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April 2004

EMI shows British industry how successful environmental policies can benefit business
Contract sees Gee supply 37 sites with phosphate removal systems
David Tennant, group environmental manager for Gleeson, explains the company's approach to environmental risk management
» Tight deadlines to meet? It's a steel
» Analysing strategy
» Government acts to stave off potential hazwaste crisis
» Spending money like water
» Realising the potential of zeta
» Taking control of the situation
» Second Nature

April 2003

Linda Perham MP explains why she continues to table early day motions supporting mandatory reporting for companies on their environmental and social impacts
Maria Cull, from law firm Herbert Smith, analyses recent court rulings relating to industry and the environment
Water UK calls for sustainable water services for sustainable communities
» Asbestos uncovered
» Renewable fuel cell
» Research, development and remediation
» Reasons for reporting
» Learning to cope with change
» Driving forward land remediation
» Hand-in-hand

April 2000

The majority of land reclamation schemes in the UK still rely heavily on straightforward excavation or encapsulation to clean up contaminated sites. Innovative Treatment Technologies (ITTs) apply chemical, biological or physical processes to destroy, change or remove contaminants from soil or
A research team led by Dr Matthias Maier of Surrey University has investigated the contamination of water supplies with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The results show that if there are tar-lined pipes in your network, you should avoid chlorination, stagnation and sudden changes in pressure.
The designers of a modification for hopper-bottomed clarifiers believe they have found a way to make significant improvements in the equipment's performance. The simple modification, developed by BHR Group Ltd, transforms the flow patterns within the clarifier, producing a much more stable and un
» The law or the land?
» Bombs away
» Plastics scene
» Overdosing can become an expensive habit
» Environmental assessment: a helping hand for EMS?
» MIS begotten gains
» Land of our sons

April 1995