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February 2011

This article was produced on behalf of Giveacar, a non-profit scrap car organisation that donates proceeds to charitable causes throughout the world.
Heineken has some 200 brandsAs part of its sustainability agenda, Heineken International aims to cut its emissions and water use - and empower local communities.
Pringle Hill Pipejack believed to be the longest ever completed in the Southern Hemisphere.
» STRADA proves its worth
» Market-led reforms key
» Don't forget street ironworks
» Sustainable solutions
» Maximise the mixing
» Profile: Ian Hill, Openreach
» State-of-the-art - and all set for the future

February 2010

When algal blooms were causing major problems at a Scottish water treatment works, FilterClear came to the rescue.
The Copenhagen Accord recognises that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times. Jane Wardle considers how businesses should best prepare themselves for dealing with extreme weather disruption
As the Copenhagen climate change talks came to a close in December, the CBI judged it a disappointing conclusion to two years of negotiations. British business was keen to see a comprehensive deal and was looking to the opportunities that could come from new frameworks for a global low-carbon econom
» Power Politics
» Developing the future
» A case of clouded thinking?
» Big floods and court battles
» Law Society chief attacks 'flawed' government energy planning laws
» Lessons from the storm
» It’s now up to businesses to take lead in the fight against global warming

February 2007

Bristol council has introduced a scheme which seeks to persuade residents to reduce their pollution impact by explaining this could save hard-earned cash as well as improve health prospects.
One way of cleaning up contaminated land is to stabilise and solidify pollutants. Simon Tillotson reports on his company's solution
The complexity of the electronic and electrical industry, and the number of stakeholders affected by the new legislation, has prompted many delays in implementation, and round after round of consultations with the DTI.
» All change for pollution regulations
» Understanding efficiencies of total solids retention
» Mitsubishi helps build Fortress
» Bodged case highlights lack of communication
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary
» Monitor wisely to keep a lid on landfill gas
» Creative installation for Corus

February 2002

WRAP is funding business enterrprise in recycling wasteCraig Sillars, Managing Director of Churngold Remediation Ltd, identifies short-term concerns over brownfield development and puts the case for identifying specialist remediation contractors capable of addressing the most complex remediation issues.
Transmitter unit sited in water meter chamberWireless leak alarm triggers when consumption exceeds expectations
One million cubic metres of soil is being moved in the course of a major scheme to regenerate a former cokeworks site in South Wales where the remediation method adopted eliminates the removal of contaminated material off-site
» Remediation services offer all-round solutions in world-wide market to clean up polluted sites
» Software at the heart of model solutions
» Trio of treatment technologies for island
» EMS - a fitting assessment
» Optimising pre-treatment and filtration
» Latin America picks up the gauntlet
» Latest low fouling membrane