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February 2001

Take me to your designer

A golden opportunity to promote energy efficient systems? Or simply too little, too late? Tanya Ross, associate at Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, looks at the revision of Part L of the Building Regulations issued by the DETR.

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Coping with inconsistencies

Nutrient dosing helps waste treatment plant tackle variable flows

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Computer-aided compliance

Watermill Environmental's Peter Garnett looks at audit trail software

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· Accounting for environmental performance

· Purpose-built US compactors make a strong impression on UK sites

· New tracked waste handler debuts in UK

· Payload increased with lightweight vacuum tanker

· Technically speaking

· WRc

· Sewage sludge: a burning issue

February 2000

Sustainability: 100%

This fleece top is made from recycled plastic bottles. Edwin Datschefski, director of BioThinking International, argues that, until we develop a unified picture of nature and industry as a single interdependent process, debate about environment will always be on a ³mankind versus nature² foo

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Giant sludge incineration plant opens in the Mersey Valley

Derek Workman, head of projects at USF Edwards & Jones, describes North west Water’s new mersey valley incineration plant. along with Thames Water’s Beckton and crossness incinerators, it is one of the UK’s largest.

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Construction mounts major effort to minimise and reuse waste

The biggest producer of bulk waste going to landfill, construction and demolition, is the subject of a major survey as the industry continues to make progress on the minimisation, reuse and recycling fronts. Other sectors are also maintaining their commitment to recycling

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· A source of intense excitation

· The Mr Motivator guide to safer sites


· Sewer failure, and successful remedies

· Garbage in, garbage out

· Quality is the watchword in environmental management

· Treatment at a stretch

February 1997

February 1992