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March 2015

Nearly 25% of e-waste taken to household waste recycling centres could be re-usedElectronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet. As tech manufacturers continually bring out better models, equipment is being seen as disposable. So what should we be doing with all of that discarded equipment?
The Government has released two major reports detailing the UK's emissions figures for 2014 and where it got its' energy from. And there is reason for optimism.
Melbourne's Rectangle Stadium features a rainwater collection system that saves up to 500,000 gallons of water every yearSports stadiums and pitches often require vast amounts of energy, water and raw materials to maintain them, with little prior thought given to sustainability. But the vast amounts of money involved in professional sport lends itself to exciting innovations, and the stadiums are no different.
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March 2014

Budget 2014: Many will argue that manufacturers came out on top, while environmental policy again took a step backToday's Budget saw the Chancellor cap carbon tax and once again favour economic recovery over environmental resilience. Stirring up mixed reaction across industry, here's a rundown of who said what.
What are the differences, benefits and pitfalls for landlords and tenants trying to get their energy and environmental documentation right? Julian Pyrke explains
Business priority weighs more on reducing carbon emissions than water consumptionWhen it comes to exposure and coverage, carbon emissions reign supreme. But is it time water security became the central environmental issue? Leigh Stringer investigates
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March 2011

Rising fuel prices are forcing water companies to focus on energy management - and they have plenty of scope - says John Gooday, business leader responsible for co-ordinating the water and wastewater activities at Rockwell Automation
When Anglian Water needed a solution to tackle a water discolouration problem it decided to try an alternative cleaning method which promised to keep disruption to customers to the absolute minimum.
Senior management now has a responsibility for carbon reduction targetsAs a leading public transport company Go-Ahead has a big carbon footprint. But the firm is taking positive steps to reduce it.
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March 2006

An artistic impression of the planned new facility at Henriksdal WWTP. Image: Sweco.Plans to expand residential, commercial and business faciliites near to the world's largest underground wastewater treatment plant in Stockholm, Sweden, necessitated rebuilding the plant. Johnny Stohne, senior engineer for SWECO, reports on the £30 million project, which includes new mechanical trea
While glass recycling levels soared to an all-time high last year, future growth may prove trickier, reports Rebecca Cocking
Construction of the world's first 'eco-city' is to commence later this year in Shanghai. But it is founded on immense complexity, and faces great challenges. Elius Levin reports from China
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