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January 2005

NSCA provides guidance on development control

The latest guidance document from environmental protection society, NSCA, on the interactions between development control and air quality management, was launched at their Air Quality Update seminar, at the NEC in Birmingham, in November. The guidance, which has been in development since September

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Safe access to drainage

Michelle Fleming from Wavin Plastics explains how access to inspect and maintain drainage systems can be effective and safe

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FloodScape seeks sustainable solutions for NW Europe

FloodScape seeks sustainable solutions for NW Europe

Managing flood risk today is about more than building the traditional defences of embankments, walls and barriers. Egon Walesch of the UK Environment Agency, who is also project manager of FloodScape, explains why the role of floodplains should be revisited.

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· CIWEM Column

· AWWA stress security strategy

· Good governance vital as well as finance

· Hungarian water survey is EU first

· New StreetNOx selected for urban air quality monitoring

· Ministers ratify agreement on the Danube and Tisza

· Exploring catchment management

January 2004

Industrial effluent in the 21st Century

As legislative pressure mounts on industry to reduce its effluent discharges, Emma Cowley of Aqua Enviro considers the drivers and reviews treatment options

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Into the breach

Environment Agency chief executive Barbara Young tells Rob Bell about her plans for the Agency in 2004, and why the regulator's performance is constantly getting better

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Software system tailored for waste management

Business solutions consultancy, Çedilla, specialises in Navision software from Microsoft® Business Solutions. Çedilla is one of the largest of Microsoft's Certified Business Partners (formerly Navision Solution Centres) in the North of England.

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· Art makes strides on our streets

· em-CERTS event focuses on EU Directive demands

· Wind tunnel tests are key to healthier towns

· The sky's the limit for MCERTS

· Scenting the air for innovation

· Weapons of mass organic destruction

· New technology on show at em-CERTS 2004

January 2001

Odours & particulate emissions need a good scrub

To meet legislation for odour and particulate emissions, a well known poultry feed producer from the north of England needed to improve on the performance of a cyclone system that was found to be inadequately handling emissions.To solve the problem, Nairb Air Ltd was commissioned to produce an Impin

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Enigma provides answer to scale problem

The denim-conditioning process generates a great deal of lime-rich effluent

Carbonate-rich effluent from textile processing had been causing problems at Kedgwick's plant in Yorkshire, but scale formation is now being controlled by an electronic system

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Technically speaking

If raw water supplies are close to freezing, Cryptosporidium oocysts have a very good chance of making it through the treatment process

Peter Minting looks at new research from the US on Cryptosporidium disinfection

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· Greek to me

· The cost of securing access

· Aerial investigation simplifies site analysis

· Dig deep

· Pilkington Glass saves on water bills

· Highlighting the hidden extras

· Nationwide services tackle pest control

January 1996