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April 1999

. . . that damned elusive coliform

Yorkshire Water Services, in common with other water companies, have been attempting to minimise the incidence of low level coliforms in distribution systems ­ with mixed success writes JG O'Neill public health scientist and J Banks process engineer at Yorkshire Water Services.

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Water resources and the April deadline

The Government's insistence that water companies look to a 25 year horizon in resource planning takes the process into a time that may see the early stages of climate change. RAJ Arthur explains why the age of demand management is here.

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Messing about on the river

As the song goes there's nothing quite like Œmessing about on the river'. according to statistics our waterways, rivers and reservoirs are providing some great leisure opportunities. WWT reports on some of the initiatives which are now taking place around the country.

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· Integrating approach to maintaining quality

· SABINA puts waste minimisation to work on corporate sustainability

· Setting the standards in drainage

· Plumbosolvency ­ control and minimisationArticle Title

· Pipes bursting with success

· Treating seasonal algal blooms

April 1998

Health and safety partnerships are the key

David Left, head of Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) Utilities National Interest Group (UNIG), explains the importance of partnerships.

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Working and training for confined spaces

It is not always easy to identify what constitutes a confined space. It is often the process that takes place in that area and the surrounding environment that creates the hazards within the confined space reports Tina Lillington of WTI.

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Getting to grips with hand protection

Essential for the majority of work carried out in the industry, hands are the workers most valuable tool. The skin acts as the body’s front line of defence against damage and infection but needs protection itself to be able to perform efficiently.

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· Designs on heat recovery from burning waste

· Pulling the plug on accidents and ill health

April 1995

April 1990