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February 2002

Specialists play key role in brownfield development

Craig Sillars, Managing Director of Churngold Remediation Ltd, identifies short-term concerns over brownfield development and puts the case for identifying specialist remediation contractors capable of addressing the most complex remediation issues.

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Software at the heart of model solutions

Newcomer to the American market, Wallingford Software Inc's fast mathematical and simulation processes are proving to be a vital prediction and decision-making tool for the water sector, as Tom Davies reports.

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Trio of treatment technologies for island

The century-old remote fishing community of Stonington is one of two towns on Deer Isle, Maine on the US' eastern seaboard. As if painted by Claude Monet, Stonington is a portrait of rural living. It hugs a cove that is lined with majestic spruce trees, pink granite ledges and moored

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· Lights, camera, revolution

· Waste management and recycling offer major benefits in transport infrastructure

· EMS implemented at government office

· Putting the heat on sludge

· Cokeworks site reclaimed in the Rhondda

· EMS - a fitting assessment

· Technically speaking

February 2001

The filtration 'root' to wastewater management

Vanpipe managing director Stephen Harding demonstrates his enthusiasm to give away trees by trying to post one.

Filtration systems manufacturer Goodtech Vanpipe Ltd has recently invested in new mobile laboratory facilities and pilot plants to offer on-site evaluation of process fluid streams and wastewater management. The company aims to show companies with no process water handling how economical and environ

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Take me to your designer

The Millenium Sainsbury's in Greenwich: a role model environmentally friendly building using renewable energy supplies

A golden opportunity to promote energy efficient systems? Or simply too little, too late? Tanya Ross, associate at Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, looks at the revision of Part L of the Building Regulations issued by the DETR.

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Sewage sludge: a burning issue

Health and environmental concerns are making the spreading of sludge on agricultural land less attractive. The alternatives, however, are far from established as Chris Webb reports

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· Putting the squeeze on sludge

· DTA downstream

· Plants join the battle to clean up contaminated land

· New FL trucks for Herts

· Purpose-built US compactors make a strong impression on UK sites

· Pneumatic pumps extract the leachate

· Still monitoring after all these years

February 1998

Can earthworms provide the answer to the sludge treatment problem?

Vermistabilisation is the use of earthworms to treat sewage sludges. Dr Piers Clark of WS Atkins Water explains how vermistabilisation, with its low capital cost and relatively simple operation, may represent the ideal solution to some rural UK sites, where raw sewage has traditionally been dispo

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Fired up for energy recovery

The ciculating fluidised bed combustor is a hybrid that is capable of burning a wide range of waste materials

In part two of our seven-part Waste to Energy series, Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultancy Environmental Development Technology explore the basics of burning waste with a look at current and future developments in firing systems.

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February 1993