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January 2012

Spelman: Resource efficiency and waste reduction will be vital to the green economyEnvironment Secretary Caroline Spelman gives a sneak preview of the Government's forthcoming Resource Security Action Plan - and what it means for business
Advanced Plasma Power chief executive, Rolf Stein, writes for edie energy on the Renewable Obligation consultation which closes this month.
Clinical waste being managed at the NHS trustA major NHS trust has increased its recycling levels by 34% over the past year with the help of a dedicated waste team involving private sector partners
» An energy review of 2012 - 12 months early
» Mitsubishi gives producer responsibility the cool factor
» A waste framework for councils to save money

January 2011

A solid waste approach to FOG may be the most effective route, says Clare Pillinger, a consultant working with Anglian Water.
Membrane bioreactors are getting bigger and bigger. Aqualia's Frank Rogalla crunches the numbers, revealing that in China the use of MBRs is blossoming
The founder of Climate Week, Kevin Steele, explains how climate change is at a 'tipping point' and the actions needed to stop it.
» Workers exposed to deadly asbestos court hears
» Passion or profit? The way to the board's heart
» Diageo is taking sustainable production to the limit
» Whitbread takes a lead on hospitality sustainability
» Sulphide monitoring gets a makeover
» Service delivery: a shared concern for councils?
» Litterpicker injured falling into well

January 2008

Ireland has fallen foul of the European authorities for failing to thoroughly map out environmentally sensitive areas which need legal protection.
Teignbridge council in Devon has become the first local authority to deploy an RCV fleet with the latest Euro 5 emissions-compliant engines
Organisations have a legal requirement to protect their employees from hazardous substances such as dust and fumes, and should carry out air sampling to address this. Gary Noakes outlines the various methods available
» Spanish irrigation threatens birdlife
» When one standard is better than two
» Edinburgh planners airport decision quashed by courts
» A safer tomorrow begins today
» Anglian repair challenges partners
» Raising the septic standard
» Gasification plant fires up on the Isle of Wight

January 2003

The Commission has launched this year's work programme, setting out its priorities for 2003.
The elimination of the notorious “pea-souper” London smog, through far reaching clean air regulation, has quite literally cleared the atmosphere across “the Smoke”, but the campaign continues to achieve ever higher standards of clean air across the UK and Europe overall, with the EU setting its sigh
Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission
» Processing plants line up to tackle ‘fridge mountain’
» The land that regulation forgot
» Making an excellent recovery
» Technology provides the key to WEEE
» Risky business