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March 2018

Energy resilience roundtable: Paving the path to a clean energy future

Energy management experts from some of the world's biggest manufacturers and retailers recently came together for an exclusive roundtable hosted by edie and Centrica Business Solutions to explore some of the biggest challenges and opportunities when it comes to building energy resilience.

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In Practice: The UK's Northern hydrogen heating grid trial

In a UK first, a pioneering new green gas trial is being demonstrated at Keele University that aims to inject zero-carbon hydrogen into the natural gas network.

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Is it time to kill off the standalone sustainability report?

This week's Smarter Sustainability Reporting conference saw a number of industry experts discuss the evolution of the sustainability report, with some going so far as to argue that an individual annual report no longer carries the necessary impetus to drive change. So, is the age of the standalone s

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· In Practice: The 'world-first' closed-loop glass recycling facility

March 2017

Thinking circular: applying an effective closed-loop model

Ahead of her appearance at edie Live 2017 in May, circular economy expert Catherine Joce explores what it takes to deliver a successful closed-loop product or service, drawing on real-life examples of businesses that are driving the resource revolution.

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Wake up and smell the coffee: our shared responsibility to manage food and drink packaging waste

As edie's Resource Management month draws to a close, circular economy experts Libby Sandbrook (BITC) and Debbie Hitchen (Anthesis) explore the challenges and opportunities behind two of the most talked-about packaging waste issues of our generation: coffee cups and plastic bottles.

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Sustainability megatrends: It's time for business to collaborate on climate change

Continuing edie's new megatrends series of thought-leadership articles on the global impact of megatrends, World Resources Institute's Eliot Metzger and Moushumi Chaudhury explore how businesses are dealing with the widespread effects of climate change.

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· Inside Heathrow 2.0: a flight path towards true sustainability leadership

· Sustainability megatrends: technological innovations for the earth

· Circular Economy Package: Everything you need to know

· Sustainability megatrends: The unstoppable force of technology and innovation

March 2014

Why water must be on par with energy and carbon issues

The energy intensity of water is rising, which makes understanding the synergies between the two a priority for business and governments. But is enough being done? Leigh Stringer investigates

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Is the 'green lease' achievable or a misconception?

What are the differences, benefits and pitfalls for landlords and tenants trying to get their energy and environmental documentation right? Julian Pyrke explains

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Budget 2014 response round-up: Who said what

Today's Budget saw the Chancellor cap carbon tax and once again favour economic recovery over environmental resilience. Stirring up mixed reaction across industry, here's a rundown of who said what.

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· Rise and fall: Why England's recycling rate is stalling

· Budget 2014: Energy investment must prevail

· Will water scarcity ever challenge carbon emissions as a business priority?

· Kingfisher's Ian Cheshire on shaping the built environment

March 2009

Take up BAT to stay in the game

Tony Hoyle has this wake-up call for the industry: This is no time to CATNAP (using cheapest available techniques narrowly avoiding prosecution) but rather time to go in to BAT (best available techniques) in order to cut emissions and save money.

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Man-made trigger likely for China quake

Researchers investigating the cause of the devastating earthquake that shook China's Sichuan Province last May believe it may have been a man-made disaster.

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It's a materials world - but at what price?

How are MRF operators coping with the slump in material prices, and does quality matter more than ever now if end markets are to hold up? Dean Stiles reports

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· Sims goes large with WEEE

· Food waste set to spark biological boom?

· GIS addressed problem

· Top Ten Tips for Footprinting - by Hyder Consulting

· Pyrolysis plant gets the green light in Wales

· Four-layer filter delivers savings

· Missing links - footprinting along the supply chain