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January 2010

NI magistrates given more powers to tackle pollution

Magistrates in Northern Ireland have been granted a wider range of fines to impose on those convicted of polluting groundwater in the country.

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Spray coat comes to rescue

Sewer and pipeline rehabilitation specialist Ferro Monk Systems, part of the Clugston Group, has completed major projects with its revolutionary, spray-applied, environmentally friendly, 100% epoxy resin coating system Ultracoat. Two of the projects took place at Spalding in Lincolnshire and Canvey

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Courts rule on insurers' fight against Scottish asbestos law

Insurance companies that called for a judicial review challenging the legality of new Scottish rules which allow sufferers of asbestos-related ailments to sue their employers have been informed of the outcome.

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· Designs on the future

· Revving up for low carbon collections

· Nitrate manure rules relaxed

· Increasing demands show why it pays to futureproof

· How the wizards of Oz won iron bacteria battle

· Walker wants Ofwat to lead metering implementation

· UK tidies up WEEE reporting rules

January 2009

Planetary ambition

Retail giant B&Q is no slouch on sustainability. But, in 2008, it brought in some impressively stringent self-imposed guidelines - in the form of the One Planet Living initiative - which it hopes will benefit its bottom line as well as the environment, writes Duncan Brown

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Glimpse into future of flooding

Ofwat has demanded flood risk assessment be included in April's five-year exercise. Justin Butler, managing director of Ambiental Technical Solutions, explains the assessment and protection measures utilities need to take

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True cost of community infrastructure levy

One important aspect of the new Planning Act 2008, the community infrastructure levy, has the potential to hit developers in the pocket. Nick McDonald reports

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· Linking MBT with AD for greater flexibility

· Gentle approach was needed

· Don't stint on service

· Eversheds comments on carbon trading

· Environment Agency issues new gypsum waste guidance

· The course to Copenhagen

· Beyond Euro 5: Rev it up for an eco engine

January 2006

Cutting through the FOG

Kim Littlewood discusses WRc Group's project to examine the problem of fats, oils and greases (FOG) in sewers

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Waiting for disaster to happen

Easy access to safe drinking water is critical in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic event. While last year's hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean focused increasing public attention on disaster planning, the reality is that many cities are not fully prepared to address th

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Spain fails to protect bathers - and shellfish - from pollution

Waters off a number of beaches on the Galician coast have been ruled to be unacceptably polluted for both swimmers and edible shellfish.

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· A better forecast for costs

· Transferring Knowledge

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary

· The glass is greener

· Belgium water law not up to scratch

· Article Title

· Secondsite wins ground-breaking waste deposit claim

January 2001

Death by 1,000 audits

With recent, and significant, revisions to ISO 9000 and EMAS adding to the increasing burden of environmental, health and safety, human rights and social legislation, the key difficulty, says Ai Associates' Ian Roberts - the first and only individual in the UK to have gained UKAS Accreditation as an

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...CL:AIRE update...

CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments), established to facilitate the demonstration of remediation technologies and research on contaminated sites around the UK, has been in operation now for 22 months. The CL:AIRE Board has ratified a total of five demonstration projects: tw

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Highlighting the hidden extras

According to Hidrostal, some pump manufacturers' whole life cost models fail to place sufficient emphasis on maintaining long-term efficiency and the cost of clearing blockages

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· Working out how to control odours

· Odours & particulate emissions need a good scrub

· Perfectly formed?

· Carbon comes under scrutiny

· Greek to me

· The cost of securing access

· Enigma provides answer to scale problem