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March 2012

Cemex invests in alternative fuels

Cemex UK has invested heavily on improving its environmental performance, with the focus now turning to alternative fuels

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McDonald's commits to sustainable beef supply chain

McDonald's has committed to improving the sustainability of its beef production - and much more besides

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Shale gas: Between a rock and a hard place

Could shale gas production make an important contribution to the future UK power supply? The prospect of hydrofracking alarms environmentalists. But, says Rob Bell, politicians will find it difficult to resist

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· In the market for materials recovery

· Ellen MacArthur sets sail for a world without waste

· Hi-tech help to drive the savings

· Natural gas: a viable low-carbon solution?

· Interconnection is key to UK water scarcity challenge

· Rising to the Challenge: As If People Matter, Part 3

· How composting is closing the loop

March 2011

A greener kind of California dreaming

A state-of-the-art water recycling facility in Santa Paula is setting the industry bar in how to reduce energy costs and cut the environmental footprint.

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Don't get foiled by material concerns

Used packaging such as foil and aerosols are viewed as a reprocessing challenge, but research suggests otherwise and there is scope to improve recovery rates.

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How MIP technology makes pumping so much easier

The development of the maintain in place pump design revolutionises the maintenance requirements of PC pumps – and reduces the burden of maintenance on wastewater treatment works and other facilities, says Simon Lambert.

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· Taking the heat out

· No waste, no panic

· Icy solution to a sticky problem

· Main replacement slashes leakage

· Piping up for approval

· Go-Ahead takes the greener route

· Getting the green light for AD builds

March 2008

Ready, steady BUILD

The UK housing sector faces unprecedented change, and the most ambitious sustainability targets in the world. Mike Scott reports on the challenges ahead

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Stormwater solved

Stormwater run-off has been underestimated as a source of pollutants - and it is not just water companies who are responsible for river water quality. As the Water Framework Directive requires a more integrated approach, Chris Williams of Hydro International discusses a new low-cost solution to sedi

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How the budget will impact on environmental sector

The Environmental Industries Commission has compiled a thorough analysis of how member companies are likely to be affected by Alistair Darling's first budget.

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· 'We are a sector of problem solvers'

· Dorset resort raises standards

· Steer clear of illegal deposits with number plate recognition

· Location, location, location: mapping out the best way

· Leading the way on leachate

· Pace quickens on road to metering

· Appeal judgement gives lift to 'piggybacking' landfills

March 2003

Cleaner design for electronics

According to a recent report, cleaner design could help to boost the competitiveness of UK electronics firms by saving the industry more than £205m a year.

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14001 reasons to install an EMS

Environmental responsibility is becoming a benchmark for successful business, including the prevention of legal liabilities, so installing an environmental management system can significantly help companies in the legal arena. Here are three examples of companies who have been through the motions.

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ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks

Environmental management systems are not only relevant for big industrial facilities. The Royal Parks Agency, which manages some of the major London green spaces, such as Hyde and Richmond Parks, has proved that the benefits of EMS’s are available to a much more diverse range of organisations. Nic

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· Industrial options assessed

· ISO 14001 Implementation for The Royal Parks

· Lessons in environmental responsibility

· Balanced, integrated reporting

· Technically speaking

· Flexible approach

· A lifetime of good advice