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January 2014

Scotland gets down to business for zero waste

As Scottish businesses get to grip with new waste laws, Iain Gulland offers some useful pointers on where to go for the latest advice and support

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Engaging the materials supply chain to achieve TEEP recycling services

The single biggest issue on everybody's lips this year is TEEP. Dee Moloney gives TEEP guidance for local authorities.

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Councils absorb waste challenges posed by flooding

After a terrible winter of floods and washouts, the weather gods have shown a little mercy and calmed down. But have you ever wondered what happens to the waste and recycling services in towns before and after floods? Liz Gyekye finds out.

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· Mind the C&I infrastructure gap

· Councils must enforce new licences for scrap

January 2013

Putting its stamp on sustainability

FedEx's drive for a more environmentally aware workforce is proving that high level communication and a competitive edge internally can significantly improve the efficiency of a business' operations.

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Interface nets material gains by closing the loop

Leading carpet tile manufacturer Interface is recovering discarded fishing nets and transforming them into new yarn, ticking social inclusion aims along the way. Conor McGlone finds out more

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Cottoning on to better traceability

Sustainability is a real issue in cotton where supply chains are disconnected from its source. Improving standards for this important raw material is keeping many a retailer awake at night, but John Lewis is determined to take up the gauntlet, as Maxine Perella finds out

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· Moving in with energy efficiency

· Building on sustainable choices

· Mine your business sustainably

· Council food waste an undervalued resource

· WRAP's 2020 vision for a circular economy

· New year brings new energy efficiency rules

· Robots drive resource efficiency in clinical waste

January 2010

Just the ticket for your weighbridge needs

The importance of a secure, up-to-date weighbridge ticket cannot be underestimated. Aidan Godfrey looks at the common problems of accurate weight recording, and how these problems can be overcome

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Water rules will help stem damage to ecosystems

Amendments to the Water Resources Act allow for extensions to the user of Water Protection Zones and Works Notices.

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Batteries regulations reminder for small businesses

The Environment Agency is urging more small businesses that make, import or sell batteries and battery-operated equipment from torches to toys to ensure they comply with new regulations aimed at reducing the environmental impact of batteries.

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· A breath of fresh air for London

· Ofwat keeps up the pressure

· Police escort for motors in Cumbrian floods

· Revised EU ozone regs come into force

· Walker wants Ofwat to lead metering implementation

· Good governance a must

· Cap reform must pay farmers for ecosystem services

January 2005

Red Forge introduces wireless crane weighing

Red Forge Ltd states that introduction of the "Link-a-Weigh"" offers a reliable wireless crane link weighing system. Red Forge partners - Welvaarts bv (the Dutch on-vehicle weighing experts) has gone through an in depth development programme to improve the reliability of the system..

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US wades into Iraqi water

Iraq's Minister of Municipalities and Public Works asked leaders from the North American water community to provide technical and operational expertise to assist her country in rebuilding its water infrastructure at a meeting hosted by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) on 8 December.

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No resolution of Indus dam dispute

Extended talks in New Dehli between the secretaries of water and power for India and Pakistan over the construction of a dam on the river Chenab, in Kashmir, have failed to resolve an on-going dispute.

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· Making sense of sludge

· Managing sewerage assets

· Institutional reforms needed for sustainability

· California boasts world's largest solar irrigation system

· Taxing policies

· US workshop identifies Lake Baikal issues

· NSCA provides guidance on development control