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March 2006

Friends of the Earth has launched a court case against Irish water authorities over its decision to allow new housing developments to be attached to inadequate sewer systems.
A new effluent treatment plant for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is protecting coastal waters in Avonmouth
The UK has driven technological innovation of composting systems in recent years. Mary Messer provides a snapshot of the industry to date
» Water wars
» Taking IT to the max
» Rig training goes well in Ghana
» MBRs - getting to the roots
» The hazardous Waste Disposal site - 170m below the ground
» Is your business taking its environmental impact seriously
» Skip into the future

March 2005

Through a better use of technology, BT has managed to reduce travel and therefore transport emissions, increase productivity, and save space and energy in the office.
Environmental Biotech is working with Anglian Water to rid Essex pumping stations of fat, oil and grease contamination problems
Dr Aidan Turnbull, head of eco-design design at Environ UK looks at the impact of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive on business-to-business producers
» Taking control of reservoirs
» Taking water reuse into the future
» Technically speaking
» Uncertainty inevitable in dam design
» A fresh approach
» Wising up to reality of SCP

March 2002

Field tests are being carried on leachate for a new Environmental Agency study being undertaken jointly by Enviros Aspinwall and Knox AssociatesThe Environment Agency has commissioned the second phase of a consultancy project to predict the impact of changing landfill practice on leachate quality in the UK, as progressive implementation of the Landfill Directive (1999/31/EC) changes the nature of waste inputs. The Agency will requi
By July 2002 operators of landfill sites will have to submit a Site Conditioning Plan to the Environment Agency to meet the requirements of the Landfill Directive and to avoid the risk of committing a criminal offence. The Agency is assisting landfill operators through a Conditioning Plan P
The imperatives driving transport policy are set to change, both in the short term, with London Mayor Ken Livingstone's decision to impose a congestion tax on central London, and in the long term, with the proposals by the Commission for Integrated Transport to price many vehicles off the r
» Missing piece in data jigsaw
» Rail freight and water transport offer 'Best Value' options
» Choosing a hard or soft option
» Satellite-linked system maximises site life
» Slave to the standard
» Light cast on energy savings
» Better RO results lie in design

March 1997

Communities on Teesside will benefit later this yearfrom the most recent example of the new generation of
Award-winning Sheffield Heat and Power is investing in a multi-million programme to upgrade its waste