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March 2011

Taking the heat out

Wastewater is now the largest source of heat leakage in new buildings that are well insulated, but the heat can be recycled, says Frank Rogalla of Aqualia

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Energy manager focus Bill Dickson

Managing the energy footprint of a hospital trust is a role encompassing elements of the work of energy managers from many industries and needs a certain type of person to pull it all together.

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Icy solution to a sticky problem

When Anglian Water needed a solution to tackle a water discolouration problem it decided to try an alternative cleaning method which promised to keep disruption to customers to the absolute minimum.

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· A trenchless triumph in Lancashire

· Innovation required

· Videos from Europe's biggest wind power event

· Good Energy ad banned

· Fuel up for effective logistics

· Keeping TEQs on track

· Damning approach to catchment preservation

March 2010

Tamesis wins £200M Crossness contract

Thames Water has selected Laing O'Rourke and Imtech Process joint venture Tamesis as the contractor for the £200M upgrade to its Crossness Sewage Treatment Works in east London.

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Weholite proves long lasting asset in flood combat

When a Scottish hospital was suffering persistent flooding problems, a new storm overflow system needed to be built. Claire Smith reports on how the £934,000 project benefited from the world’s largest plastic pipes.

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Conformity is the best solution

Failing to meet industry water standards is costly. That's why, says James Roper, it pays to install the right system.

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· Mouchel teams up with SWW for K5 studies

· Growing without pain

· Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010

· Friends of the Earth claims green bank campaign victory

· How green was the budget? What the trade bodies say

· Reed beds to replace sludge lagoon system

· Savings will hit supply chain

March 2007

How to avoid danger

Plant managers and engineers need to be more careful when specifying flow control meters, writes Martyn Rowlands of Durapipe UK. Choosing the wrong unit, he says, could be a very costly mistake.

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, March 2007

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see new regulations in Britain's green energy an

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Aerobic activation the way nature intended

A novel composting product eliminates the need for windrow turning by stimulating oxygenating processes within the soil. Charlotte Wilson explains

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· The green housing effect

· Lessons on drought from down under

· Pushing the boundaries of design

· Envar uses in-vessel for BMW

· Harpers wheels in with ATS

· When brown is the new green

· Agrivert helps Cherwell's performance

March 2002

Hazardous waste banished to the salt mines

Enviros, which specialises in environmental consultancy and software products, has been advising Minosus since 1999 on the development of its proposed hazardous waste disposal facility. Minosus is a joint venture between Salt Union and Sarp Industries (part of the Vivendi Environnemen

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Air on a shoe string

Estimated to account for more than 80 Tera (1012) Watt hours of electricity consumption, and 55 million tonnes of CO2 per year across the EU, compressed air is equivalent to around ten per cent of total industrial electricity consumption. PNEUROP, the European Committee of Compressors, Vacc

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Policy makers step on the gas with plans to charge road users on congested highways

The imperatives driving transport policy are set to change, both in the short term, with London Mayor Ken Livingstone's decision to impose a congestion tax on central London, and in the long term, with the proposals by the Commission for Integrated Transport to price many vehicles off the r

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· Blue sky research

· Better RO results lie in design

· SEA and easy

· Light cast on energy savings

· Technically speaking

· Study will predict the impact of changing landfill practice on leachate quality

· Missing piece in data jigsaw