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April 2007

Sustainable water management to top the bill at IWEX

As the UK water industry gears up for its biggest trade show, due to open in Birmingham on May 1st, organiser Esther Stoffels previews some of this year's highlights.

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Environmental Case Law Summary, April 2007

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. This month France falls foul of Europe for failing to clamp down on illegal landfills while Italian cases clarify whether or not rocks and food lef

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Capital gains: a timely plan for infrastructure

A blueprint has been developed to help speed up the delivery of more waste and recycling facilities in London. Katie Coyne reports

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· Leftovers fed to livestock are not waste

· Sustainable buildings - work in progress?

· Lyons report backs variable charging for waste

· Why a joined-up approach provides the most effective method of protecting our environment

· Speakers to drive transport agenda

· Climate change and the future of the water environment

· Edie Special Report - Water and Wastewater

April 2006

Edie environmental case law summary April 06

This month Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK, Europe and further afield. This month Spain was rapped by the EU over its failure to assess environmental impacts of a leisure centre, the Commission stands u

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Hidden cost of renewables

The Government wants 10% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2010. But any business that installs a renewable-energy system on its property faces increased rates. The British Retail Consoritum asks why As industry ponders the future of Britain's energy supply, political pressure is mou

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Shrinking tropical glaciers hold the key to water resources in the Andes

As mountain glaciers melt in a warming climate, the people of the South American Andes face a reduced supply of the glacial melt water they rely on for drinking, hydroelectricity and agriculture. French glaciologist Kristof Sturm outlines the processes that will shape future water resources in the t

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· Biomass drive for Scotland

· As new technology makes nuclear power plants much safer, could atomic energy have a bright future?

· Responsible shopping

· The Environment Business Interview: Going the extra mile at John Lewis.

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (April 06)

· Commission takes on Greece over viper protection

· A new dawn for nuclear

April 2003

Reasons for reporting

Reporting on your company's environmental and social performance may no longer be an optional extra. Peter Hughes looks at the latest thinking on reporting policy

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NOM: that is another matter

Dr Simon Parsons of Cranfield University reports on the increase of natural organic matter entering WTWs and the development of new processes helping to overcome the problem

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Gap in consultation process

Water UK calls for sustainable water services for sustainable communities

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· Hand-in-hand

· Mixed effects on water quality

· Ensuring the integrity of data

· An impressive vision - but where is the route-map?

· Renewable fuel cell

· Are you responsible?

· Asbestos uncovered

April 1998

Pulling the plug on accidents and ill health

Increased awareness and training has also dramatically reduced the number of accidents in South West Water. In 1996 the company also made an extra £1 million in profits due to a comprehensive health and safety management system, explains Brenda Lee Browne of the British Safety Council (BSC).

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Getting to grips with hand protection

Essential for the majority of work carried out in the industry, hands are the workers most valuable tool. The skin acts as the body’s front line of defence against damage and infection but needs protection itself to be able to perform efficiently.

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Designs on heat recovery from burning waste

Fouling and corrosion to conventional boilers makes them unsuitable for recovering heat from waste incineration. Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultancy Environmental Development Technology describe modifications which can overcome this Fouling and corrosion to conventional

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· Health and safety partnerships are the key

· Working and training for confined spaces