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February 2004

Heil wins business from Heathrow to the Borders

Recent orders for Heil range from the Home Counties to the Scottish Borders. Sweeney Environmental Ltd, a specialist in the collection and recycling of construction waste in London and the Home Counties, has bought two Heil Big Bite Rear End Loaders to operate on Heathrow'a Terminal 5 construction s

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Providing timely and valid air quality information via human-centered electronic services: the APNEE-TU project

Dr Kostas Karatzas and Nicolas Moussiopoulos from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, report on a new method of providing timely and valid air quality information to citizens.

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The consultant: try walking in my shoes

Dr Ian Entwistle is a freelance energy consultant registered with the Action Energy Programme. Here, he discusses energy conservation from the bottom up, as seen through the eyes of a surveyor.

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· Hazardous waste: the way forward

· MAN ERF set to consolidate in UK

· So, how does the law lie?

· Transport and RCVs opt for sustainable solutions

· Technically speaking

· New online vehicle management tool

· Winds of change in the right direction

February 2003

Treading the middle ground

Waste brokerage can provide a valuable link in the waste management chain, bringing together producers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Jason Rayfield spoke to Roger Withinshaw and Tim Garrett of Outsource Site Services about playing their part in the burgeoning business of waste disposal.

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To recycle or not to recycle?

Environment and technology strategy manager at OSS Group, Paul Ramsden, offers an update on the current waste management legislation situation, as well as the likely changes to existing legislation.

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A statement of good intent?

In his pre-budget statement on 27 November 2002, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced major changes to the landfill tax, which could have profound implications for manufacturing industry. Jason Rayfield reports.

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· Leakage, a capital offense

· Small acorns to great oak trees

· Small acorns to great oak trees

· Sludge reuse: the time is now

· Waste not but want more?

· A stable solution for turbulent times

· Waste management has designs on the future

February 2000

Sewer failure, and successful remedies

Richard Swan, head of materials technology with WRc¹s networks group, looks at what can go wrong down in the sewers, and what can be done to put it right.

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The Mr Motivator guide to safer sites

Motivating the workforce has been the key to some award-winning health and safety projects, as Carillion Construction¹s H&S advisor Robert Hartland explains

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Giant sludge incineration plant opens in the Mersey Valley

Derek Workman, head of projects at USF Edwards & Jones, describes North west Water’s new mersey valley incineration plant. along with Thames Water’s Beckton and crossness incinerators, it is one of the UK’s largest.

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· EU Directive targets spur update in technical guidance

· See the sites

· States of industry

· Quality is the watchword in environmental management

· Cold, hard concentration

· Sustainability: 100%

February 1995