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March 2004

First leachate treatment plants

Consultancy Enviros has followed two years of detailed treatability trials in South Africa by designing and commissioning the country's first two leachate treatment plants, in Cape Town and Durban. Directors Howard Robinson and Steve Last describe these market-leading environmental projects.

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Expanding on the environment makes business sense for SMEs

As the European Commission’s enterprise directorate recommends that EU governments should boost small businesses’ uptake of environmental management systems, Richard J Martin, project manager for the NetRegs website, examines the commercial benefits of implementing one.

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Detailing new deliveries

IEA's new system for multi-parameter monitoring of tankered waste

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· SEA Directive & business

· The Landfill Directive - is it the end of

· Technically speaking

· Integrated plant follows recipe for success

· Separating the fact from fiction

· Environmental Management Systems - By Ken Smith of Casella Stanger

· ISO 14001 Success Across Thales UK

March 2003

Energy efficiency improved

Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings came into force on 4 January, with the aim of ensuring that new and renovated buildings are constructed to high standards of energy efficiency.

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That sinking feeling

Carbon sinks are part of the Kyoto Protocol's strategy to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. But will they really have the impact on emissions their supporters claim? Jane Morecroft investigates

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14001 reasons to install an EMS

Environmental responsibility is becoming a benchmark for successful business, including the prevention of legal liabilities, so installing an environmental management system can significantly help companies in the legal arena. Here are three examples of companies who have been through the motions.

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· Up in the air

· Picking winners

· Taking a lead at Farlington

· Hidden treasure

· Glass as an active ingredient

· Storing-up a load of trouble

· When the going gets tough, sound environmental management can get you going

March 2000

Sewage treatment in a greenhouse

An on-site wastewater treatment system, which treats sewage using a series of engineered ecologies, is now operational at a Vermont ski resort, treating up to 30,000GPD (114m3/d) of raw sewage.

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Brazilian privatisation moves up a gear

The imminent sale of two state-owned water and sewerage companies could speed up the privatisation process in Brazil says freelance journalist John Kolodziejski.

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One for you, 19 for me

For years, business has been told it should fund any investments in energy efficiency itself. Cash-flow, recycled savings, bank borrowings, whatever - anything except help from the Treasury. A year shy of the Climate Change Levy, and the Chancellor is handing back £1,000m of revenue. Andrew Warren o

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· Strategic fleet management meets waste industry challenges

· New for old in Estonian pumping station

· Reliability fears for buried meters

· Renewable enthusiasm

· Low energy zero sludge system

· Vehicle builders in major moves

· Site specific in-situ bioremediation

March 1995