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March 2019

March 2018

In Practice: The UK's Northern hydrogen heating grid trial

In a UK first, a pioneering new green gas trial is being demonstrated at Keele University that aims to inject zero-carbon hydrogen into the natural gas network.

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In Practice: The 'world-first' closed-loop glass recycling facility

Knauf Insulation's aim to ensure that recycled contents are embedded into the products it manufactures has seen the company strike a long-term partnership with waste specialists Veolia to create a closed-loop system for glass waste.

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Energy resilience roundtable: Paving the path to a clean energy future

Energy management experts from some of the world's biggest manufacturers and retailers recently came together for an exclusive roundtable hosted by edie and Centrica Business Solutions to explore some of the biggest challenges and opportunities when it comes to building energy resilience.

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· Is it time to kill off the standalone sustainability report?

March 2015

Dead technology? Top 10 facts about e-waste...

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet. As tech manufacturers continually bring out better models, equipment is being seen as disposable. So what should we be doing with all of that discarded equipment?

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Getting ahead of the curve on energy investment

Building a better case for ROI on energy efficiency would help accelerate take-up of renewable technologies, but lack of data is a stumbling block. A new digital platform built on peer-to-peer sharing could overcome this, as Maxine Perella finds out.

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Sustainable cars: Looking beyond the tailpipe...

Following a plethora of ultra-low emission vehicle announcements from governments and industry, electric cars are beginning to be adopted by the public and will one day become commonplace. But, as Lucinda Dann investigates, a car's green credentials don't just lie in its exhaust emissions.

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· The financial case for greening the UK economy

· Jeremy Leggett: It's time to wake up to the fact that the war on carbon is being won

· Minding the gap: Developing the skills for a sustainable economy

· Charted success: Five graphs that show the UK's low-carbon future is in sight

· Edie explains: Non-domestic smart meters

· edie explains: Building Information Modelling

· Edie explains: Natural capital

March 2010

Savings will hit supply chain

Water companies will be forced to re-think their supply chains and use of contractors in the face of Ofwat's price determinations for AMP5, according to Terry Povall, head of utilities at cost consultant EC Harris, who believes that the quest for efficiency savings by water firms during the 2010-201

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Growing without pain

The population of the Dorset town of Gillingham is expanding fast. So when its existing wastewater system was struggling to cope with peak demands, action had to be taken. Installing four of Nordic Water's Dynasand moving sand bed filters proved a fine solution.

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How green was the budget? What the trade bodies say

Organisations that represent the environmental sector and other concerned businesses have not embraced yesterday's budget with open arms, though there is some enthusiasm for the idea of a Green Investment Bank.

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· Friends of the Earth claims green bank campaign victory

· Conformity is the best solution

· Regulated Water Management

· February edie legal round up

· Tamesis wins £200M Crossness contract

· Amendment to species allowed to be released in the UK

· Weholite proves long lasting asset in flood combat