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January 1999

When it comes out next autumn, the new ISO 14031 will provide a structured framework for environmental performance evaluation, along with a number of other benefits, writes Matthias Gelber of 14000 & One Solutions.
Critical's datum refernce system. John Corris of Critical Flow Systems examines the flow measurement
Pests face sophisticated technology - infra red mouse detector. Dealing effectively with nuisance in its many aspects, from pest control to noise pollution, odours and dust, which blight the environment, demands the combined resources of environmental health departments and the expanding range of specialised services, techniques and equipment from the a priva
» Seeping contamination
» Double signal filters out background noise
» Reliable flowmetering is essential for efficiency
» New centre puts UK research into contaminated land on track

January 1998

Anglian Water has commissioned one of the world's largest site flow audits
Seeboard's 668MW Medway power station - it's gas turbines helped the electricity industry stabilise Britain's greenhouse gas emissions at 1990 levels Under the Kyoto climate change agreement, greenhouse gas emissions don't have to be reduced until 2008, but the effects for industry could be immediate. James Dark assesses work in progress and the measures that will be required.

January 1995

January 1990