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January 2004

Technically speaking

Water suppliers are facing the challenge of achieving higher levels of pathogen removal while having to lower residual concentrations of disinfection byproducts. A key factor for meeting these goals is the removal of naturally-occurring organic matter (NOM), which can be obtained by the new magnetis

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A new generation

Entropy International's environment management systems have attracted some of the biggest names in business and leading government departments. Peter McCrum finds out why

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A measure of responsibility

The Analytical Science Group of the National Physical Laboratory introduces Em-Certs 2004, and discusses the regulatory drivers that underpin the event

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· Software system tailored for waste management

· Industrial effluent in the 21st Century

· From conflict to partnership

· Innovation through contamination

· Elisa de Wit from law firm Nicholson Graham & Jones analyses recent environmental court rulings

· ID and weigh system avoids 'paying for fresh air'

· BRE develops sustainable tools

January 2003

Paul Conroy of WRc looks at minimising sewage pollution incidents

Sewerage undertakers are under pressure to avoid incidents that have the potential to result in pollution and, when an incident occurs, to minimise any resulting pollution. Serious failures can cause disruption, health risks, a loss of service, a poor image to customers and unnecessary expense to op

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Processing plants line up to tackle ‘fridge mountain’

Waste management, recycling and metal reprocessors are investing in new plants up and down the land to win a share of the massive market that is quite literally piling up to form “fridge mountains” that are posing a huge problem for local authorities. LAWE reviews recent developments that offer much

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Waste Not, Want Not found wanting By Jon Reeds

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· The right tools for the job

· Black & Veatch’s Frank Rogalla looks at filter maintenance and operations

· IPPC in the food and drink industry

· Ensuring the security of supply

· The land that regulation forgot

· Risky business

· Recycling fund boosts initiatives

January 2000

Boosting supply for Bangalore

A £230M OECF funded scheme will deliver an additional 270Ml/d of treated water to Bangalore in southern India. Robert Hyde of Mott MacDonald reviews the process design of the new WTW required to meet this demand.

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SPC systems help tanneries meet consents

Krofta's SPC systems have been shown to effectively treat tannery effluent, which contains a great deal of organic matter and typically has a high BOD and COD.

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Ozone counters Cryptosporidium in Milwaukee

The US city of Milwaukee has used ozonation to tackle a serious Crypto problem and ended up with safe, economical drinking water for its citizens. Robert Hulsey, process engineer, Black & Veatch, Dan McCarthy, senior vice president and project manager, Black & Veatch, and Carrie Lewis, superi

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· Reflections on liability

· Standard to deliver

· DETR lends an ear to noise nuisance

· Tracking nitrates

· Green issues with a taste of the commercial

· Hydrogen peroxide could power fuel cell

· Remediation recycles CO2

January 1995