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April 2004

Linking WFD with development control and land-use planning

By Dr Peter Howsam, Cranfield University
Water Framework Directive should have been called Land and Water Framework Directive

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CAA Cleans up

The CAA aims to set an example when it comes to environmental policy and reducing energy use. Surprised? Peter McCrum was

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Environment and EU enlargement

Alistair Fulton, partner with consultancy ERM, explains the environmental, social and CSR implications of the Eastern European accession countries joining the EU

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· Uncertain plans

· UThe past is polluted orange: the future’s brighter

· Met Office builds with climate change in mind

· Not far enough

· Technically speaking

· Taking control of the situation

· Second Nature

April 2003

An impressive vision - but where is the route-map?

The Energy White Paper paints a picture of a low carbon future. But while long on vision, it is short on the detail of what needs to be done, argues Simon Napper

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Remediation: It's a question of technique

The Environment Agency (EA) has begun a project to review the application of available and emerging techniques for the characterisation of land contamination. Jason Rayfield reports.

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Learning to cope with change

Tackling water-borne substances which can affect hormonal balance

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· Reasons for reporting

· Gap in consultation process

· Biological remediation - no longer a black art

· Reducing paperwork

· Cleaning up for the future

· Ensuring quality

· Ensuring the integrity of data

April 2000

Precautions advised for tar-lined supply pipes

A research team led by Dr Matthias Maier of Surrey University has investigated the contamination of water supplies with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The results show that if there are tar-lined pipes in your network, you should avoid chlorination, stagnation and sudden changes in pressure.

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De-centralised control for Colchester WTW

As part of an extensive upgrade at Layer de la Haye water treatment works near Colchester, Essex & Suffolk Water is installing a new control system.

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Plastics scene

Matt MacAllan reports on a new initiative geared towards heightening competition and innovation in the UK's plastics reprocessing sector.

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· 'Green' taxes set to shape future

· Advances in ultraviolet treatment of wastewater

· Overdosing can become an expensive habit

· Environmental assessment: a helping hand for EMS?

· MIS begotten gains

· Land of our sons

· Bringing peace to troubled waters

April 1995