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February 2010

SUDStainability HAS been set up by three independent companies to offer a cost-effective, environmentally-aware and all-inclusive drainage service from design through to construction and long-term asset management.
Sustainable drainage systems could play a vital role in a range of water management uses. But the Flood & Water Management Bill going through Parliament is just not recognising their potential, says Bob Sargent.
As the Copenhagen climate change talks came to a close in December, the CBI judged it a disappointing conclusion to two years of negotiations. British business was keen to see a comprehensive deal and was looking to the opportunities that could come from new frameworks for a global low-carbon econom
» It’s now up to businesses to take lead in the fight against global warming
» The Big Heat
» Mogden upgrade 'opportunity'
» Bristol challenges Ofwat over limits
» Law Society chief attacks 'flawed' government energy planning laws
» Scottish nitrate regs amended
» Lessons from the storm

February 2009

Recycling must be accessible to everyone if waste policies are going to be taken seriously. One waste contractor has taken a proactive approach by sending out a waste doctor to boost recycling in parts of London
All waste is recycled. Cars are banned, with rapid-transit pods in their place. Wind towers, geothermal technology, and virtually every surface, collect energy. It sounds like science fiction but, writes Erik Jaques, this is the world's first zero-carbon city - and it's being built now
In the financial year 2007 to 2008 Scottish Water failed to meet its leakage reduction target for the second year running. Natasha Wiseman spoke to the utility on how they turned things around and are meeting new targets
» Wembley's waste goes underground
» Nuclear: the answer?
» Concrete pipes are a tough option for the tough times
» The only way is up for recycling managers
» Bedding down to treat leachate from landfill
» A move from reactive to proactive with new gear
» Evolution keeps Huber on toes

February 2006

Landfill operator Waste Recycling Group upgrades its Tana vehicles with two larger machines
The Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for sanitation means bringing an extra 1.9 billion people on-stream by 2015, globally. Duncan Mara, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK, argues that this can only be achieved by abandoning conventional approaches to sewerage and a
LAWR's Alexander Catto explores environmental issues with Cllr David Sparks, chair of the Local Government Association's environment board, which has a wide and varied remit
» Innovative remediation
» Magnetics aids bottle separation
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (February 06)
» Contaminated Land: Lacking guidance for councils and questionable intervention levels are raising tensions
» Testing times
» UK celebrates reservoir management success
» Water efficiency is key in California

February 2001

Heil Big Bite added to Wheeldon fleetBacking up its declared objective of offering a reliable service to customers in the Greater Manchester area, Bury-based Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd has added another Heil Europe manufactured Big Bite to its 10-vehicle fleet.
Cory's fleet carries London's waste downriverGetting freight off the roads and on to more environmentally friendly transport options, such as rail and barges, is a key target of the Government's transport strategy. Both alternatives are being used to transport waste but there is considerable potential to carry much greater tonnages by water or
An Ordanance Survey digitised image showing buildings (red lines), road or rail (white lines) and any other barriers to sound such as ground contours or fences (green lines) using the simple, Windows-based interface.Paying for only as much as you want has been extended from mobile phones to consultancy services. All you pay for is the time spent using the software, eliminating the need for up-front capital but still allowing maximum access to a state-of-the-art noise mapping system. Beverly La Ferla reports.
» Government targets for waste recycling encourage innovation and PRN trading
» Take me to your designer
» Vehicle manufacturers drive down the 'environmentally friendly' road
» Payload increased with lightweight vacuum tanker
» The filtration 'root' to wastewater management
» Let the chain take the strain
» Coping with inconsistencies