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January 2018

In 2017, Deutsche Post DHL Group set a goal which committed to achieving “zero-emission logistics” by the year 2050In 2017, Deutsche Post DHL Group set a goal to make its entire logistics fleet zero emissions by 2050. The company is now testing technology to create the world's first ever "emissions-neutral" vehicle fleet.
The blackwater system will reduce the building’s water footprint by 76%As part of a move to redefine its business purpose through staff well-being and sustainability, Salesforce has used its flagship San Francisco headquarters to champion water efficiency in an area notorious for severe droughts.
Innocent Drinks has provided a more enabling environment for staff at its Fruit Towers headquarters in London to champion sustainabilityEXCLUSIVE: Innocent Drinks is on a mission to build a workforce of sustainability superheroes. Here, edie explores the innovative approaches the smoothie and fruit juice manufacturer is taking to put people at the heart of its new CSR strategy.
» SDG roundtable: Five ways to move from ambition to action
» Could China's import ban create a step change for UK recycling?

January 2017

While low in emissions intensity, sugary food and drink products are relatively resource-intensive at every stage in the supply chainMany of us will have made a healthy New Year's resolution, often tailored to running off a Christmas dinner or two and reducing the amount of sugar in our diets. In light of the UK's upcoming sugar tax, what impact could a sugar-reduced diet have on the environment and the sustainability of big food
Fuel-cell vehicles can run up to five times longer than the all-EV counterparts, but the technlogy has struggled to leave an impression among consumers due to cost factorsLow-carbon energy and sustainable transport are becoming evermore intertwined as new green technologies emerge and become more affordable to the masses. But as the sectors move ahead with innovative battery and electrification plans, they could be missing out on a growing fuel cell market, writes Ma
edie has compiled a list of 10 top tips to change the behaviours of employees when it comes to energy efficiency, based on practical business examplesAligning corporate energy reduction targets with individuals' motivations and behaviours can drive significant savings, but is incredibly difficult. Kicking off edie's engagement month of editorial content, we investigate how energy managers can get the rest of their organisation on board with his o
» How innovation can provide a breath of fresh air for the UK's pollution woes

January 2014

As Scottish businesses get to grip with new waste laws, Iain Gulland offers some useful pointers on where to go for the latest advice and support
Liz Gyekye analyses the latest trends shaping the commercial and industrial waste market
Dee MoloneyThe single biggest issue on everybody's lips this year is TEEP. Dee Moloney gives TEEP guidance for local authorities.
» Councils must enforce new licences for scrap
» Councils absorb waste challenges posed by flooding

January 2009

Ofwat has demanded flood risk assessment be included in April's five-year exercise. Justin Butler, managing director of Ambiental Technical Solutions, explains the assessment and protection measures utilities need to take
A facility that cleans hazardous glass from old TVs and computer monitors making it fit for reuse has opened to fill a gap in the WEEE market. Dean Stiles reports
New science confirms there is no acceptable limit for gypsum to be deposited with biodegradable waste.
» Gentle approach was needed
» Planetary ambition
» True cost of community infrastructure levy
» Products of the times
» Eversheds comments on carbon trading
» Time for Ireland to take target with MBT
» The course to Copenhagen