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February 2012

Why councils should commit to collecting trade waste

Councils well placed to help businesses recycle

Councils are well placed to help businesses become more resourceful with waste. Susanne Baker looks at the business recycling and waste services commitment

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Green construction in action: Library of Birmingham

Future vision: an artist's impression of how the library will look

It has been hailed as a people's palace - and one of the most significant cultural projects undertaken in the UK for years that is set to transform the lives of millions. As the striking new Library of Birmingham takes shape, Simon Dingle explains how a clear sustainability plan was the key to Caril

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Industry looks East

The White Water Paper sets out plans to stimulate further investment in the UK water industry. British contractors should not be surprised to find themselves competing against Asian companies, says Dean Stiles

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· Connect, encourage: As If People Matter, Part 2

· Sod the greenwash, just stick to the brief

· Waste sector urged not to leave safety behind

· Natural wonder: Biodiversity strategies in action

· Visions of the future

· Life after the 'Green Rush'

· 10 reasons NOT to write a CSR report

February 2011

It's time to get clever

The waste sector may be making itself more attractive as a career choice, but it needs to do more to recruit higher qualified entrants if it is to plug the current and future skills gap

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Wearing it well

Wear protection can help optimise sludge-to-energy plants, says Julian Brindley, sales & marketing director, Kingfisher Industrial

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A triumph of eco-chic

The Greenhouse Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset

Named as the nation's best small hotel, The Greenhouse Hotel in Dorset takes its environmental responsibilities seriously

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· Maximise the mixing

· Online auctions pay off

· Pipeline project comes into focus

· Pulling a greener pint

· Measuring up for ground gas readings

· Organic waste study wins Ofwat support

· Giveacar: building a sustainable business from vehicle scrapping for charity

February 2008

Scottish case tests intellectual property rights

With the rush to new 'green' technologies (particularly renewable technologies) these days, a recent case delivered a salutory reminder to make sure you have the right to fully exploit a given technology.

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Beyond Kyoto

In Bali in December last year, the US finally agreed to get on track towards a binding agreement on climate change. But, asks Mike Scott, what has actually been achieved?

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Keynote: better metering could save businesses millions

Need a sweeter meter? The Carbon Trust thinks so.

A Carbon Trust trial identified the potential to save 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 and save UK small businesses £300 million per year.

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· Give offsetting some credit

· Comment: So what exactly is sustainability?

· Regulatory cycle is out of step

· IWWE 2008 comes to Dublin

· The boom and bust effect

· Protecting wildlife from surface water run-off

· The struggle to stay within the law

February 2003

Small acorns to great oak trees

Project Acorn is moving towards the end of its lifetime, but this will by no means be the end of the life for the Acorn approach. Matthias Gelber, director of environmental management systems at White Young Green Environmental Ltd, reports.

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Waste management has designs on the future

Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment with concerns about the forthcoming WEEE Directive should take a leaf out of British Gas's book, as the company is managing the recycling of its waste materials from engineering works on a national basis.

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To recycle or not to recycle?

Environment and technology strategy manager at OSS Group, Paul Ramsden, offers an update on the current waste management legislation situation, as well as the likely changes to existing legislation.

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· Fathoming out your wastewater bill

· Small acorns to great oak trees

· The wild winds of change

· Formula for eradicating leaks

· Snapping up the savings

· Treading the middle ground

· Leakage, a capital offense