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January 2007

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (January 2007)

Changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new laws and policies. The publication of the REACH chemicals regulation in the EU's official journal tops this

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Burning dust: The hazards

With organic matter being banned from landfills, and high-quality solids required for agriculture, heat drying is an attractive option. Frank Rogalla of Black & Veatch reviews the hazards of drying, and presents ways of reducing safety incidents in design and operation of drying systems

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Understanding the Blueprint

The coalition that produced the Blueprint for Water has insisted it is not directly criticising water companies or Ofwat in its ten-point plan of action to solve the country's water crisis. Rather, it is an attempt to look at the 'totality of water management'. Sally Nash reports.

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· Chemical hazard

· Selecting the sensitive solution

· Best defence

· Ahead of the game

· Turning up the heat on British business

· Waste as fuel judgement creates cross-border split

· Ranking residual waste recovery methods

January 2006

On-board weighing plays key role in recycling

As landfill taxes increase and recycling targets rise local authorities are investing in programmes of waste reduction and more recycling. This is stimulating the demand for equipment such as PM Onboard's WasteWeigh" system for waste vehicle payload and its accredited and patented BinWeigh" system f

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In the front line

Investors and financial organisations are increasingly alert to climate change. As leading emitters of greenhouse gases, utility companies are in the front line. John Haven reports

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Red Forge adds sophistication with '20/20 Vision'

Red Forge states its latest development in axle loads indicators, the "20 / 20", represents the most recent evolution of its established "Axalert" system. The Redditch based company adds that this system offers "a greater than ever range of features, many of which are unique."

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· Transferring Knowledge

· Membrane pre-treatment for RO

· Major investment upgrades national weighbridge calibration service

· In praise of intelligent meters

· Innovative storage

· Monitoring for certainty

· Spain fails to protect bathers - and shellfish - from pollution

January 2003

David Suzuki

Can a business be sustainable and still make money? You'd better believe it, says world-renowned environmental commentator, Professor David Suzuki. Interview by Peter Hughes

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Technology provides the key to WEEE

The problems posed by the dismantling and recycling of electric and electronic equipment, under the WEEE Directive, are at least as complex as demanufacturing fridges where the regulation of ozone depleting substances (ODS) comes into play. LAWE reviews recent developments in the preparations by ind

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Recovering indirect economic loss

Maria Cull, from law firm Herbert Smith, analyses recent court rulings relating to industry and the environment

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· Ensuring the security of supply

· Black & Veatch’s Frank Rogalla looks at filter maintenance and operations

· Feeling the heat

· if you can't stand the heat

· Calculating the right design

· Increase in environmental infringement proceedings

January 1998

Britain looks beyond Kyoto deal

Under the Kyoto climate change agreement, greenhouse gas emissions don't have to be reduced until 2008, but the effects for industry could be immediate. James Dark assesses work in progress and the measures that will be required.

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A benchmark for flow measurement accuracy

Anglian Water has commissioned one of the world's largest site flow audits

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