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February 2005

The way forward

Elaine Coles, head of research at IMS Communications Group, asks whether the Landfill Directive is acting as a barrier to brownfield land redevelopment

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PFI performance

Certification company SGS explains how it awarded ISO 14001 to government buildings being run by a PFI consortium in London

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Terex-Atlas loader boosts steel scrap handling capacity

The first new 58t Terex-Atlas 5205 loader in the UK has gone to work for Cronimet (GB) Ltd, part of the German-owned special steel processing group, at its Hessle dockside facility in Hull. The new machine, the largest in the Terex-Atlas range, is used for sorting and loading bulk stainless-steel s

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· Solmec materials handler speeds up waste processing

· Technically speaking

· Wrestling regulation

· Opening the door

· Schoolchildren need to learn the waste lesson

· VOC Pollution Control And The SED

· Investment in recycling plant pays off for skip hirer

February 2004

Transport and RCVs opt for sustainable solutions

Government policy, at both European and UK levels, is stimulating local government in particular to develop environmentally sustainable solutions across the transport and waste management sectors. LAWE reports on the latest policies and technology in this month's Tracking Trends feature

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Software adds sophistication to vehicle operations

LAWE's special Tracking Trends on Transport and Vehicles features continues with a selective preview of the Commercial Vehicle CV Show 2004, highlighting vehicles and services of interest to the environmental services and waste management sectors. The Focus on CV Show feature is based on information

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Providing timely and valid air quality information via human-centered electronic services: the APNEE-TU project

Dr Kostas Karatzas and Nicolas Moussiopoulos from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, report on a new method of providing timely and valid air quality information to citizens.

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· Providing timely and valid air quality information via human-centered electronic services: the APNEE-TU project

· Environmental factors influence van selection

· MAN ERF set to consolidate in UK

· Steps to speed up sludge testing

· Mini artic fleet aids Stirling's recycling drive

· New online vehicle management tool

· Heil wins business from Heathrow to the Borders

February 2001

Sewage sludge: a burning issue

Health and environmental concerns are making the spreading of sludge on agricultural land less attractive. The alternatives, however, are far from established as Chris Webb reports

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Pay through the noise

Paying for only as much as you want has been extended from mobile phones to consultancy services. All you pay for is the time spent using the software, eliminating the need for up-front capital but still allowing maximum access to a state-of-the-art noise mapping system. Beverly La Ferla reports.

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New tracked waste handler debuts in UK

The first Caterpillar D7R waste handing arrangement to be sold in the UK is part of a new Cat fleet being used by Severn Waste Services, the operating company for Mercia Waste Management Ltd, across one of its operations at the Hill and Moor Landfill site in Worcestershire.

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· Leachate treatment gets the green light

· Let the chain take the strain

· Technically speaking

· Specification clinches highway maintenance order

· Dennis Eagle buys Jack Allen refuse business

· Coping with inconsistencies

· The filtration 'root' to wastewater management

February 1996