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March 2000

LAQM: monitoring objectives

Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 implements Local Air Quality Management (LAQM). LAQM requires local authorities to provide an assessment - detailed, if deemed significant - of air quality impacts in their area. Nicholas Davey, Senior Consultant at Stanger Science & Environment (SSE), examines th

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Propeller pumps come of age

ITT Flygt is redefining propeller pumps, transforming them into all-purpose pumps that can handle the tough task of pumping sewage.

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New for old in Estonian pumping station

The Narva fortress,built between the 14th and 16th centuries

Following major refurbishment work in 1999 by Sarlin Pumps, the main pumping station in Narva, Estonia's third largest city, is now fully operational.

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· Sewage treatment in a greenhouse

· Greenwich Peninsula regeneration

· People - curse or cure?

· Reliability fears for buried meters

· AMR systems score high in northern US

· Sea of Change

· The use of submersible mixers in STPs

March 1999

Hako Sweeps in with “Total Solution” for municipal vehicles solution.

multicar shows its versatility in refuse collection mode

Hako Machines, best known for its range of industrial and street sweepers, is expanding into new market sectors, adding a larger range of sweepers and the multi-purpose multicar to its stable. LAWE Editor Alexander Catto reports on the company’s evolving strategy.

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Measures for practical, qualitative energy efficiency

Eutech consultants Stelios Bikos and Neil Perry offer up a basket of qualitative and quantitative tools which can be used to cut energy costs by up to 30%.

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Stenter fume abatement technology

The highly visible sub-micron oil droplets evolved during finishing operations on Stenter machines create dense smoke and associated odour emissions which have long been unacceptable to affected local residents and more recently to the UK Environment Agencies.

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· Approval testing of membrane filtration systems

· Remote maintenance engineer saves time

· Into the melting pot

· Getting underneath the problem

· Ferguson Aims to strengthen global role of waste management profession.

· Regulatory enforcement to fuel growth in air pollution monitoring equipment markets

· Electricity - charging ahead

March 1996

March 1991