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January 2016

Demand response: paving the way for a lower carbon economy

As the gap between supply and demand of energy in the UK becomes ever narrower, Alastair Martin, chief strategy officer of 'demand response' company Flextricity, highlights the role of business in developing a robust, reliable demand side response (DSR) mechanism to fill in for failing power station

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Sustainability reporting: Why conduct a materiality assessment?

In the third part of edie's sustainability reporting feature series, we explore how CSR reports can be used to monitor and manage the most important environmental issues affecting your company.

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9 green innovations set to take 2016 by storm

As thousands of new gadgets vie for attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, edie profiles nine of the most exciting cleantech innovations that could be poised to take off in 2016.

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· Timeline: Barack Obama's global climate legacy

· From 'zero deforestation' to lasting solutions: Beyond COP21, what is needed to save forests?

· What skills do you need to build a successful career in sustainability?

· Top 10 skills that every sustainability professionals needs

· A Better Future: How BT is using ICT to drive behaviour change

· Sustainability reporting: 10 secrets to success

· How the Internet of Things is transforming sustainability

January 2015

Infographic: How the circular economy could create 200,000 jobs

The circular economy, it seems, can not only preserve resources and reduce emissions, it can also provide a massive boost to the UK economy in the process. Here's how...

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Waste as a resource: Five industry viewpoints...

The commonly accepted waste hierarchy is not working and two centuries of the 'take-make-waste' ethos are degrading the health of global ecosystems. In light of this, Liz Gyekye asks a few industry experts to explain whether waste should instead be treated as a valuable resource.

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Top 10 business benefits of reducing water consumption

As Business in the Community (BITC) recently warned, droughts and water scarcity pose a significant risk to the environment, society and the economy. But when it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact on businesses...

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· Waste policy: Great expectations for 2015

· The next five years: AD and food waste policy

· Edie explains: Renewable Heat Incentive

· Planes, trains and automobiles: Six sustainable transport systems

· Looking forward to ISO 14001:2015

January 2012

Resource security: business as unusual

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman gives a sneak preview of the Government's forthcoming Resource Security Action Plan - and what it means for business

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Mitsubishi gives producer responsibility the cool factor

Mitsubishi Electric has joined forces with a leading reprocessor to recover end-of-life air conditioning units in a unique takeback scheme, as Maxine Perella discovers

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An energy review of 2012 - 12 months early

At a time when everyone takes stock of the past year's achievements and prospects for the future, Energy Technologies Institute chief executive officer, David Clarke, likes to do things a little differently as he writes for edie energy.

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· A waste framework for councils to save money

· Hospital outsourcing model generates healthy waste savings

· The RO Consultation a resource(ful) approach?

January 2007

End of an era

The old way of tracking emissions via dozens of spreadsheets is risky if not impossible. Real-time solutions are now becoming vital. Paul Reinermann reports

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Ahead of the game

With gas prices soaring and a raft of legislation on the way, efficiency-boosting technologies have never been so popular.Jitendra Patel reports on a new product that offers a 5% saving

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Chemical weapons

The European Commission has adopted the Priority Substances Directive, which aims to guard against risk from 33 chemicals. Merlin Hyman reports on the the progress of the regulations.

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· Rapid sector growth means it's an employee's market

· Locking out the danger

· Solving final effluent problem

· Environment by numbers

· UK appears deaf to EU noise plea

· Companies must help address skills shortage

· Where there's muck there's brass - future looks rosy for waste and contaminated land