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March 2012

Budget 2012: "clarity desperately needed"

What will the famous red budget box contain for the energy sector next week?

With all eyes on 11 Downing Street next Wednesday, edie asks what should the development community, and in particular the energy sector expect from this year's budget? Head of energy for specialist communications agency PPS Group Leander Clarke considers this question and gives her thoughts on how a

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Time to focus on black carbon?

Air pollution is recognised as a risk to human health. But, says Jim Mills, different strategies for measuring Black Carbon could improve lives - and help the fight against climate change

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In the market for materials recovery

Materials waiting for reprocessing inside the MRF

Casepak's state-of-the-art MRF is part of a new generation of plant designed to maximise materials recovery. Nick Warburton took a tour

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· McDonald's commits to sustainable beef supply chain

· Rising to the Challenge: As If People Matter, Part 3

· Sustainable aviation: Flying's future

· How composting is closing the loop

· Whitbread focuses on energy efficiency

· Shale gas: Between a rock and a hard place

· Easing the burden

March 2011

Piping up for approval

Not adhering to industry approvals and guidelines is a big mistake – and could be very costly. James Roper explains why.

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Getting real with monitoring

A fluctuating population and environmentally sensitive waters posed a challenge for South West Water's suspended solids monitoring. Clive Teobald of Partech Instruments and Helen Richards and Jack Board of South West Water explain

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Icy solution to a sticky problem

When Anglian Water needed a solution to tackle a water discolouration problem it decided to try an alternative cleaning method which promised to keep disruption to customers to the absolute minimum.

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· Taking the heat out

· Reducing confusion, time and cost - for everyone involved

· A trenchless triumph in Lancashire

· Incertameter plugs Scottish leaks

· Easing the squeeze of energy costs

· Energy manager profile: Eurostar's Peter Bragg

· EA derails super dairy

March 2008

Croydon spends big to up recycling rates

Croydon Council is set to invest a record amount in waste management services as it looks to double recycling rates across the south London borough

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Some change, please

The new water strategy can help hard-pressed customers by building on the achievements of price regulation, writes Barrie Clarke of Water UK

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Dorset resort raises standards

The installation of moving sand bed filters at Gillingham's wastewater treatment plant is expected to meet the growing population's needs until 2020, writes Mattias Feldthusen of Swedish treatment specialist Nordic Water Products

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· Location, location, location: mapping out the best way

· Leading the way on leachate

· WaterAid brings hope to Mali

· Scania gets onboard to redefine fleet management

· Architects gear up for broader challenge

· DAF comes up trumps for trade waste

· Steer clear of illegal deposits with number plate recognition

March 2003

Wake up call for industry

Chris Staples and Owen Lomas, environmental law group, Allen & Overy.

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ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks

Environmental management systems are not only relevant for big industrial facilities. The Royal Parks Agency, which manages some of the major London green spaces, such as Hyde and Richmond Parks, has proved that the benefits of EMS’s are available to a much more diverse range of organisations. Nic

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14001 reasons to install an EMS

Environmental responsibility is becoming a benchmark for successful business, including the prevention of legal liabilities, so installing an environmental management system can significantly help companies in the legal arena. Here are three examples of companies who have been through the motions.

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· Recycling metals from industrial waste

· Environmental crime to be punished severely

· Arab States demand compensation

· International environmental management: vive la différence!

· ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks

· Energy efficiency improved

· The life and times of products