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March 2012

According to the gas industry, natural gas is the perfect bridge fuel to civilisation's sustainable future - solving peak oil and helping the battle against climate change. David Strahan weighs up the evidence
A single piece of data has helped to transform the European motor industry. But, says Ramon Arratia, it isn't a complete solution
Diageo's brands include Guinness and Johnnie Walker. The company plans to cut emissions and increase water efficiency By investing in environmentally sustainable production, Diageo has shown its commitment to a green vision of the future
» McDonald's commits to sustainable beef supply chain
» How composting is closing the loop
» In the market for materials recovery
» Interconnection is key to UK water scarcity challenge
» FedEx bids to improve community relations
» Budget 2012: "clarity desperately needed"
» Ellen MacArthur sets sail for a world without waste

March 2011

A textiles recycler has achieved significant cost savings in collecting materials from its bins by employing monitoring technology that offers real-time data capture
A clip from the now banned advertA TV ad for ExxonMobil featuring a scientist talking about researching algae as a source of biofuel cannot be screened again after a complaint to advertising watchdogs.
Over 2,000km of failing Victorian mains have been restored across London, cutting leakage by nearly a quarter. J Murphy & Sons' programme delivery manager for North London, Kieran Starr, reports
» Good Energy ad banned
» Energy manager focus Bill Dickson
» No waste, no panic
» Monitoring the chemicals
» Easing the squeeze of energy costs
» Bubbling up for major energy savings
» Innovation required

March 2008

If suppliers don't clean up their acts and join with Anglian Water's efforts to lower carbon emissions, the utility will stop doing business with them. But, as Maureen Gaines found out, the suppliers are more than eager to accept the challenge.
Those who scaremonger on the costs of fighting climate change are not just jeopardising the environment, they are in fact ignoring a raft of financial opportunities, writes Merlin Hyman, director of the Environmental Industries Commission
On a visit to Mali, leading figures from the water industry found out that there is a lot more to WaterAid's work than digging holes. Fiona Blake from the international charity reveals what they learned
» Southern handles its liquor with Partech
» Environmental insurance enforced by English Courts
» Things we all take for granted
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary March 2008
» Chlorine on demand
» Material gains
» Leading the way on leachate

March 2003

Environmental management systems are not only relevant for big industrial facilities. The Royal Parks Agency, which manages some of the major London green spaces, such as Hyde and Richmond Parks, has proved that the benefits of EMS’s are available to a much more diverse range of organisations. Nic
Portsmouth Water's new MF plant is believed to be the UK's largest
With increasingly restrictive legislation on solvent emissions to atmosphere, industry must limit or remove the pollutants they release. A new cryogenic condensation technology may help do just that. Beverly La Ferla reports.
» Wake up call for industry
» ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks
» Taking the hazards out of cables
» Arab States demand compensation
» Agreement reached on emissions trading scheme
» Together in electric themes
» Legal rights in the information age