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January 2002

Forest gumption

Ever-deepening Kyoto sinks have given forestry something of a bad name in the climate change stakes. Future Forests, however, whilst admitting that mass planting offers no panacea, is placing trees at the centre of corporate communication and carbon management.
Matt MacAllan reports.

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Cleaning up on spillage costs

Accidents will happen but Richard Proctor, sales director with Darcy Products, explains how a properly conducted risk assessment can pay dividends when fate or carelessness strikes

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Taff minewater given clear bill of health

The Taff Merthyr Minewater Treatment Scheme in South Wales, developed and operated by Parsons Brinkerhoff, has seen levels of iron in the Taff Bargoed Valley, South Wales, fall by 97 per cent - clear proof of the scheme's success.

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· Stresses come under scrutiny

· UK develops stratagies to cut traffic pollution

· Technically speaking

· Waste not want not

· A reeding lesson from BAA

· Plug technique reduces noise and prevents migration

· AES wins cement works monitoring contract

January 2001

Survey spotlights worrying increase in brown rat infestations across UK

A new survey shows that the rat population has been rising in recent years, with possible contributing factors including the growth in fast food outlets, global warming and poison resistant rodents

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Highlighting the hidden extras

According to Hidrostal, some pump manufacturers' whole life cost models fail to place sufficient emphasis on maintaining long-term efficiency and the cost of clearing blockages

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...CL:AIRE update...

CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments), established to facilitate the demonstration of remediation technologies and research on contaminated sites around the UK, has been in operation now for 22 months. The CL:AIRE Board has ratified a total of five demonstration projects: tw

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· Odours & particulate emissions need a good scrub

· Contamination and subsidence mar 150-year-old redevelopment

· Technically speaking

· Environment Agency report on MTBE in groundwater

· Nationwide services tackle pest control

· Greek to me

· Pilkington Glass saves on water bills

January 1998

Britain looks beyond Kyoto deal

Under the Kyoto climate change agreement, greenhouse gas emissions don't have to be reduced until 2008, but the effects for industry could be immediate. James Dark assesses work in progress and the measures that will be required.

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A benchmark for flow measurement accuracy

Anglian Water has commissioned one of the world's largest site flow audits

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January 1993