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January 2005

Alan Hall & James Winpenny, Global Water Partnership
Water and sanitation in Kibera, Kenya, is in need of reformDennis Mwanza, managing director of the Water Utility Partnership for capacity building in Africa
Abigail is one of our 1,100 Environment Officers who encounter a whole range of attitudes on a day-to-day basis. Some people are genuinely interested and co-operative, while others are less so, and may make your job more challenging. But what's important is that you'll be making a difference to the
» Ministers ratify agreement on the Danube and Tisza
» Making sense of sludge
» Satellites aid African aquifer management
» Determination prepares for challenges
» Weight management keeps Manchester on track
» US wades into Iraqi water
» All sectors need a water strategy

January 2004

ACWa AIR, the pollution control division of ACWa Services, has installed and commissioned a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) at the BASF chemical works in Cramlington. The unit will ensure full compliance with stringent Environment Agency regulations by removing more than 99% of benzene contained
Turning negatives into positives isn't always easy, but manufacturers should be aware of the opportunities created by recent landfill legislation
Darcy Products' John Proctor on environmental performance in 2002
» NSCA calls for rethink on air quality
» Boosting best energy use
» em-CERTS event focuses on EU Directive demands
» Into the breach
» BRE develops sustainable tools
» Elisa de Wit from law firm Nicholson Graham & Jones analyses recent environmental court rulings
» Umist research associate Nigel W Brown investigates the removal and destruction of organic pollutants using carbon powder, the process of adsorption and electrochemical regeneration

January 2001

CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments), established to facilitate the demonstration of remediation technologies and research on contaminated sites around the UK, has been in operation now for 22 months. The CL:AIRE Board has ratified a total of five demonstration projects: tw
The application of very high resolution geophysical technology provides fast, economical and reliable aerial coverage of sites to detect contaminant sources and pathways.The aerial photograph shows a brownfield site in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The colour-contoured overlay shows the rsults of magnetic profiling carried out by Zetica (of Geo_Services International (UK) Ltd) for the client, Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd.
To meet legislation for odour and particulate emissions, a well known poultry feed producer from the north of England needed to improve on the performance of a cyclone system that was found to be inadequately handling emissions.To solve the problem, Nairb Air Ltd was commissioned to produce an Impin
» Contamination and subsidence mar 150-year-old redevelopment
» Technically speaking
» Enigma provides answer to scale problem
» Innovative system maps air pollution at pavement level and in vehicles
» The cost of securing access
» Carbon comes under scrutiny
» Working out how to control odours

January 1996