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April 1998

David Left, head of Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) Utilities National Interest Group (UNIG), explains the importance of partnerships.
safe working procedures must be followed in confined spaces It is not always easy to identify what constitutes a confined space. It is often the process that takes place in that area and the surrounding environment that creates the hazards within the confined space reports Tina Lillington of WTI.
South West Water's Hayle Sewage Treatment Plant Increased awareness and training has also dramatically reduced the number of accidents in South West Water. In 1996 the company also made an extra £1 million in profits due to a comprehensive health and safety management system, explains Brenda Lee Browne of the British Safety Council (BSC).
» Getting to grips with hand protection
» Designs on heat recovery from burning waste

April 1997

Preussag Noell Wassertechnik has now built two stripping plants for the recovery of ammoniacal liquor from the wastewater left at the end of sludge dewatering. The plant at Bremen's Seehausen WwTP processes 180m3/d and the one at Cloppenburg 300m3/d. Dr Jörg Rolfs of Preussag explains how the amm
Fugro Ltd operates a range of tools to aid clients and consultants in the rapid collection of sub-surface

April 1994

April 1989