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February 2017

Going Circular: PwC's staff engagement success story

PwC currently recycles or reuses around 85% of the waste it produces, generating £500,000 for the firm annually in the process

As part of edie's engagement month of editorial content, Matt Mace takes a closer look at the innovative behaviour change approaches being adopted by PwC as the professional services firm seeks to mobilise waste reduction efforts of thousands of staff members to deliver a closed-loop organisation.

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Engagement evolution: 6 exciting trends directing the future of sustainability communications

Businesses with one eye on the horizon are turning to new methods to drive home their sustainability message in a way the CSR reports and glowing PR stories can’t

As edie's engagement month of editorial content rolls on, we round-up some of the latest techniques and platforms businesses are using to drive sustainability engagement among internal and external stakeholders.

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Five green policy priorities to stop Brexit ruining our environment

Defra’s long-awaited 25-Year Environment Plan has been delayed by the BRexit vote, leaving uncertainty as to whether environmental protections provided by the EU will be maintained

From the delivery of an ambitious 25-Year Environment Plan to the avoidance of ineffective 'zombie legislation', Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) executive director Matthew Farrow outlines the key steps that must be taken by the Government to ensure Britain's exit from the EU will not have

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· Captivating CSR: How to produce an engaging sustainability report

· In shocking times, corporate sustainability needs to pivot

· Consumer engagement: Fitting the final piece of the food waste puzzle

· edie explores sustainability megatrends: Part 1 - Climate change

February 2016

Onsite solutions: edie explains LED lighting

The return on investment on a complete LED retrofit is between two and three years for a typical office block

In the first of a brand new series investigating the costs, benefits and legislative backdrop of onsite sustainability solutions for your business, edie takes a closer look at LED lighting.

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Serving up a food waste solution

One in six of the eight billion meals served throughout the hospitality sector each year is wasted

With the annual cost of food waste in the hospitality and foodservice sector set to reach £3bn this year, ReFood's Philip Simpson discusses the challenges facing the industry and how businesses can recuperate losses through better reduction and recycling strategies.

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Q&A with WRAP's outgoing chief executive Liz Goodwin

edie spoke with Liz Goodwin shortly after WRAP confirmed she would be stepping down as its chief executive

As the Government's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) prepares for the next chapter of its resource revolution quest under a new leader, edie speaks with outgoing chief executive Liz Goodwin about the charity's success story so far, and her own plans for the future.

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· Green and pleasant land: How the National Trust is making sustainability beautiful

· It's time to redress the balance of the UK's energy trilemma

· Green beans: 5 sustainable coffee innovations

February 2013

How easy is it to reduce water consumption?

Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham

Reducing water usage at a major retail establishment may seem like a complex challenge but in the case of Wrexham's Eagles Meadow shopping centre, cutting consumption was "not exactly rocket science".

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Hackney residents dine out on food waste

Composting has brought residents together

An innovative composting project that diverts food waste from landfill has fostered community cohesion, reports Stuart Spear

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Growth in non-European solar market is pushing global capacity to new heights

Europe's deployment of solar PV in 2012 fell 27% but countries such as India, Australia and Korea are lifting the global industry into the next stage of capacity.

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· The chemical reaction of sustainability

· Creating change through measurement and innovation

· Waste contractors must take panoramic view and start to add value

· The waste hierarchy: it's your duty

· Running a 'greener' fleet

· Student engagement puts curb on street clutter

February 2008

Optimisation saves energy

New technology has been developed that allows the quick and accurate determination of the critical dissolved oxygen concentration for activated sludge. Ken Diamond of Strathkelvin Instruments reviews its implementation at two UK sites

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Beyond Kyoto

In Bali in December last year, the US finally agreed to get on track towards a binding agreement on climate change. But, asks Mike Scott, what has actually been achieved?

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Viridor gives operatives skills for the future

Front-line staff in Sheffield are benefiting from a training programme at Viridor that can lead to personal success and promotion

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· Getting smart with leachate distribution

· Scottish case tests intellectual property rights

· Plastic: Standing the test of time

· Waste and climate change put under microscope

· The boom and bust effect

· Give offsetting some credit

· Correct initial specification can avoid costly clean-up