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February 2011

A schooling in sustainability

An educational project has launched across Europe which aims to make pupils more aware of climate change and energy efficiency by incorporating sustainability into the curriculum.

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Wales has the power

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has delivered advanced digestion plants early and is moving towards energy self-sufficient wastewater treatment, says Barry Oliver, technical director at Imtech Process

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Wearing it well

Wear protection can help optimise sludge-to-energy plants, says Julian Brindley, sales & marketing director, Kingfisher Industrial

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· Seeking approval - it's worth the risk

· Lamellas make it easy

· Organic waste study wins Ofwat support

· Profile: Ian Hill, Openreach

· Online auctions pay off

· Private sewer transfer: the councils aren't clear

· Sustainable solutions

February 2010

Big floods and court battles

Possible legal action being taken against United Utilities over the severe flooding in Cumbria is part of a growing pattern. And with utility companies' obligations set to be increased, the outlook is for more and more litigation. Dean Stiles reports.

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How to save the beaches and the bathing waters

A recent Panorama programme highlighted the need for greater investment in Britain's CSO infrastructure. But, as Chris Day and Alex Stephenson report, tackling pollution hotspots is not as hard or as expensive as some people believe.

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'Unusual' court ruling on fertilising sloping ground

An 'unusual' hearing ruled Luxembourg has been illegally polluting water courses by fertilising sloping land at certain times of the year.

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· It’s now up to businesses to take lead in the fight against global warming

· British business counting pennies, not carbon

· Power Politics

· Environment Agency boss hits back at climate sceptics

· Law Society chief attacks 'flawed' government energy planning laws

· Mogden upgrade 'opportunity'

· Urban Warriors

February 2007

'Save money and your lungs' Bristol tells its motorists

Bristol council has introduced a scheme which seeks to persuade residents to reduce their pollution impact by explaining this could save hard-earned cash as well as improve health prospects.

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Capital investment

If you try to fix a leaky Victorian pipe in London, the chances are you will cause another leak. Trenchless technology is the way forward. We look at the progress made by one of the major contractors working in the city, Clancy Docwra.

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A beacon project

A pipeline is being built, which will carry 20% of the UK's natural gas supply, to help cope with growing demand for gas. Remote locations have posed problems, writes Paul Stearnes

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· Masking Out City Smog

· Ireland must do more to protect wildlife

· Future skills: where now?

· Riverside wheels in tyre shredder

· All change for pollution regulations

· Skip firm loses weight, but gains pounds

· Trouble shooting leachate treatment

February 2002

Wartime legacy unearthed in Harwell clean up

A massive clean up operation is under way at the Southern Storage Area at the UKAEA's Harwell site. This case study reports on how the final phase of one of the country's most challenging land remediation programmes is being carried out on a site which was a wartime RAF base

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EMS implemented at government office

The Green Minister for the Chancellor's Departments and Financial Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Boateng MP, visited the Office for National Statistics (ONS) at Titchfield to present ONS with a ISO 14001 certificate for implementing an environmental management system (EMS). ONS is th

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Trio of treatment technologies for island

The century-old remote fishing community of Stonington is one of two towns on Deer Isle, Maine on the US' eastern seaboard. As if painted by Claude Monet, Stonington is a portrait of rural living. It hugs a cove that is lined with majestic spruce trees, pink granite ledges and moored

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· High-speed shredder boosts composting capacity

· Putting the heat on sludge

· Masters: a flexible approach

· Embracing the natural cycle

· Leak detection is elementry

· Software at the heart of model solutions

· EMS - a fitting assessment