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January 2000

Over the last five years, the Belgian based DEME (Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering) Group has been focusing on the need for more successful removal of heavy metals from soil and groundwater, especially where a variety of contaminants are contained. This effort has resulted in t
Nuisance is a high profile issue for the general public, in all its manifestations - from noisy neighbours to malodorous processes and infestations by vermin and pests - where local authorities, and in particular environmental health officers, take the front line role in prevention and regul
Work at an ASR site in England.ASR - a technique for storing water in natural aquifers -- is being used throughout the US, with recent schemes using high quality raw water and tertiary treated wastewater. Across the Atlantic, a number of UK water companies are now looking at ASR as an option to meet water supply demand balances.
» Standard to deliver
» Green issues with a taste of the commercial
» Remediation recycles CO2
» Hydrogen peroxide could power fuel cell
» Tracking nitrates
» Reflections on liability
» SPC systems help tanneries meet consents

January 1999

Critical's datum refernce system. John Corris of Critical Flow Systems examines the flow measurement
Diesel contamination on railtracks A new UK centre for co-ordinating national efforts to improve contaminated land assessment methodologies, research and develop remediation technologies and disseminate information to industry and academia has been created in Edinburgh. Colin Cunningham, the Centre's research co-ordinator, explain
Sue Fielder, publicity manager for Peek Measurement, makes a case for Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology. Fourier analysis is used to remove background noise from the actual flow data.
» ISO prepares guidance for systematic environmental performance evaluation
» Reliable flowmetering is essential for efficiency
» Seeping contamination
» Specialists provide nationwide service in pest control & Nuisance prevention.

January 1996

January 1991