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January 2010

A feat of hybrid engineering has resulted in one of the most environmentally friendly refuse trucks in Britain hitting the streets of London for the first time
Amendments aimed at reducing the administrative burden of the Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) regulations are now in effect in the UK.
With its spill warning and rainfall data functions, OnSite's The Living Web system looks set to change the way that companies monitor the performance of sewerage assets.
» German AD model offers food for thought
» Just the ticket for your weighbridge needs
» Increasing demands show why it pays to futureproof
» Nitrate manure rules relaxed
» Environmental industries begin recovery in Asia-Pacific
» Agency water strategy
» Water rules will help stem damage to ecosystems

January 2009

A facility that cleans hazardous glass from old TVs and computer monitors making it fit for reuse has opened to fill a gap in the WEEE market. Dean Stiles reports
Ofwat has demanded flood risk assessment be included in April's five-year exercise. Justin Butler, managing director of Ambiental Technical Solutions, explains the assessment and protection measures utilities need to take
Developments in biogas utilisation mean that the combination of MBT with anaerobic digestion offers a flexible and efficient solution when treating residual waste. Alex Marshall explains
» Don't stint on service
» Products of the times
» Time for Ireland to take target with MBT
» Eversheds comments on carbon trading
» Gentle approach was needed
» Planetary ambition
» True cost of community infrastructure levy

January 2006

Will Broad of Atkins says SUDS are a better alternative to conventional surface-water management
Both the private and public sector elements of the water sector depend on a reliable supply of well trained university graduates to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge bases.
After several flooding occurrences over the past few years, the most recent being December 2004, the Environmental Agency entered into a framework agreement with Volker Stevin for a £6M flood alleviation scheme.
» Belgium water law not up to scratch
» Cutting through the FOG
» Spain fails to protect bathers - and shellfish - from pollution
» In the front line
» A moving story about VSAs
» Growing use for sludge
» Biofilters - the next generation

January 2001

Glass cutting produces a great deal of washwater which can be recycled using a fairly simple treatment system. Pilkington now uses a continuous batch process at its Leeds factory.
Environmental liability can seriously threaten a company's financial health, not to mention its reputation. Financial risk management, whilst commonly used to deal with business risk, has only recently been applied to environmental risk exposure. Beverly La Ferla discovers how, through mechanisms su
If you were to ask suppliers to the UK water companies "How was 2000 for you?" The chances are you'll be told they spent the year waiting for something to happen. Rather like waiting for a London bus, the expectation is that two or three contracts will come along any time now.
» Working out how to control odours
» Environment Agency report on MTBE in groundwater
» Separation and breakdown
» Greek to me
» Technically speaking
» Innovative system maps air pollution at pavement level and in vehicles
» Survey spotlights worrying increase in brown rat infestations across UK