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March 2004

Former WBCSD chair and Rio Tinto executive director Lord Richard Holme sets out his strategy for better corporate performance
Too much rain and too much sun? Mark Shepherd of ADAS looks at ways the UK can deal with the threat of both droughts and floods after the confused weather over the past year
Consultancy Terence O'Rourke's director Andrew Mahon and senior environmental manager Olan Howell explain the ramifications of the new directive
» Landfill shake-up offers scope for 'step change'
» Remediation assessed at landmark BBC 'Restoration' site
» Beyond EMS - The SIGMA Project
» The insurability of ecological damage
» Improving Profits by Better Management Control
» The right tools for the job
» Environmental Management Systems - By Ken Smith of Casella Stanger

March 2003

Environmental responsibility is becoming a benchmark for successful business, including the prevention of legal liabilities, so installing an environmental management system can significantly help companies in the legal arena. Here are three examples of companies who have been through the motions.
Rob Bell investigates further policy measures to reduce industrial emissions
Consultant with Golder Associates, Karen Clarke Whistler, explains the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and its potential to positively impact on an organisation's performance throughout.
» Emissions trading and beyond
» Agreement reached on emissions trading scheme
» Technically speaking
» Lessons in environmental responsibility
» ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks
» International environmental management: vive la différence!
» ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks

March 2000

Generation of a horizontal flow velocity in an oval tanik with baffle wallsSubmersible mixers are particularly useful in nitrification, denitrification and P elimination where a good mixing of the tank contents is required. Compared with conventional mixers, fully submerged units are capable of achieving considerable energy savings at STPs. Wilfried Wasser of ABS Pumps rep
Peter Minting interviews Dr Peter Spillett, Thames Water’s environment and quality manager.
Gas molecules locked up in a solute do not smell. Surfactant Induced Absorption Technology (SIAT), by harnessing the principles of acid rain, achieves unprecedented results in the removal of odorous gases from air. Dave Stanley, E3 Consultants, explains the technology, now available on wheels.
» Low energy zero sludge system
» Pumping for a new town
» Bangkok's multi-storey sewage solution
» Sewage treatment in a greenhouse
» Vehicle builders in major moves
» One for you, 19 for me
» In with the old

March 1995