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February 2002

Doppstadt AK430 is playing key role in green waste composting for CRJCheshire-based CRJ Services Ltd has significantly increased its composting capacity with the purchase recently of the latest AK430 Profi high-speed shredder from Doppstadt (UK) Ltd.
WRAP is funding business enterrprise in recycling wasteCraig Sillars, Managing Director of Churngold Remediation Ltd, identifies short-term concerns over brownfield development and puts the case for identifying specialist remediation contractors capable of addressing the most complex remediation issues.
The Water Well Industry suffered a great loss with the death of Maurice Lewis in December. For over 20 years Maurice worked on instructing and advocating the need for accessible safe water, reiterated in this his last article.
» Tramps in your toilet? - waste and consumption
» Embracing the natural cycle
» Remediation services offer all-round solutions in world-wide market to clean up polluted sites
» Cokeworks site reclaimed in the Rhondda
» Masters: a flexible approach
» Latin America picks up the gauntlet
» EMS implemented at government office

February 2001

Simon-Hartley's Peter McLoughlin on maintaining process efficiency
An Ordanance Survey digitised image showing buildings (red lines), road or rail (white lines) and any other barriers to sound such as ground contours or fences (green lines) using the simple, Windows-based interface.Paying for only as much as you want has been extended from mobile phones to consultancy services. All you pay for is the time spent using the software, eliminating the need for up-front capital but still allowing maximum access to a state-of-the-art noise mapping system. Beverly La Ferla reports.
One example of the impact of Landfill Directive - landfilling of whole tyres will be banned, except where they are used for engineering purposesThe implementation of the EU Landfill Directive in the United Kingdom is now imminent. Operators of existing landfill sites should start to consider how they intend to meet the new standards set out in the Directive, in preparation for submitting a "conditioning plan" to the Environment Agency in le
» DTA downstream
» Leachate treatment gets the green light
» Green with Envoy
» Data: ins and outs
» Dennis Eagle buys Jack Allen refuse business
» Innovation aids vehicle fleet management
» Sewage sludge: a burning issue

February 1998

Vermistabilisation is the use of earthworms to treat sewage sludges. Dr Piers Clark of WS Atkins Water explains how vermistabilisation, with its low capital cost and relatively simple operation, may represent the ideal solution to some rural UK sites, where raw sewage has traditionally been dispo
The ciculating fluidised bed combustor is a hybrid that is capable of burning a wide range of waste materials In part two of our seven-part Waste to Energy series, Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultancy Environmental Development Technology explore the basics of burning waste with a look at current and future developments in firing systems.

February 1993