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April 2008

The WFD aims to improve integrated water management at a catchment level. But uncertainty remains. Mike Woolgar analyses the issues and how the industry should proceed.
Sir Ming Campbell posing with an organic loo was not the best look for the Lib Dems - but that was then and this is now. New leader Nick Clegg does some straight-talking on green issues, but John Alker would like to see the party take a clearer line on the role of the environment
The problem with the uptake of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) is not one of technology, writes Bob Sargent, vice chair of the EIC's Water Pollution Control Working Group
» JOHN LEWIS eco-challenge HITS THE ROAD
» Environmental markets thrive despite economic dip
» Fighting the failure of sustainable drainage
» How to increase sales through technology
» It's a snip: the new EP regulations
» Smart meter strengthens night-time data collection
» And the award goes to...

April 2007

Foodstuffs left over from the agri-food industry which are used as animal fodder do not count as waste, as court has ruled.
Cutting water consumption is often overlooked by business in the rush to drive down carbon emissions but companies are missing a trick, according to an organisation set up to provide environmental advice to the private sector.
Italian confusion over whether excavated rocks and soil should be considered waste have been cleared up.
» Russian Spies Have Us Mapped Out
» WEEE: What's in it for local authorities?
» Environmental Case Law Summary, April 2007
» Why a joined-up approach provides the most effective method of protecting our environment
» France slow to tackle illegal landfills
» Quality protocol set to boost compost markets
» Sustainable water management to top the bill at IWEX

April 2004

David Tennant, group environmental manager for Gleeson, explains the company's approach to environmental risk management
The imminence of the 16 July deadline for the implementation of the Landfill Directive has spurred a spate of announcements from the Government and the Environment Agency in response to widespread concern expressed across the environmental and waste sectors that guidance has been insufficient and in
Scotland has tightened its waste laws and formed a team of specialist environmental prosecutors. Jamie Grant of MacRoberts Solicitors warns business to be aware of the risks
» The Water Framework Directive: a new approach?
» Environment and EU enlargement
» UK too slow to pick up ICM
» Not far enough
» UThe past is polluted orange: the future’s brighter
» Gee meets Anglian's needs
» Sifting through top screen firms

April 1999

As the song goes there's nothing quite like Œmessing about on the river'. according to statistics our waterways, rivers and reservoirs are providing some great leisure opportunities. WWT reports on some of the initiatives which are now taking place around the country.
Process innovation at Burton's Biscuits has been a significant factor in the reduction of food waste and waste water involving production line staff.Can waste minimisation help a company move towards becoming a more sustainable operation? SABINA, the recent Severn Estuary project, says 'yes'. Here's how.
The Government's insistence that water companies look to a 25 year horizon in resource planning takes the process into a time that may see the early stages of climate change. RAJ Arthur explains why the age of demand management is here.
» Integrating approach to maintaining quality
» Pipes bursting with success
» Setting the standards in drainage
» . . . that damned elusive coliform
» Plumbosolvency ­ control and minimisationArticle Title
» Treating seasonal algal blooms