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April 2002

Heavyweight recycling plant goes on show at Site Clearance Zone

The major advances that specialist contractors and machinery manufacturers have made in the areas of contaminated land, clearance, materials reclamation, demolition and recycling, are reflected once again this year in kit being demonstrated in the dedicated area for the very latest in speci

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Exploding a time bomb

A waste dump contaminated with chemicals, radioactivity and live munitions is certainly a place to tread carefully. Beverly La Ferla visits a site near Oxford that is coming to the end of a two-year remediation programme.

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A sustainable solution

When people talk about energy reduction and management through waste minimisation techniques, the governing factors relative to the success, or otherwise, of a project of this nature is the ability of the company, or more specifically the local management, to sustain the efforts on a long-t

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· A drop in the ocean

· Recycled materials get the green light

· Building industry backs sustainable development

· Information, information, information

· What's in a name?

· Breaking new ground

· The sweet smell of succes

April 2001

Emissions trading - Says who?

The UK is likley to be one of the first, if not the first country, to have a functioning Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme. As Anthony Hobley of environment law firm CMS Cameron Mckenna explains, however, such a scheme, at least initially, will have no clear legal basis for governance and non-

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Baltic expertise - shared with Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, is the second largest freshwater lake in the world - around 70,000m2. However, the lake and its natural resources are environmentally threatened, together with the livelihoods of 40 million people living in its environs. Recent reports indicate that the lake is shrinking, by about 10c

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Silk purses, pigs' ears....

A few things, but firstly: Someone had to ask. This month's shredding of the government's Waste Strategy 2000 at the hands of the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee, including a particularly inflamed tirade over the role of incineration within it, perhaps even set the scene a litt

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· Telephone lines provide global warnings

· Packaging waste opens up revenue opportunities for local authorities

· Biofiltration solves municipal refuse odour abatement problem on sites across Italy

· Benchmarking plan for a competitive future

· Yugoslavia: a blue-print for post war environmental clean-up

· Business world calls for new approach to waste management in Ireland

· On line to meet leak reduction targets

April 1998

Pulling the plug on accidents and ill health

Increased awareness and training has also dramatically reduced the number of accidents in South West Water. In 1996 the company also made an extra £1 million in profits due to a comprehensive health and safety management system, explains Brenda Lee Browne of the British Safety Council (BSC).

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Health and safety partnerships are the key

David Left, head of Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) Utilities National Interest Group (UNIG), explains the importance of partnerships.

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Designs on heat recovery from burning waste

Fouling and corrosion to conventional boilers makes them unsuitable for recovering heat from waste incineration. Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultancy Environmental Development Technology describe modifications which can overcome this Fouling and corrosion to conventional

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· Getting to grips with hand protection

· Working and training for confined spaces

April 1993