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March 2015

edie explains: Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a comprehensive tool revolutionising the sustainable construction. But what does it look like in practice? In the latest edie explains, we find out what BIM really is, and why your business might want to use it.

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Sustainable cars: Looking beyond the tailpipe...

Following a plethora of ultra-low emission vehicle announcements from governments and industry, electric cars are beginning to be adopted by the public and will one day become commonplace. But, as Lucinda Dann investigates, a car's green credentials don't just lie in its exhaust emissions.

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Jeremy Leggett: It's time to wake up to the fact that the war on carbon is being won

The green energy entrepreneur, environmental campaigner and founder of Solarcentury says the renewables revolution is gathering pace, and UK businesses are on the front-line.

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· Edie explains: Non-domestic smart meters

· Edie explains: Natural capital

· Greening the game: The world's most sustainable stadiums

· Dead technology? Top 10 facts about e-waste...

· Getting ahead of the curve on energy investment

· Sustainability scrum: A green guide to the Six Nations in six graphs

· The financial case for greening the UK economy

March 2014

Budget 2014 response round-up: Who said what

Today's Budget saw the Chancellor cap carbon tax and once again favour economic recovery over environmental resilience. Stirring up mixed reaction across industry, here's a rundown of who said what.

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Is the 'green lease' achievable or a misconception?

What are the differences, benefits and pitfalls for landlords and tenants trying to get their energy and environmental documentation right? Julian Pyrke explains

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Kingfisher's Ian Cheshire on shaping the built environment

Energy efficiency to biodiversity offsetting, shaping the built environment requires us to consider all potential impacts, writes Ian Cheshire

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· Budget 2014: Energy investment must prevail

· Rise and fall: Why England's recycling rate is stalling

· Will water scarcity ever challenge carbon emissions as a business priority?

· Why water must be on par with energy and carbon issues

March 2011

Bubbling up for major energy savings

Aeration is the most energy-hungry operation in sewage treatment, but a technology new to the UK market has the potential to deliver a step change in aeration efficiency, says Paul Barter, principal process engineer at Hydro International

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Monitoring the chemicals

How effective are current treatment processes in dealing with the removal of some priority substances? The Chemical Investigations Programme aims to find out.

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EA derails super dairy

William Neville, of Burges Salmon, the Bristol-based law firm laments the Environment Agency's objections to a super dairy.

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· Don't get foiled by material concerns

· No waste, no panic

· A greener kind of California dreaming

· Gambling on the future of the market?

· Weather-proofing the water industry

· Good Energy ad banned

· Biffa beefs up its recovery operations

March 2006

Conder separators meet requirements

UK-based company provides range of oil-water separators conforming to strict European standards

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Hydrometeorological measuring network for Vienna

Optimisation of Vienna's sewage management system necessitates collection of accurate and detailed meteorological information on precipitation. Carolin Melischek of Austrian instrumentation specialist Logotronic explains how the company is supplying measurement stations based on its most advanced da

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The right choice for shifting sludge

Handling sludge efficiently is a challenge for anyone trying to plan and run a waste-processing facility. Finding the right type of pump to cope with these varying demands is critical to the whole operation's success, says Andrew Barry.

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· Technological advances boost industrial gains

· Rig training goes well in Ghana

· Encouraging innovation in the water sector

· China gets to grips with groundwater

· Use the video umpire

· Natural ignorance

· How long is long enough?