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Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in April 2006, 2005, 2002, 1997

April 2006

Commission takes on Greece over viper protection

The European Commission took Greece to court over its failure to protect vipers on the island of Milos

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As new technology makes nuclear power plants much safer, could atomic energy have a bright future?

Nuclear power is becoming increasingly safe and attractive, writes Eric Russell. Here he outlines the advances in the technology and its likely future

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Austria told to protect wild birds

Austria was ordered to better protect birds on a nature reserve as it lost a legal wrangle with the Commission

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· On Boro time

· The Environment Business Interview - Going the extra mile

· Why is renewable energy use penalised?

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (April 06)

· Responsible shopping

· Potential Future Legal Actions

· No more dig and dump

April 2005

Water management:

IWEX organisers explore water usage and wastewater and effluent costs involved in brewing and food manufacturing

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MBT backed by new study to aid UK reach targets

Waste pre-treatment will play a crucial part in the implementation of waste disposal as the implications of the Landfill Directive and IPPC regimes take effect. The Government, and its agencies are playing active roles in advising industry and local authorities on how new technologies can be applied

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Iron supply hangs

David O'Connell, director of Water Treatment Solutions, examines the external factors threatening to unbalance the market for iron coagulants

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· Quality is the key

· A smashing idea

· MBR configuration assessed

· Top of the range recycling kit turns on the power

· Case C-449/03 Commission v France: France in breach of waste tip operating rules

· Oxygenation of large water bodies

· John Batty of the Society of British Water and Wastewater Industries (SBWWI) identifies some market opportunities in the AMP4 determinations.

April 2002

The sweet smell of succes

LimeX treatment aids future land use, such as planting with grassland mixtures

A unique alliance between Britain's biggest coal producer and one of its customers is benefiting the environment with a sustainable landscaping opportunity.

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A drop in the ocean

Water: an odourless, tasteless, transparent liquid that is colourless in small amounts; the most abundant liquid on the planet covering 70 per cent of the Earth's surface; essential for life; consumption rising; recycling essential. Lora Lee Brown, marketing manager of Water Dynamics

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A sustainable solution

When people talk about energy reduction and management through waste minimisation techniques, the governing factors relative to the success, or otherwise, of a project of this nature is the ability of the company, or more specifically the local management, to sustain the efforts on a long-t

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· What's in a name?

· Heavyweight recycling plant goes on show at Site Clearance Zone

· Recycled materials get the green light

· Breaking new ground

· Exploding a time bomb

· Building industry backs sustainable development

· Information, information, information

April 1997

Laser cone spotlights on-site screening

Fugro Ltd operates a range of tools to aid clients and consultants in the rapid collection of sub-surface

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Ammonia treatment for split flows

Preussag Noell Wassertechnik has now built two stripping plants for the recovery of ammoniacal liquor from the wastewater left at the end of sludge dewatering. The plant at Bremen's Seehausen WwTP processes 180m3/d and the one at Cloppenburg 300m3/d. Dr Jörg Rolfs of Preussag explains how the amm

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