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February 2012

Waste sector urged not to leave safety behind

The fast-moving waste sector with its hi-tech advances could leave health and safety issues in the shadows, warns David Gilliver

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The water-energy connection

The close links between water and energy mean that efficiencies made in one sector have a beneficial effect in the other. Businesses and investors must be alert to the fact, says Mike Scott.

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Natural wonder: Biodiversity strategies in action

Urban areas can provide homes for many species and plants that bring a multitude of benefits to the population. Dr Richard Delahay and Mark Line, explain why companies should strive to contribute to a richer environment by enhancing the biodiversity

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· Connect, encourage: As If People Matter, Part 2

· Glasgow flood defences effort makes difference

· Visions of the future

· Sod the greenwash, just stick to the brief

· A people-centred approach: As If People Matter, Part 1

· Surviving creative destruction

· 10 reasons NOT to write a CSR report

February 2011

Toyota drives forward with greener models

Car manufacturer Toyota has achieved record sales of its hybrid vehicles, which it sees as crucial to the company's future

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Pipeline project comes into focus

The £125M West East Link Main (WELM) pipeline scheme for United Utilities is one of the most ambitious pipeline projects that the North-west of England has ever seen. Maurice Corridan, project director at J Murphy & Sons, gives the low-down on the project.

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Pulling a greener pint

Last orders are being called on wasteful processing methods as breweries look to up their game when it comes to sustainability. Phil Mellows reports.

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· Wearing it well

· A schooling in sustainability

· Don't forget street ironworks

· It's time to get clever

· A triumph of eco-chic

· Gurney buys Turriff

· Clouds of uncertainty

February 2008

Optimisation saves energy

New technology has been developed that allows the quick and accurate determination of the critical dissolved oxygen concentration for activated sludge. Ken Diamond of Strathkelvin Instruments reviews its implementation at two UK sites

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Banking on bring sites to boost paper trails

By mixing it up and combining kerbside collections with a sound bring bank infrastructure, paper recycling rates can shoot up - as one council has shown

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Protecting wildlife from surface water run-off

Turbidity monitors are contributing to high-accuracy flocculant dosing at a Devon landfill site above a haven for aquatic wildlife

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· Ireland in hot water over groundwater directive

· Regulatory cycle is out of step

· Case Study: interest free loans can help small firms cut bills

· Greenstar shows Irish flare in gas analysis

· Case study: How a modern office improved its energy efficiency

· Who's best at reporting?

· Plastic: Standing the test of time

February 2003

Small acorns to great oak trees

Project Acorn is moving towards the end of its lifetime, but this will by no means be the end of the life for the Acorn approach. Matthias Gelber, director of environmental management systems at White Young Green Environmental Ltd, reports.

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Sludge reuse: the time is now

Mike Rewcastle, technical strategy manager - sludge, for Northumbrian Water, argues the water industry should not be exclusively responsible for the future management of sludge

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Biological wastewater treatment systems

Bio Series is the latest in biological treatment systems and is designed specifically to deal with some of the toughest wastewater applications.

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· Fathoming out your wastewater bill

· Pressing concerns lead to solvent solutions

· A stable solution for turbulent times

· Addressing sludge concerns

· Treading the middle ground

· Leakage, a capital offense

· Formula for eradicating leaks