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February 1999

There is increasing evidence that groundwater, which provides around 35% of the nation's drinking water, is polluted beneath a large number of industrialised areas. (In the Birmingham and Coventry areas alone, over 80% of boreholes sampled showed evidence of pollution of trichloroethylene, a solvent
Operation of the SC BIOSCRUBBER The use of biotechnology is becoming widely recognised as an abatement strategy which endorses the concept of “best available technology not entailing excessive cost” (BATNEEC), according to Sutcliffe Croftshaw Ltd.
TEOM Series 7000 Schematic Recent epidemiological health studies have implicated PM as one of the critical air pollutants affecting public health. This has lead to stringent world-wide PM regulations and objectives. With this comes the need to better identify and control PM emissions from stationary and other sources.
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February 1998

Vermistabilisation is the use of earthworms to treat sewage sludges. Dr Piers Clark of WS Atkins Water explains how vermistabilisation, with its low capital cost and relatively simple operation, may represent the ideal solution to some rural UK sites, where raw sewage has traditionally been dispo
The ciculating fluidised bed combustor is a hybrid that is capable of burning a wide range of waste materials In part two of our seven-part Waste to Energy series, Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultancy Environmental Development Technology explore the basics of burning waste with a look at current and future developments in firing systems.

February 1995

February 1990