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January 2011

Sulphide monitoring gets a makeover

New technology is making the continuous monitoring of sulphides in wastewater effective and desirable, says Michael Strahand, general manager of Analytical Technology (UK)

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Service delivery: a shared concern for councils?

Shared services are on the agenda for Scottish local authorities. Jackie McGuire looks at the collaborative progress being made in the drive for efficiency savings.

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World first for sewer rehabilitation in Dorset

The first installation of a new MIPP system for pipe lining has taken place in Dorset. On behalf of Aqualiner, Ian Clarke reports

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· Is it time to tune into a higher frequency?

· A forensic approach

· Give Peacehaven a chance

· The right solutions for bonding the bunds

· A specification for successful asset management

· Interview: Terry Tamminen

· FOG - are you disposing of yours legally?

January 2010

Gee's chemical solutions

Improved efficiency and performance are two of the benefits at Thames Water's Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works in Surbiton, following a series of upgrading projects carried out by the chemical dosing specialist Gee & Company.

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Wales promotes cleaner fire places

The Welsh Assembly has published a list of wood burning stoves and other domestic fireplaces that are exempt from legal restrictions on the burning of solid fuels in the home in an attempt to improve air quality.

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Designs on the future

The intense rainfall of recent years has highlighted the problems of surface water management in the UK. Which is why it is so vital that the Floods and Water Management Bill going through Parliament provides the solutions, says Dr Ian Pallett.

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· Environmental industries begin recovery in Asia-Pacific

· It pays to make the right choice

· Just the ticket for your weighbridge needs

· A hi-tech, intelligent solution

· Agency water strategy

· NI magistrates given more powers to tackle pollution

· Europe looks at labelling tyres for fuel efficiency

January 2007

Rapid sector growth means it's an employee's market

Environmental recruitment consultant Jeremy Money is well placed to judge the state of the job market and here he tells edie how the runaway success of the sector means there are more jobs than applicants.

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Where there's muck there's brass - future looks rosy for waste and contaminated land

The Environmental Industries Commission keeps a close eye on developments within the sector. Here director Merlin Hyman and two of the organisations group heads assess the prospects for those working in the waste management and contaminated land arenas.

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The big picture

A new coalition has been formed to drive forward the concept that environmental standards determine long-term economic success. Adrian Wilkes reports on the Aldersgate Group

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· Understanding ultrafiltration

· Chemical hazard

· Defending the island

· Chemical weapons

· Greece in breach of ozone laws

· Keeping standards high

· Waste as fuel judgement creates cross-border split

January 2002

A reeding lesson from BAA

200,000 reeds were grown in peat free compost, from seeds collected locally

BAA's construction of a wetland treatment system, designed to deal with contaminated airfield runoff, has been praised for its environmental sustainability and innovation

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UK develops stratagies to cut traffic pollution

New initiatives and proposed strategies to target vehicle emissions, combined with a long-term fall in atmospheric pollutants, give cause optimism over air quality but too many local authorities need to improve their performance as regulators

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Technically speaking

Dryers at Ford STW use methane from the digesters

Black and Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at thermal drying of wastewater biosolids

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· Come, join the data chain

· AES wins cement works monitoring contract

· Stresses come under scrutiny

· Plug technique reduces noise and prevents migration

· The search for certification: www.emsaudit.com

· Forest gumption

· URGENT: contaminated land investigation and remidiation