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February 2012

Safety issues are in danger of slipping down the agenda in the waste sectorThe fast-moving waste sector with its hi-tech advances could leave health and safety issues in the shadows, warns David Gilliver
The world's largest Hydro-Brake is installed at BlackhouseA complex partnership is reaping the rewards of integrated surface water management in Glasgow. MWH programme manager, Jeremy Osborne explains
In this, the first of a five-part series, 'As If People Matter', covering all perspectives of a people-centred approach to sustainability in business, Michael Townsend explains how the strategy links to superior business - and economic - performance
» Surviving creative destruction
» Visions of the future
» The sky's the limit
» Connect, encourage: As If People Matter, Part 2
» Waste shows its potential
» Natural wonder: Biodiversity strategies in action
» Sod the greenwash, just stick to the brief

February 2011

The Cumwhinton water treatment plant is benefiting from the use of lamellas manufactured by Nordic Water in Sweden that are simpler to operate and maintain.
This article was produced on behalf of Giveacar, a non-profit scrap car organisation that donates proceeds to charitable causes throughout the world.
A new wastewater treatment plant at the heart of NI Water's Antrim Wastewater Project was opened last year. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies' process commissioning engineer, Nicolas Tardy, describes the new works
» Measuring up for ground gas readings
» On the paper trail: from sludge to soil
» Wales has the power
» Private sewer transfer: the councils aren't clear
» Toyota drives forward with greener models
» Variable approach drives savings in Kildare
» Sustainable solutions

February 2008

Ireland, Greece and Italy have all found themselves out of favour with the European courts this month for breaching environmental directives.
The meaning of sustainability is often personal to each one of us, says recruitment consultant Anna Powles as she explores the term and its impact on society and the workplace.
An action group has lost its court battle to subject a decision of Highland Council, to grant planning permission for the development of a wind farm on Skye, to judicial review.
» Give offsetting some credit
» Comment: council chiefs defend streetlight trials
» Autoclaving goes commercial in Yorkshire
» Getting smart with leachate distribution
» Steady flow of data helps manage floods
» Case Study: Energy performance drives garden centre design
» Water lost is water wasted

February 2003

After five years of cuts leakage rates are rising, Chris Webb reports
Waste brokerage can provide a valuable link in the waste management chain, bringing together producers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Jason Rayfield spoke to Roger Withinshaw and Tim Garrett of Outsource Site Services about playing their part in the burgeoning business of waste disposal.
Mike Rewcastle, technical strategy manager - sludge, for Northumbrian Water, argues the water industry should not be exclusively responsible for the future management of sludge
» Waste not but want more?
» Pressing concerns lead to solvent solutions
» Formula for eradicating leaks
» Small acorns to great oak trees
» A stable solution for turbulent times
» Waste management has designs on the future
» Snapping up the savings