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March 2001

Emissions trading: the implications for industry

Next month will see the launch of an emissions trading scheme as part of a range of measures designed to help the UK meet its commitments on greenhouse gas reductions. Likely participants fall into two categories: those who are part of a Climate Change Levy Agreement, and those who are not. William

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Fume abatement galvanised

Working with local Environment Agency officers, Scaffolding manufacturer SGB Manufacturing required a solution for the efficient filtering of white clouds of fine fume generated when components are dipped during a hot dip galvanising process. MikroPul Ltd worked in partnership with SGB to develop a

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Just deserts

Over the course of the next decade, the United Arab Emirates alone will invest some $46bn in projects related to the environment. The Abu Dhabi Declaration - a framework for sustainable use of resources in the Arab region in the 21st century - was last month endorsed by the Conference of Arab Enviro

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· Climate Change Levy: are you ready for lift-off?

· Carbon cuts chemical release

· PM10 monitoring for industrial sites

· Sharing expertise in an increasingly unstable world

· For whom the smell tolls

March 2000

Site specific in-situ bioremediation

The application of a bioremediation strategy tailored to a specific contaminated site is reported to have speeded up development of a residential project, whilst retaining a responsive, sustainable and added value solution

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The use of submersible mixers in STPs

Submersible mixers are particularly useful in nitrification, denitrification and P elimination where a good mixing of the tank contents is required. Compared with conventional mixers, fully submerged units are capable of achieving considerable energy savings at STPs. Wilfried Wasser of ABS Pumps rep

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LAQM: monitoring objectives

Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 implements Local Air Quality Management (LAQM). LAQM requires local authorities to provide an assessment - detailed, if deemed significant - of air quality impacts in their area. Nicholas Davey, Senior Consultant at Stanger Science & Environment (SSE), examines th

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· Brazilian privatisation moves up a gear

· Plenty of muck ­ but is there enough brass?

· Low energy zero sludge system

· Making sense of smell

· Renewable enthusiasm

· New for old in Estonian pumping station

· Vehicle builders in major moves

March 1997

CWM builds latest technology into £40m MSW burning plant

Communities on Teesside will benefit later this yearfrom the most recent example of the new generation of

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Sheffield upgrades CHP plant to meet emissions standards

Award-winning Sheffield Heat and Power is investing in a multi-million programme to upgrade its waste

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March 1992