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January 2000

On 15 November 1999, the ISO Central Secretariat in Switzerland finally released the new ISO 14031 standard, entitled Environmental Management ­ Environmental Performance Evaluation Guidelines. Matthias Gelber, technical director of 14000 & ONE Solutions Ltd and member of ISO TC 207, SC 4, the
Plant juices & animal proteins can lead to high oxygen demand and smelly effluentsThe task of the environmental manager in the food industry is heavily garnished with issues fundamentally commercial in nature, and which bite if mismanaged. Richard Poynton, founding director of specialist environmental consultancy Business Benefits Ltd, samples environmental liability in the
Liquid oxygen tanks at Milwaukee's Linnwood WTWThe US city of Milwaukee has used ozonation to tackle a serious Crypto problem and ended up with safe, economical drinking water for its citizens. Robert Hulsey, process engineer, Black & Veatch, Dan McCarthy, senior vice president and project manager, Black & Veatch, and Carrie Lewis, superi
» Tracking nitrates
» Heavy metal, soft rock
» Remediation recycles CO2
» DETR lends an ear to noise nuisance
» Hydrogen peroxide could power fuel cell
» Boosting supply for Bangalore
» Reflections on liability

January 1999

The Government, it seems, has wasted the past 12 months tinkering with its proposals for contaminated land liability. Mike Renger, Nabarro Nathanson, thinks the time has come for nothing less than comprehensive guidance.
Computer simulation showing distorted flow profiles downstream of a bend. A high standard of flow measurement will improve the efficiency of your
Critical's datum refernce system. John Corris of Critical Flow Systems examines the flow measurement
» Specialists provide nationwide service in pest control & Nuisance prevention.
» Double signal filters out background noise
» ISO prepares guidance for systematic environmental performance evaluation
» New centre puts UK research into contaminated land on track

January 1996

January 1991