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February 2011

Infrastructure support services company May Gurney has bought Turriff Group for a cash consideration of up to £13.6M. Turriff, one of Scotland's largest utility infrastructure maintenance companies, brings with it a £90M order book.
New European wastewater treatment technologies might help Florida, which is pursuing tighter discharge consents to sensitive surface waters, says Frank Rogalla of Aqualia
A new report says that greater competition is a must for the water industry.
» Clouds of uncertainty
» Heineken aims to brew a better future
» Lamellas make it easy
» Wales has the power
» Private sewer transfer: the councils aren't clear
» Pipeline project comes into focus
» Seeking approval - it's worth the risk

February 2010

When heavy rainfall on the Isle of Man threatened to cause a pollution incident along the River Laxey, the value of CIPP lining technology was proved once again.
In an exclusive interview, Norway's former prime minister and UN special envoy on climate change, Gro Harlem Brundtland, tells Erik Jaques why world leaders at Copenhagen may have disappointed, but COP15 was anything but a failure
Relations between countries have never been so important. Jeremy Richardson reviews the Copenhagen Accord - and discusses the future of the Clean Development Mechanism market
» British business counting pennies, not carbon
» Developing the future
» Brief Round-up: January
» Legal battle looms as UU denies flood claim
» How to save the beaches and the bathing waters
» Sprucing up the drinking water supply
» Environment Agency boss hits back at climate sceptics

February 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see more stringent requirements for oil explorat
Local councils have been criticised for failing to address environmental concerns. But, according to the Local Government Association's senior policy advisor, Sarah Coe, a lack of expertise is to blame - not the enthusiasm of the sector. Interview by Simon Jennings
A case which had to be dropped due to a technical error has nevertheless brought to the fore the problem of a lack of communciation between the UK's planners and environmental regulators.
» Alleged Thames sewage leak considered by court
» Councils get free seminars
» Ecobuild: Bigger than ever
» Securing your data
» Ireland must do more to protect wildlife
» The sky's the limit
» Masking Out City Smog

February 2002

Despite the fact that protest movements are, by their nature, hard to pin down a year in advance, it is possible to predict to a certain degree what factors will influence the impact they could have on government policies and corporate reputations. Charles de Mornay Davies, WMRC, provides a
The remediation of derelict and contaminated brownfield sites is at the top of the Government's agenda in for the regeneration of the nation's vast legacy of polluted sites. As the new regime requiring the identification and treatment of contaminated land comes into play, this special LAWE
Black and Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at biosolids vermistabilisation
» Waste management and recycling offer major benefits in transport infrastructure
» High-speed shredder boosts composting capacity
» Latest low fouling membrane
» High-speed shredder boosts composting capacity
» EMS - a fitting assessment
» Latin America picks up the gauntlet
» Trio of treatment technologies for island