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January 2003

Can a business be sustainable and still make money? You'd better believe it, says world-renowned environmental commentator, Professor David Suzuki. Interview by Peter Hughes
Reducing pollution from oil processing
Changes in the way we travel, shop and spend our leisure time have resulted in the creation of increasingly large paved areas. These include car parks in out-of-town shopping centres and supermarkets, park-and-ride car parks, and standing areas for aircraft at airports. In addition, the trend toward
» IPPC in the food and drink industry
» Eat, drink and be environmentally friendly
» Improving quality
» European Commission
» Out of sight but not out of mind
» Technology provides the key to WEEE

January 2002

Spent dye bath waters are highly concentratedJoel Ferguson from Queens University Belfast's Questor Centre discusses a new biological treatment for removing the colour from highly-concentrated cloth dye-house waste streams
Air monitoring specialist AES (Analytical Environmental Services) recently clinched a new contract worth nearly £500,000 over three years with Castle Cement, one of the UK's largest cement manufacturers to monitor are emissions from the company's three manufacturing sites, at Ri
Accidents will happen but Richard Proctor, sales director with Darcy Products, explains how a properly conducted risk assessment can pay dividends when fate or carelessness strikes
» URGENT: contaminated land investigation and remidiation
» Come, join the data chain
» Waste not want not
» What will be the big issues in 2002?
» Taff minewater given clear bill of health
» The search for certification: www.emsaudit.com
» Forest gumption

January 1999

Computer simulation showing distorted flow profiles downstream of a bend. A high standard of flow measurement will improve the efficiency of your
When it comes out next autumn, the new ISO 14031 will provide a structured framework for environmental performance evaluation, along with a number of other benefits, writes Matthias Gelber of 14000 & One Solutions.
Pests face sophisticated technology - infra red mouse detector. Dealing effectively with nuisance in its many aspects, from pest control to noise pollution, odours and dust, which blight the environment, demands the combined resources of environmental health departments and the expanding range of specialised services, techniques and equipment from the a priva
» Double signal filters out background noise
» New centre puts UK research into contaminated land on track
» Seeping contamination
» The importance of being effluent accurate

January 1994