH)'s Environment & Waste Management Group, Joe Taylor, looks at best practice in the water industry, and the potential impact of the Government review into UK laws

Glasgow flood defences effort makes difference

A complex partnership is reaping the rewards of integrated surface water management in Glasgow. MWH programme manager, Jeremy Osborne explains

Cutting-edge assessment leads the way

New technologies are bolstering the ability of JD7, a UK company specialising in pipeline monitoring. Natasha Wiseman reports

Piping up for savings

A technique for internal pipe repair is making savings on major United Utilities mains projects. Intrepid WWT editor Natasha Wiseman dropped into the pipe to find out how it works

Brawoliner used at cathedral site

Difficulty of access meant a pipe repair job required a trenchless solution. On behalf of CJ Kelly, Ian Clarke explains

Integral towing head improves 'no dig' applications

Polyethylene pipe specialist, GPS PE Pipe Systems, has developed an innovative factory sealed pipe with integral towing head. The company says the this eliminates the risk of towing head failure and reduces installation times for trenchless installations.

Precast manhole reduces excavation times

A pre-cast concrete manhole unit is cutting installation times and improving safety, according to the manufacturer

Burdens supplies Duktus pipes to three Southern Water projects

Specialised ductile iron pipes have recently been supplied to Southern Water by civil engineering and building materials company Burdens. Over the past few months, sites at Mossy Bottom, Newmarket and Southover have used Duktus in diameters of 800mm and 1m, using the unique BLS restraint joint system.

Raising the standard

Failing to maintain the integrity of standards could prove costly to the water industry, argues Frank Jones, director of the BPF Pipes Group

Efficiency is in the pipeline

Despite the economic climate, new hurdles such as regulation, carbon accounting are driving innovation, especially in pipelines, says Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson, MWH technical director of pipeline engineering (Europe & Africa)

Raising the alarm

The utility control room and the IT service desk have much to learn from each other. Dave Stow of United Utilities and John Brown of WRc explain how the water industry could benefit

Exhumation triumph

The success of a pipe lining product from 3M in optimising water quality and leak prevention in ageing iron drinking water pipes has been demonstrated following a routine pipe exhumation

Tasmanian success for firm

A smooth coating from Fernco Environment has delivered a range of benefits on a power station flume Down Under

Getting the full picture

A trial of software to manage and store photographs taken on mobile phones is helping Yorkshire Water gain visibility and control of its assets and operations, reports Natasha Wiseman

Remote monitoring improves PS performance

Water companies anticipating the next infrastructure transfer, the adoption of small pumping stations, should be looking to remote monitoring solutions, says David Johnson, director of sales & marketing for Nortech Management

Online sewer connections

Confusion and upheaval may still surround the transfer of private drains and sewers, but a new Facebook-style website is helping drainage professionals connect on key issues. On behalf of UKDP, Marie-Claire Kidd explains

Unique retrofit protects Formby

Pumps on the river Alt had reached end of life. In its biggest MME project ever, Bedford Pumps revived a pump station for the Environment Agency, says sales director Frank Cooper

Energy efficiency victory at Victorian pumping station

Energy savings have been achieved at one of Anglian Water's oldest and largest pumping stations. Paul Fookes, field sales engineer at ITT Water & Wastewater, explains

Grundfos fixes off-gassing problem at US plant

Vapour locking at low flow rates was posing problems for Point South wastewater treatment plant, South Carolina. Heidi Berger, sales director - dosing and disinfection for Grundfos, explains how the situation was improved

Clearer skies on policy

The Government says that it is backing the current industry model. Good call, writes Barrie Clarke of Undercurrent

Not good enough, Chancellor

The Government's approach to the environment and regulation is lacking in vision, argues Sam Ibbott of the Environmental Industries Commission. But what does this mean for water?

Enhancing quality and safety

Guarding public health has seen a Welsh Water treatment plant embark on process control system upgrade. Simon Ellam of Siemens explains

Squeeze technique works for leachate pipe

Improvement works on a landfill leachate pipeline eliminated waste tankering costs with an innovative approach, reveals Ming Zhu, technical manager of Alpheus Environmental

Consultation could bring swifter project delivery

Government proposals to streamline the planning process for major sewer projects would benefit water companies like Thames Water, says Shane Toal, partner in the real estate team at law firm Dundas & Wilson

Cheltenham's flood risk reduced

Safer working was one of the benefits of an innovative approach to flood management in the Gloucestershire village of Prestbury, says Craig Burrows of Asset International

The best of the crop

Maize grown on contaminated land is being used to successfully power an AD plant for Severn Trent and reduce carbon output. Natasha Wiseman reports

Packaged solution solves quality issue

When South West Water was faced with raw water quality issues at treatment works,it turned to Siltbuster for a solution.

Analysing the chemical burden

As a new legislative era dawns for chemical usage and the environment, Kirit Wadhia, ecotoxicology services manager at microbiology company NCIMB, highlights some new technological approaches.

Coming out in the wash

'Efficiency' makes good business sense, so a process that maintains the efficient operation of water treatment filters but also saves time and costs in doing so is worth investigating. Mouchel's Melanie Bright explains.

Driving decisions on supplier numbers

Streamlining the supplier base should only be done with care, says Carl Millington, director of utilities at Achilles.

Data catchment: Eden monitoring goes live

One of the first projects to capture river water quality in Cumbria, live, has just gone online. A report from Lancaster University explains what it means for catchment management.

Optimising energy efficiency

The new standards for motors are one driver for energy efficiency, says Daniel Gonterman of KSB, but there are additional ways to reduce consumption

The wastewater recovery

After 10 dedicated years, Frank Rogalla of Aqualia hangs up his hat on Technically Speaking and looks to the future potential of energy and nutrient recovery in wastewater.

Polperro outfall reaches final phase

As South West Water reaches the end of its mammoth 20-year programme of coastal works, Natasha Wiseman reports on an outfall project in Cornwall

Composite manholes ‘safer than iron’

New materials are making access covers safer and less expensive, says Andrew Burton, general manager of Structural Science Composites, a manufacturer that has joined the Motorcycle Action Group for a new campaign

Compact treatment for 'Venice's Garden'

The filtration system for a wastewater treatment plant on the Venetian island of Sant'Erasmo required a special configuration, says Darren Reed, business development manager of PCI Membranes.

There's nowt like water

Yorkshire Water's managing director, Richard Flint, has seen some changes in his 20 years with the company. Natasha Wiseman hears how he envisions an evolutionary approach to managing the sector's uncertainties in the coming years

Dead in the water

The water industry’s public service ethos is under threat. And that, argues Barrie Clarke of Undercurrent, may not be good news for people or businesses

Through swell and high water

Estuaries on the west coast of Wales represent some of the most challenging conditions for environmental monitoring. But a solar-powered pontoon is providing data that previously would have been an impossibility. From YSI, regional director Darren Hanson explains

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