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April 2004

Government acts to stave off potential hazwaste crisis

The imminence of the 16 July deadline for the implementation of the Landfill Directive has spurred a spate of announcements from the Government and the Environment Agency in response to widespread concern expressed across the environmental and waste sectors that guidance has been insufficient and in

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Uncertain plans

EU emissions trading and the UK's draft National Allocation Plan leaves British business unsure of itself. Peter McCrum finds out why

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Not far enough

Jacob Tompkins of industry body Water UK sets out its position on the government's environmental funding policy in the latest Water Pricing Round

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· Past and future of microfiltration

· Spending money like water

· Sifting through top screen firms

· Technically speaking

· Agency practises what it preaches

· Linking WFD with development control and land-use planning

· Achieve better mixing and dosing

April 2003


George Cox, director general of the Institute of Directors, says there are real benefits to integrating corporate social responsibility with core business activities

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Bath's overflowing problem

Wessex Water's Phil Brown details major CSO improvements in Bath

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Renewable fuel cell

Proton Energy Systems is developing a regenerative solar/proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell demonstration system. The company plans to incorporate its Unigen regenerative fuel cell system, which includes a hydrogen generator, hydrogen storage tanks and PEM fuel cell, with a US Navy supplied so

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· Mixed effects on water quality

· Polluters will pay

· An impressive vision - but where is the route-map?

· Companies urged to comply

· Ensuring the integrity of data

· Technically speaking

· Reasons for reporting

April 2000

MIS begotten gains

Only by equipping management with up-to-date objective information can the business process be reliably improved ­ this, according to Les Seaton, operations director at IEA Ltd. Management Information Systems ­ is the key to fine tuning

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Bringing peace to troubled waters

The designers of a modification for hopper-bottomed clarifiers believe they have found a way to make significant improvements in the equipment's performance. The simple modification, developed by BHR Group Ltd, transforms the flow patterns within the clarifier, producing a much more stable and un

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Advances in ultraviolet treatment of wastewater

Jon Leech of Wedeco gives the complete guide to the principles behind UV disinfection and the factors to be taken into account to ensure an effective, efficient treatment system.

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· Overdosing can become an expensive habit

· Precautions advised for tar-lined supply pipes

· De-centralised control for Colchester WTW

· Bombs away

· Environmental assessment: a helping hand for EMS?

· Plastics scene

· Tired and tested technology

April 1995