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February 2015

RBS Innovation Gateway: Turning green ideas into a resource-efficient reality

Marcela Navarro is head of customer innovation for RBS

Almost a year on from the launch of the RBS Innovation Gateway, the bank's head of customer innovation Marcela Navarro reveals which projects have been successful so far and explains how her initiative is helping to accelerate new products to market, drive resource efficiency and, ultimately, save m

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Making the world a better place: 8 reasons we LOVE sustainability

It's hard not to fall in love with this heart-shaped solar farm, being built on the Pacific island of New Caledonia

Valentine's Day is a time for reminiscing about love. In keeping with that tradition, here's a short list of reasons why our readers love working in sustainability. Keep up the good work!

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Greening the screen: 10 sustainability facts about TV and film production

edie has rolled out the green carpet to present you our top 10 TV and film sustainability stats

The weekend's Oscars mark the culmination of the 2015 awards season. The gilded excess of the ceremony serves as a reminder that Hollywood has always plumped for bigger and better over smaller and greener.

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· Edie explains: ISO 14001

February 2014

GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Ben & Jerry's new biodigester

Making scoops, closing loops: Edie visited the Ben & Jerry's factory in the Netherlands

Ben & Jerry's has become the first ice cream company in the world to power its factory using its own ice cream. Edie took a trip to the company's European factory in the Netherlands to take a closer look at 'The Chunkinator'.

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Cutting down on illegal logging through supply chain controls

Businesses with forest products in their supply chains have an environmental, economic and ethical obligation to do their part in cutting illegal logging, says APP's Aida Greenbury.

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Microsoft moves from smart to smarter buildings

Darrell Smith's focus throughout his career has been finding ways for companies around the world to get smart - smart about managing their buildings that is.

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· Nespresso's Sustainability Challenge: Education holds the key to building a sustainable future

· Has the waste hierarchy had its day?

· Top 10 World Cup Sustainability Facts

· Natural Capital - the missing piece of the economic jigsaw

· How would the UK's renewable energy market fair if Scotland goes independent?

· Top 50 global green brands - the full list

February 2011

Clouds of uncertainty

What does the future hold for the troubled utility Northern Ireland Water after the catastrophic water shortages of last year? Dean Stiles reports.

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Wearing it well

Wear protection can help optimise sludge-to-energy plants, says Julian Brindley, sales & marketing director, Kingfisher Industrial

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Innovative approach taken in Belfast deep-shaft project

Rethinking the site of the drive motor, saved costs in one of Northern Ireland's biggest infrastructure projects, says Frank Cooper, sales director at Bedford Pumps

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· Gas success in the city

· Private sewer transfer: the councils aren't clear

· Market-led reforms key

· Lamellas make it easy

· Don't forget street ironworks

· Variable approach drives savings in Kildare

· Sustainable solutions

February 2006

Bottles, cans, unwanted presents - we're running out of room

Did you know that following our festive celebrations, around 3 million tonnes of unwanted Christmas presents were dumped in the bin. That's a hell of a lot of cardigans, socks and jumpers rudely disregarded as rubbish - and plenty of aunties and grannies left none-the-wiser.

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Winter weather threatens London's leakage targets

The prospect of a colder than average winter has fuelled Thames Water's research into understanding the effects of cold water on its water distribution network in south-east England. Andrew Boyd of RWE Thames Water reports on the range of strategies under consideration.

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Portugal falls behind on water directive

Portugal has been rapped for failing to add major water regulations to its statue books.

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· Academic values

· Saying yes to EMS

· First dedicated seawater pre-treatment membrane

· Leakage-driven mains renewal

· Water efficiency is key in California

· Changing nature of remediation

· Solar fire fighting