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April 2006

The Environment Business Interview - Going the extra mile

Reputation is key to the John Lewis Partnership, especially when you own and run Britain's 'best-loved' store. Tom Idle spoke to Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Nick Monger-Godfrey

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As new technology makes nuclear power plants much safer, could atomic energy have a bright future?

Nuclear power is becoming increasingly safe and attractive, writes Eric Russell. Here he outlines the advances in the technology and its likely future

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Why is renewable energy use penalised?

The Government wants 10% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2010. But any business that installs a renewable-energy system on its property faces increased rates. The British Retail Consoritum asks why

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· Biomass drive for Scotland

· Shrinking tropical glaciers hold the key to water resources in the Andes

· No more dig and dump

· The Environment Business Interview: Going the extra mile at John Lewis.

· A new type of capitalism

· On Boro time

· Potential Future Legal Actions

April 2005

A smashing idea

British Glass explores the benefits of a new web-based system that has revolutionised reporting data on energy and production

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MBT backed by new study to aid UK reach targets

Waste pre-treatment will play a crucial part in the implementation of waste disposal as the implications of the Landfill Directive and IPPC regimes take effect. The Government, and its agencies are playing active roles in advising industry and local authorities on how new technologies can be applied

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Silt pollution of waterways from construction sites; a problem the industry must learn to address

ADAS' Kirk Hill examines the issue of silt pollution from construction and discusses some of the things that industry can do on-site to tackle the problem.

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· Waste firms fined £140,000 following workplace fatality

· Cultivating high-quality

· Recycled aggregates play key role in construction

· Keen to be green

· Just what the 'soil doctor' ordered

· Case C-449/03 Commission v France: France in breach of waste tip operating rules

· Electric avenues

April 2002

What's in a name?

A bottle of champagne is on ice for the person who comes up with the most appropriate title for what has thus far been dubbed the Single Remediation Permit - a new initiative aimed at improving the licencing regime for the remediation of contaminated land. What's in a name? Matt MacAllan re

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A drop in the ocean

Water: an odourless, tasteless, transparent liquid that is colourless in small amounts; the most abundant liquid on the planet covering 70 per cent of the Earth's surface; essential for life; consumption rising; recycling essential. Lora Lee Brown, marketing manager of Water Dynamics

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Breaking new ground

The contaminated land market is about to receive a major boost from legislative and fiscal changes as well as the government inspired drive to use more brownfield sites for housebuilding. A major beneficiary will be Eco-Smart, the newly launched contaminated ground specialist which is part

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· Heavyweight recycling plant goes on show at Site Clearance Zone

· Exploding a time bomb

· Building industry backs sustainable development

· Recycled materials get the green light

· The sweet smell of succes

· Information, information, information

· A sustainable solution

April 1997

Ammonia treatment for split flows

Preussag Noell Wassertechnik has now built two stripping plants for the recovery of ammoniacal liquor from the wastewater left at the end of sludge dewatering. The plant at Bremen's Seehausen WwTP processes 180m3/d and the one at Cloppenburg 300m3/d. Dr Jörg Rolfs of Preussag explains how the amm

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Laser cone spotlights on-site screening

Fugro Ltd operates a range of tools to aid clients and consultants in the rapid collection of sub-surface

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