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March 2013

Technology innovator speaks at Energy from Waste Expo

Advanced Plasma Power's chief executive Rolf Stein shares his thoughts ahead of Sustainability Live's new event. Nick Warburton reports

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Is the Chancellor's Budget end of the road for a sustainable economy?

Yesterday's budget provided little assurance to the green sector after the Chancellor announced further cuts to the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) spending and increased support for the exploration of shale gas, Leigh Stringer reports.

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Is the Green Deal a fair deal for SMEs?

The Green Deal is widely accepted as a progressive idea in principle. But, says Conor McGlone, criticism that the way the scheme has been designed could exclude small and medium sized businesses is damaging its credibility

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· Sustainability: a guide to substance over style

· Dear Chancellor, don't dismiss resource security

· Local resource: keeping waste in the neighbourhood

· Lambeth walks towards zero waste

· Scottish councils hold keys to resource efficiency

· The emergence of Industrial Biotechnology

· Distilling water efficiency into Diageo's operations

March 2012

Carluccio's ups ante with fish sourcing policy

Carluccio's has improved its fish sourcing and waste management. But challenges remain on the path to sustainability

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How composting is closing the loop

West London Composting is closing the loop on one waste stream by producing quality compost from local authority organic waste, says Nick Warburton

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Ellen MacArthur sets sail for a world without waste

In an exclusive interview, Ellen MacArthur talks to Maxine Perella about her quest for a circular economy - and how her days at sea inspired such sustainable thinking

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· Easing the burden

· Water efficiency at heart of Heineken's sustainability focus

· Sustainable aviation: Flying's future

· McDonald's commits to sustainable beef supply chain

· Hi-tech help to drive the savings

· FedEx bids to improve community relations

· Time to focus on black carbon?

March 2009

It's a materials world - but at what price?

How are MRF operators coping with the slump in material prices, and does quality matter more than ever now if end markets are to hold up? Dean Stiles reports

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Man-made trigger likely for China quake

Researchers investigating the cause of the devastating earthquake that shook China's Sichuan Province last May believe it may have been a man-made disaster.

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Controlling risk where there's compost

Research recently released by Cranfield University should result in tighter control in the risk assessment of composting sites. Gillian Drew explains further

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· Analysis: Conservative Party report: The Low Carbon Economy

· Model helped to play it safe

· Top Ten Tips for Footprinting - by Hyder Consulting

· In search of the one-litre drop

· Pyrolysis plant gets the green light in Wales

· Missing links - footprinting along the supply chain

· Ros Roca taps into Dennis Eagle to fuel AD voyage

March 2004

Landfill shake-up offers scope for 'step change'

The way we use landfill is about to go through a series of changes that together add up to something close to a revolution. The shake-up may be uncomfortable, says the Environment Agency's David Bliss, but the opportunity for "step change" is too good to miss. A special correspondent reports.

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The right tools for the job

Keith Flint of Pulsar looks at implementation and instrumentation

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Taking the measure of landfill borehole gas flows

Dr Roger Riley, NPI Manager at Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd, describes current practice in measuring and interpreting gas flows from landfill boreholes

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· SEA Directive & business

· Remediation assessed at landmark BBC 'Restoration' site

· Expanding on the environment makes business sense for SMEs

· The role of self-regulation

· The insurability of ecological damage

· A call for dialogue

· Technology goes with the flow