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February 2004

Hazardous waste: the way forward

IEM looks at a selection of recommendations made by the Hazardous Waste Forum.

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Renewable energy makes powerful progress

Sustainable energy is advancing rapidly across the board, from well developed landfill gas power generation, to energy from waste incineration and newer technology including energy, wind and wave power and less sophisticated wood burning. LAWE Editor Alexander Catto reports on recent developments in

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Software adds sophistication to vehicle operations

LAWE's special Tracking Trends on Transport and Vehicles features continues with a selective preview of the Commercial Vehicle CV Show 2004, highlighting vehicles and services of interest to the environmental services and waste management sectors. The Focus on CV Show feature is based on information

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· The consultant: try walking in my shoes

· Environmental factors influence van selection

· So, how does the law lie?

· Dennis Eagle nets wide range of orders

· Getting in on the energy act

· Overcoming rates of leakage rise

· Heil wins business from Heathrow to the Borders

February 2003

Small acorns to great oak trees

Project Acorn is moving towards the end of its lifetime, but this will by no means be the end of the life for the Acorn approach. Matthias Gelber, director of environmental management systems at White Young Green Environmental Ltd, reports.

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Waste management has designs on the future

Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment with concerns about the forthcoming WEEE Directive should take a leaf out of British Gas's book, as the company is managing the recycling of its waste materials from engineering works on a national basis.

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A stable solution for turbulent times

Kalic Liquid Lime offers an advanced treatment for acidic effluent waste that is safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Richard Givens at Buxton Lime Industries, explains how.

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· Small acorns to great oak trees

· Snapping up the savings

· Pressing concerns lead to solvent solutions

· Addressing sludge concerns

· The wild winds of change

· Biological wastewater treatment systems

· A case of trial and amendment

February 2000

Giant sludge incineration plant opens in the Mersey Valley

Derek Workman, head of projects at USF Edwards & Jones, describes North west Water’s new mersey valley incineration plant. along with Thames Water’s Beckton and crossness incinerators, it is one of the UK’s largest.

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Garbage in, garbage out

Michael Scott, SWIG, argues that, with limited or even no confidence in data from process and environmental modelling sensors, what's the point?

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Cold, hard concentration

As standard waste water treatment systems become overloaded, and the drive for the "zero-discharge" plant becomes ever-greater, new methods of treatment have to be found. Steve Holt, Niro Ltd, looks at the role of freeze concentration as a practical and cost-effective way of meeting legislat

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· See the sites

· EU Directive targets spur update in technical guidance

· The Mr Motivator guide to safer sites

· Construction mounts major effort to minimise and reuse waste

· Quality is the watchword in environmental management

· A diluted role for health and safety managers?

· States of industry

February 1995