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February 2015

RBS Innovation Gateway: Turning green ideas into a resource-efficient reality

Almost a year on from the launch of the RBS Innovation Gateway, the bank's head of customer innovation Marcela Navarro reveals which projects have been successful so far and explains how her initiative is helping to accelerate new products to market, drive resource efficiency and, ultimately, save m

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Greening the screen: 10 sustainability facts about TV and film production

The weekend's Oscars mark the culmination of the 2015 awards season. The gilded excess of the ceremony serves as a reminder that Hollywood has always plumped for bigger and better over smaller and greener.

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Edie explains: ISO 14001

In the latest edie explains, we take a look at ISO 14001 - the updated version of the environmental management framework outlined by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

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· Making the world a better place: 8 reasons we LOVE sustainability

February 2014

Natural Capital - the missing piece of the economic jigsaw

There is a growing realisation among some businesses and policy makers that economics has failed to take account of a third form of capital, natural capital, says Claire Wansbury and Rupert Haines.

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Cutting down on illegal logging through supply chain controls

Businesses with forest products in their supply chains have an environmental, economic and ethical obligation to do their part in cutting illegal logging, says APP's Aida Greenbury.

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Top 10 World Cup Sustainability Facts

We bring you a run down of the top 10 sustainability facts you need to know about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

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· Has the waste hierarchy had its day?

· How would the UK's renewable energy market fair if Scotland goes independent?

· GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Ben & Jerry's new biodigester

· Microsoft moves from smart to smarter buildings

· Top 50 global green brands - the full list

· Nespresso's Sustainability Challenge: Education holds the key to building a sustainable future

February 2011

Rotamix brings benefits to anaerobic digestion process

When Rotamix tank mixing systems were retrofitted on two digesters at a waste to energy plant gas production rocketed.

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Clouds of uncertainty

What does the future hold for the troubled utility Northern Ireland Water after the catastrophic water shortages of last year? Dean Stiles reports.

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Measuring up for ground gas readings

Ground gas concentrations can now be gauged more accurately in both the pre and post development of landfill sites. Julian Butler looks at the benefits of continuous monitoring.

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· State-of-the-art - and all set for the future

· Innovative approach taken in Belfast deep-shaft project

· Maximise the mixing

· Toyota drives forward with greener models

· Gas success in the city

· Giveacar: building a sustainable business from vehicle scrapping for charity

· Heineken aims to brew a better future

February 2006

Legal Q&A focus

Paul Rice, a partner at leading solicitors Pinsent Masons, answers topical
questions on legal issues surrounding environmental and waste management

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Talking leakage with Thames Water

Thames Water loses more than a third of its water through leaks. WWT talks to leakage strategy manager Mark Simister about how the company is aiming to cut these losses

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Parliament and Commission clash over bromide ban

The European Parliament and Commission are taking a disagreements over a ban on hazardous flame retardants to the courts.

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· Grand designs

· Is your business taking its environmental impact seriously

· MBR plant first for leachate treatment

· Testing times

· Privatisation and renamed ministry emphasise Ghana's priority

· Adding value through recovery

· Winter weather threatens London's leakage targets