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February 2010

'Unusual' court ruling on fertilising sloping ground

An 'unusual' hearing ruled Luxembourg has been illegally polluting water courses by fertilising sloping land at certain times of the year.

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Healing the World

In an exclusive interview, Norway's former prime minister and UN special envoy on climate change, Gro Harlem Brundtland, tells Erik Jaques why world leaders at Copenhagen may have disappointed, but COP15 was anything but a failure

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A Difficult Balance

Relations between countries have never been so important. Jeremy Richardson reviews the Copenhagen Accord - and discusses the future of the Clean Development Mechanism market

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· Mogden upgrade 'opportunity'

· Scottish nitrate regs amended

· Big floods and court battles

· Urban Warriors

· The Big Heat

· Sprucing up the drinking water supply

· Developing the future

February 2009

Comment: Consumers are not naive - only the tariffs should be green

Juliet Davenport,CEO of energy supplier Good Energy, on Ofgem's publication of guidelines on green erngy supply.

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Doctor on call: going direct to the doorstep

Recycling must be accessible to everyone if waste policies are going to be taken seriously. One waste contractor has taken a proactive approach by sending out a waste doctor to boost recycling in parts of London

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Optimistic yet realistic - ERM boss

This is the attitude of ERM's Keryn James, and it reflects the positive actions of her company in these turbulent economic times. Tom Idle met up with the firm's new managing director of UK & Ireland to discuss future challenges, and some of the solutions

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· Wembley's waste goes underground

· Biogas supplies green power

· Evolution keeps Huber on toes

· It is better to be safe than sorry

· Eversheds comment: UK cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5%

· Bedding down to treat leachate from landfill

· Waste by water reaches Olympian heights

February 2006

Condominial sanitation could achieve MDG

The Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for sanitation means bringing an extra 1.9 billion people on-stream by 2015, globally. Duncan Mara, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK, argues that this can only be achieved by abandoning conventional approaches to sewerage and a

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Co-operation is key to resource management

In the run-up to WWF4, the Head of the Secretariat, César Herrera, is calling for solidarity from the global community in meeting development challenges, managing transboundary river basins and countering the effects of climate change.

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Leakage-driven mains renewal

Dennis Grimshaw, technical development director of RPS Water, reviews the current leakage position and looks at mains renewal as a preventative measure

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· Winter weather threatens London's leakage targets

· Education counters contamination in Bangladesh

· Legal Q&A focus

· Adding value through recovery

· Bottles, cans, unwanted presents - we're running out of room

· WRG sticks with Tana compactors

· Italy quizzed over water directive

February 2001

Putting the squeeze on sludge

Simon-Hartley's Peter McLoughlin on maintaining process efficiency

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Innovation aids vehicle fleet management

The Commercial Vehicle Show 2001, which incorporates IRTE and Tipcon, is the subject for the first time of a selective LAWE Focus on exhibitors offering products and services for the environmental services and waste management sectors.

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Leachate treatment gets the green light

As part of the expansion of Rainham Landfill Site, Cleanaway is remediating and restoring a 64-hectare area of highly contaminated land. Originally marshland, the contaminated area, prior to Cleanaway's management, was subject to over 70 years of uncontrolled waste deposition, to a depth of up to 10

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· Rail and water transport steer a course to expand alternatives for waste movement

· Specification clinches highway maintenance order

· Accounting for environmental performance

· Green with Envoy

· New tracked waste handler debuts in UK

· How will the Landfill Directive affect engineering standards on UK sites?

· Computer-aided compliance