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January 2018

Could China's import ban create a step change for UK recycling?

China's ban on the import of plastic and mixed paper waste raised fears that the UK would be plagued by mountains of waste, but amidst the hysteria the industry has been given the ideal platform to overhaul current recycling standards.

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Heroes of change: How Innocent Drinks is empowering its staff to drive sustainability

EXCLUSIVE: Innocent Drinks is on a mission to build a workforce of sustainability superheroes. Here, edie explores the innovative approaches the smoothie and fruit juice manufacturer is taking to put people at the heart of its new CSR strategy.

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Test bed: Deutsche Post DHL's emissions-neutral electric vehicle

In 2017, Deutsche Post DHL Group set a goal to make its entire logistics fleet zero emissions by 2050. The company is now testing technology to create the world's first ever "emissions-neutral" vehicle fleet.

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· SDG roundtable: Five ways to move from ambition to action

· In practice: Salesforce's largest US blackwater recycling system

January 2017

How innovation can provide a breath of fresh air for the UK's pollution woes

As part of edie's innovation month of editorial content, Matt Mace turns the spotlight to air quality, speaking with experts, innovators and incumbents about how innovation and new technology can alleviate spiralling pollution levels across the country.

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Fuel for thought: Will 2017 be the year of the zero-emission fuel-cell vehicle?

Low-carbon energy and sustainable transport are becoming evermore intertwined as new green technologies emerge and become more affordable to the masses. But as the sectors move ahead with innovative battery and electrification plans, they could be missing out on a growing fuel cell market, writes Ma

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Sweet success? How the sugar tax will impact Britain's low-carbon commitments

Many of us will have made a healthy New Year's resolution, often tailored to running off a Christmas dinner or two and reducing the amount of sugar in our diets. In light of the UK's upcoming sugar tax, what impact could a sugar-reduced diet have on the environment and the sustainability of big food

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· Energy efficiency: What does it take to change behaviours?

January 2014

Councils must enforce new licences for scrap

Following the implementation of the 2013 Scrap Metal Dealers Act, BMRA's Ian Hetherington explains how the new legislation provides the opportunity to clamp down on criminal activity if vigorously enforced.

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Scotland gets down to business for zero waste

As Scottish businesses get to grip with new waste laws, Iain Gulland offers some useful pointers on where to go for the latest advice and support

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Engaging the materials supply chain to achieve TEEP recycling services

The single biggest issue on everybody's lips this year is TEEP. Dee Moloney gives TEEP guidance for local authorities.

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· Mind the C&I infrastructure gap

· Councils absorb waste challenges posed by flooding

January 2009

The course to Copenhagen

In the run up to the UN talks in December, which will hopefully set a global deal for climate change, business leaders, top consultants, and environmental experts reflect on 2008 - and share their hopes and fears for the year ahead

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Scottish plant plugs glass gap

A facility that cleans hazardous glass from old TVs and computer monitors making it fit for reuse has opened to fill a gap in the WEEE market. Dean Stiles reports

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Don't stint on service

Cutting back on service or maintenance contracts for weighing equipment would be counterproductive in today's economic climate, warns Dave Webb

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· True cost of community infrastructure levy

· Eversheds comments on carbon trading

· Glimpse into future of flooding

· Taking the stress out of preload

· Time for Ireland to take target with MBT

· Products of the times

· Beyond Euro 5: Rev it up for an eco engine