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March 2006

A new effluent treatment plant for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is protecting coastal waters in Avonmouth
Steve Vick International's 125Plus has a large ram for inserting polyethylene pipe into old mains
Latest security devices help water companies to safeguard their property and facilities from unauthorised access, and to protect the public.
» Screen-washing creates savings
» Glass war
» After OFR there are still reporting requirements and the deadline is looming
» Life savings
» Telemetry cabinets - a lot less hassle
» The Environment Business Interview - The law man
» How best to stay legal

March 2005

Environmental Biotech is working with Anglian Water to rid Essex pumping stations of fat, oil and grease contamination problems
Environment minister Elliot Morley responds to last month's editorial criticising the Landfill Allowances Trading Scheme
Elaine Coles from IMS discusses whether the government's Sustainable Communities Plan is unsustainable in its present form
» Environmental Management Systems: from burden to opportunity
» Technically speaking
» Portable MBR technology extends leachate treatment options
» Fluid assets
» 'Green' labels flag up fuel efficient vehicles
» Case Study: Unilever

March 2002

The EU Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive will require producers to take back end of life products and either recycle or reuse them or their constituent materials. The scope of this directive includes the majority of electrical and electronic equi
Since 1996, around 35,000 organisations worldwide have achieved certification to ISO 14001. Now the long-awaited first draft of the revised environmental management standard has been released. So, back to the drawing board? Matthias Gelber, director of environmental management systems at Wh
Road transport's days as king could be numbered, with the immediate prospect of congestion charging in central London and the longer term aim of the Commission for Integrated Transport to drive up the cost of using Britain's highways. These policies will be encouraging for alternative means
» Study will predict the impact of changing landfill practice on leachate quality
» Hazardous waste banished to the salt mines
» Policy makers step on the gas with plans to charge road users on congested highways
» SEA and easy
» Blue sky research
» Technically speaking
» Choosing a hard or soft option

March 1997

Award-winning Sheffield Heat and Power is investing in a multi-million programme to upgrade its waste
Communities on Teesside will benefit later this yearfrom the most recent example of the new generation of