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February 2000

A source of intense excitation

Environmental concern is now supported by increasing legislation to limit the levels of mercury-laden effluents discharged into receiving waters, and manufacturers exceeding those limits face heavy financial penalties.

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Quality is the watchword in environmental management

Waste management operations, including landfill sites, are increasingly being subjected to quality assurance and environmental audits. LAWE reports on the ISO14001 programme being developed by Waste Recycling Group

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EU Directive targets spur update in technical guidance

The landfill management industry and the Government are focusing on the major shift in operational practice and standards that will result from the implementation of the EU Landfill Directive. In this special feature LAWE reviews action to meet the UK's obligations and reaction from industry,

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· Giant sludge incineration plant opens in the Mersey Valley

· Construction mounts major effort to minimise and reuse waste

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· Industry backs waste recovery solutions against incinerators

· Treatment at a stretch

· Sewer failure, and successful remedies


February 1999

DTA downstream demonstration

The Direct Toxicity Assessment (DTA) Demonstration Programme, a collaborative R&D project involving regulators and regulated industry to assess methods and practicalities of ecotoxicological assessment based on ecological quality rather than just chemical criteria, has been undergoing trial in the U

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Environmental information put to the TESS

TESS (The Environmental Skills Store) is a partnership between ECUS (Environmental Consultancy, University of Sheffield) and Pixel Fountain, providing a new integrated approach to environmental information, knowledge and training provision.

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Massive savings achieved in joint project

Another waste minimisation project, sponsored by the Vale of White Horse District Council and the Environment Agency, has helped 11 businesses to save over £600,000 in the last year. These findings are outlined in a new booklet, Saving thousands.

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· Monitoring of VOC Emissions keeps industry on the right side of the law.

· PM measurement spurs monitor development

· Comply with me...

· SWIG w&wt s&a q&a


· Going underground

February 1996

February 1991