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February 2013

How easy is it to reduce water consumption?

Reducing water usage at a major retail establishment may seem like a complex challenge but in the case of Wrexham's Eagles Meadow shopping centre, cutting consumption was "not exactly rocket science".

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The waste hierarchy: it's your duty

Organisations have a clear mandate to apply the waste hierarchy within their operations, but many are failing on this front. Dominic Hogg examines the reasons why

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Running a 'greener' fleet

Improving sustainability and delivering on the green agenda is a priority for the government, public sector and businesses large and small, so it is no surprise that service departments are being asked to play their part, says Mark Forrest.

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· Student engagement puts curb on street clutter

· Creating change through measurement and innovation

· Waste contractors must take panoramic view and start to add value

· The chemical reaction of sustainability

· Growth in non-European solar market is pushing global capacity to new heights

· Hackney residents dine out on food waste

February 2012

Soap suds and savings

Washrooms can account for a significant percentage of water use in offices. But, say Ann Durrant and Alexandra McKay, companies can reduce their impact on this natural resource and save money by switching from lotion to foam soaps and changing their employees handwashing technique

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Natural wonder: Biodiversity strategies in action

Urban areas can provide homes for many species and plants that bring a multitude of benefits to the population. Dr Richard Delahay and Mark Line, explain why companies should strive to contribute to a richer environment by enhancing the biodiversity

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A people-centred approach: As If People Matter, Part 1

In this, the first of a five-part series, 'As If People Matter', covering all perspectives of a people-centred approach to sustainability in business, Michael Townsend explains how the strategy links to superior business - and economic - performance

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· 10 reasons NOT to write a CSR report

· Industry looks East

· The sky's the limit

· Why councils should commit to collecting trade waste

· Life after the 'Green Rush'

· Rooting out waste in the supply chain

· LEED vs BREEAM: What's best?

February 2009

Concrete pipes are a tough option for the tough times

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, goes the expression. Andy Goring argues that with the times being tough - what with the recession and new policies for flood mitigation - concrete pipes could be an appropriately tough response.

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Nuclear: the answer?

With tough EU recommendations for cutting emissions by 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, attention has been focused on alternatives to minimise reliance on carbon-based fossil fuels. Yet the lowest carbon-emitting fuel is nuclear - so, asks Richard Phillips, why should it be included on the European low

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Utility took on leakage - and won

In the financial year 2007 to 2008 Scottish Water failed to meet its leakage reduction target for the second year running. Natasha Wiseman spoke to the utility on how they turned things around and are meeting new targets

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· Evolution keeps Huber on toes

· Wembley's waste goes underground

· Analysis: Ecological Risk Assessment

· Waste by water reaches Olympian heights

· Biogas supplies green power

· It is better to be safe than sorry

· Comment: Consumers are not naive - only the tariffs should be green

February 2004

Transport and RCVs opt for sustainable solutions

Government policy, at both European and UK levels, is stimulating local government in particular to develop environmentally sustainable solutions across the transport and waste management sectors. LAWE reports on the latest policies and technology in this month's Tracking Trends feature

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Are you MCERT-ain about air pollution?

There are several factors to consider with the control of emissions to air including process optimisation and abatement. Dr Tony Smith of Envirocare reports on the need for MCERTS.

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Software adds sophistication to vehicle operations

LAWE's special Tracking Trends on Transport and Vehicles features continues with a selective preview of the Commercial Vehicle CV Show 2004, highlighting vehicles and services of interest to the environmental services and waste management sectors. The Focus on CV Show feature is based on information

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· Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, reports on the challenges facing the capital in meeting air quality targets.

· Providing timely and valid air quality information via human-centered electronic services: the APNEE-TU project

· Heil wins business from Heathrow to the Borders

· Turning risk into reward

· Overcoming rates of leakage rise

· Renewable energy makes powerful progress

· Shaping up for the future