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January 2013

Cottoning on to better traceability

Sustainability is a real issue in cotton where supply chains are disconnected from its source. Improving standards for this important raw material is keeping many a retailer awake at night, but John Lewis is determined to take up the gauntlet, as Maxine Perella finds out

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Why isn't sustainable consumption getting more airtime?

There is significant opportunity for TV to help drive forward one vital issue on the sustainability agenda - that of food waste. Dean Pearce explains why

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Boarding a fuel efficient future

With six airlines and 150 aircrafts, TUI Travel has a significant environmental impact, but as the aviation sector looks to a sustainable future the travel company is aiming to operate the most carbon efficient airlines in Europe, according to Jane Ashton.

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· New year brings new energy efficiency rules

· Putting its stamp on sustainability

· Desso cradles a new way of thinking

· Robots drive resource efficiency in clinical waste

· Building on sustainable choices

· WRAP's 2020 vision for a circular economy

· Mine your business sustainably

January 2012

An energy review of 2012 - 12 months early

At a time when everyone takes stock of the past year's achievements and prospects for the future, Energy Technologies Institute chief executive officer, David Clarke, likes to do things a little differently as he writes for edie energy.

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A waste framework for councils to save money

A new waste management services framework could deliver major savings for local authorities, as Christine Batty explains

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Mitsubishi gives producer responsibility the cool factor

Mitsubishi Electric has joined forces with a leading reprocessor to recover end-of-life air conditioning units in a unique takeback scheme, as Maxine Perella discovers

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· The RO Consultation a resource(ful) approach?

· Resource security: business as unusual

· Hospital outsourcing model generates healthy waste savings

January 2009

Time for Ireland to take target with MBT

A recent report has looked at the potential of MBT to help meet landfill targets in a country where opposition to incineration still runs high

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Environment Agency issues new gypsum waste guidance

New science confirms there is no acceptable limit for gypsum to be deposited with biodegradable waste.

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Eversheds comments on carbon trading

Michael Woods, partner in the clean energy and sustainability team at international law firm Eversheds, comments on the risks associated with carbon trading.

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· The course to Copenhagen

· Glimpse into future of flooding

· Don't stint on service

· Linking MBT with AD for greater flexibility

· True cost of community infrastructure levy

· Taking the stress out of preload

· Planetary ambition

January 2004

Into the breach

Environment Agency chief executive Barbara Young tells Rob Bell about her plans for the Agency in 2004, and why the regulator's performance is constantly getting better

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Moving beyond paper

Environment Business looks at the role of procurement in driving recycling forward and asks why companies are reluctant to buy non-paper recycled products

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A measure of responsibility

The Analytical Science Group of the National Physical Laboratory introduces Em-Certs 2004, and discusses the regulatory drivers that underpin the event

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· From conflict to partnership

· The sky's the limit for MCERTS

· On-board computers reduce vehicle abuse

· Everyone's a winner

· Breeze sells sea shells

· Contamination made clearer than CLEA

· Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission