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March 2004

Better buildings

Tom Harvey of the Building Research Establishment explains BREEAM Offices 2004

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Technology goes with the flow

David Gerrard, managing director of Flow Measurement, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of an array of techniques available for open channel flow monitoring

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Greening business: EMS and the 21st century company

The greening of business ranks high on the list of corporate responsibilities in the 21st century - the global environmental technology and services sector is now worth more than £300 billion. Most people agree with the concept of environmental management. Companies that operate EMS make better use

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· Cash from clean-up

· The role of self-regulation

· Beyond EMS - The SIGMA Project

· Separating the fact from fiction

· Waste industry faces new challenges under Directive

· Detailing new deliveries

· Spinning disc spray aids environmental control

March 2003

Eco-friendly robot powered by organic waste

Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol have developed a microbial fuel cell about the size of a mobile phone that could be powered by organic household waste. The cell is being used to run a small light-sensitive robot.

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ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks

Environmental management systems are not only relevant for big industrial facilities. The Royal Parks Agency, which manages some of the major London green spaces, such as Hyde and Richmond Parks, has proved that the benefits of EMS’s are available to a much more diverse range of organisations. Nic

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Lessons in environmental responsibility

Tony Nicholls, business development manager at Furmanite International, considers the regulatory pressures faced by industrial plant operators, and looks at simple initiatives that can ensure greater compliance.

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· Industrial options assessed

· Arab States demand compensation

· A lifetime of good advice

· 14001 reasons to install an EMS

· Switch on, and tune in to WEEE

· Balanced, integrated reporting

· Gauging the open flow gauges

March 2000

Sea of Change

Progress to reduce agricultural run-off to the Baltic has been slow

Swedish freelance journalist Gunnel Bergström reviews some of the efforts to reduce agricultural run-off in the Baltic Sea. She concludes that progress has been slow yet promising.

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The use of submersible mixers in STPs

Generation of a horizontal flow velocity in an oval tanik with baffle walls

Submersible mixers are particularly useful in nitrification, denitrification and P elimination where a good mixing of the tank contents is required. Compared with conventional mixers, fully submerged units are capable of achieving considerable energy savings at STPs. Wilfried Wasser of ABS Pumps rep

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Vehicle builders in major moves

The chassis and vehicle manufacturing industry is undergoing a period of growth and reorganisation which should result in even more choice in the specialised waste sector for road fleet operators and transport managers. Environmentally friendly waste transport options in water borne and rail

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· In with the old

· Site specific in-situ bioremediation

· Reliability fears for buried meters

· Renewable enthusiasm

· Low energy zero sludge system

· Strategic fleet management meets waste industry challenges

· People - curse or cure?

March 1995