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February 2012

In this, the first of a five-part series, 'As If People Matter', covering all perspectives of a people-centred approach to sustainability in business, Michael Townsend explains how the strategy links to superior business - and economic - performance
In the second of our five-part series 'As If People Matter', Michael Townsend explains how engaging people is vital in making a successful and lasting transition towards sustainable business and delivering tangible business benefits
A worker at the Cumbernauld anaerobic digestion plantSMEs can benefit both economically and environmentally from waste. Ian Goodfellow explains how the waste management industry, the Responsibility Deal and new regulation are all making a difference
» The water-energy connection
» Solving the supply-demand conundrum
» Surviving creative destruction
» 10 reasons NOT to write a CSR report
» LEED vs BREEAM: What's best?
» Green construction in action: Library of Birmingham
» Why councils should commit to collecting trade waste

February 2011

Replacing gas mains in a pedestrianised area of Glasgow city centre was never going to be an easy task. But the dead/live insertion method proved the answer.
Wessex Water has turned to online auctions to tender work, and says it is identifying which frameworks will be tendered through this process. The company said it is already "making significant cost savings" by using an online auction to offer work to suppliers.
Wear protection can help optimise sludge-to-energy plants, says Julian Brindley, sales & marketing director, Kingfisher Industrial
» Pulling a greener pint
» State-of-the-art - and all set for the future
» The way to better practice
» Seeking approval - it's worth the risk
» Clouds of uncertainty
» A schooling in sustainability
» Organic waste study wins Ofwat support

February 2008

Consulting engineers Silcock Dawson look at how to boost energy efficiency in garden centres
When it comes to the fast-moving world of waste law, not every facilities manager is up to speed on the changes and what they mean for their organisation, according to recent research
Barges on the MississippiDevastating floods dominated headlines in 2007 around the world - from rural China to England, rampant rivers wreaked destruction.
» Optimisation saves energy
» Who's best at reporting?
» Green route to developing Africa
» Investing to protect the water network
» The boom and bust effect
» Scottish solution equips itself for reclamation
» Viridor gives operatives skills for the future

February 2003

Bio Series is the latest in biological treatment systems and is designed specifically to deal with some of the toughest wastewater applications.
The Prime Minister's Strategy Unit has just released its report on tackling the waste problem in England. Waste not, Want not aims to show that by taking a more sustainable approach to waste, both economic and environmental benefits will be realised. Beverly La Ferla reviews what this will mean to i
Waste brokerage can provide a valuable link in the waste management chain, bringing together producers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Jason Rayfield spoke to Roger Withinshaw and Tim Garrett of Outsource Site Services about playing their part in the burgeoning business of waste disposal.
» A stable solution for turbulent times
» Sludge reuse: the time is now
» Fathoming out your wastewater bill
» Pressing concerns lead to solvent solutions
» A case of trial and amendment
» A statement of good intent?
» Waste management has designs on the future