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February 2014

How would the UK's renewable energy market fair if Scotland goes independent?

On 18 September, Scots will vote on whether they want to stay united with the rest of Britain or become an independent nation. But with the countdown to vote day well underway, there are questions arising around what will happen to the UK's renewable sector if Scotland does go independent. Ratio Law

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Cutting down on illegal logging through supply chain controls

Businesses with forest products in their supply chains have an environmental, economic and ethical obligation to do their part in cutting illegal logging, says APP's Aida Greenbury.

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Top 10 World Cup Sustainability Facts

We bring you a run down of the top 10 sustainability facts you need to know about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

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· Nespresso's Sustainability Challenge: Education holds the key to building a sustainable future

· GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Ben & Jerry's new biodigester

· Microsoft moves from smart to smarter buildings

February 2013

The chemical reaction of sustainability

Akzonobel's drive to become a sustainable business started 10 years ago, when the chemical industry, along with the power industry, was public enemy number one for the environment, explains Leigh Stringer.

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Running a 'greener' fleet

Improving sustainability and delivering on the green agenda is a priority for the government, public sector and businesses large and small, so it is no surprise that service departments are being asked to play their part, says Mark Forrest.

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Student engagement puts curb on street clutter

When a former waste officer at Birmingham City Council hit the streets of Selly Oak to listen to local students, recycling performance dramatically improved. David Cowing reports

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· The waste hierarchy: it's your duty

· Waste contractors must take panoramic view and start to add value

· Growth in non-European solar market is pushing global capacity to new heights

· How easy is it to reduce water consumption?

· Hackney residents dine out on food waste

· Creating change through measurement and innovation

February 2010

Environment Agency's CRC FAQs

The Environment Agency has published a brief guide to the CRC explaining how it works and outlining the time table. These concise notes are well worth a look if you are in the dark about the scheme or want to refresh your memory fast.

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A Difficult Balance

Relations between countries have never been so important. Jeremy Richardson reviews the Copenhagen Accord - and discusses the future of the Clean Development Mechanism market

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Mogden upgrade 'opportunity'

Thames Water has picked Black & Vetch (B&V) as its principal contractor to upgrade and extend Mogden Sewage Treatment Works in west London.

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· Big floods and court battles

· British business counting pennies, not carbon

· Joint SUDS effort

· A case of clouded thinking?

· Healing the World

· Sprucing up the drinking water supply

· Power Politics

February 2005

Addressing our changing climate

Elaine Coles looks at how the water industry is handling the impact of climate change

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Sharing the leakage risk

Steve Tooms, Jim Reynolds and Simon Dray assess the advantages and disadvantages of using contract partners for leakage management

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Taxi Emissions Strategy

Sarah Legge from the Greater London Authority explains how cutting taxi exhaust fumes will play a part in creating the London wide Low Emission Zone.

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· WRAP develops successful training programmes

· Forward thinking initiatives win top marks

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