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March 2000

The Narva fortress,built between the 14th and 16th centuriesFollowing major refurbishment work in 1999 by Sarlin Pumps, the main pumping station in Narva, Estonia's third largest city, is now fully operational.
ITT Flygt is redefining propeller pumps, transforming them into all-purpose pumps that can handle the tough task of pumping sewage.
For years, business has been told it should fund any investments in energy efficiency itself. Cash-flow, recycled savings, bank borrowings, whatever - anything except help from the Treasury. A year shy of the Climate Change Levy, and the Chancellor is handing back £1,000m of revenue. Andrew Warren o
» Lean time no bad thing for engineers
» Site specific in-situ bioremediation
» Thames still banking on Abingdon reservoir
» Pumping for a new town
» Reliability fears for buried meters
» LAQM: monitoring objectives
» In with the old

March 1999

There are a number of techniques for rehabilitating contaminated land but many are not only highly expensive but are only applicable to sites that have been cleared of the processing or storage plants that have caused the pollution reports Chris Francis.
ISWA President John Ferguson Leading the way forward into the next Millennium as President of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) is Britain's John Ferguson, who can draw upon a distinguished career within the waste management profession, including the presidency of IWM and ten years as Director and Chief Execut
When the operational frame-work for 1998 trading in electricity was originally set out, the intention was for there to be a minimum of change. In the event, the industry faces upheaval in the coming months, virtually amounting to a total reinvention of the way in which the market operates. These cha
» Remote maintenance engineer saves time
» Measures for practical, qualitative energy efficiency
» Stenter fume abatement technology
» Hako Sweeps in with “Total Solution” for municipal vehicles solution.
» From a spark to a flame
» Managing data information in the North WestArticle Title
» Regulatory enforcement to fuel growth in air pollution monitoring equipment markets

March 1996

March 1991