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April 2008

How to comply with building-waste rules

The construction industry produces one third of the UK's waste. This month, the DTI's Site Waste Management Plans come into force in an attempt to curtail this. Kevin Stanley outlines what companies need to do to comply, and how the scheme can in fact save a business money

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How to increase sales through technology

German fault-finding firm SebaKMT has increased its turnover by 10% in five years. It puts its success down to innovation - and technological leadership.

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So, which is it: Saint or sinner?

Biofuels are a bit like the little girl in the nursery rhyme, they're either very, very good, or very, very bad - it just depends on who you talk to. Erik Jaques referees a heated and well-fuelled debate

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· Keeping Welsh lake under control

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary April 2008

· Aquabio gets to the root of a particularly potent problem

· Picking out a winner from innovation's brightest stars

· Taxing times: weighing up options for waste soils

· Catching up with Swede success

· Fighting the failure of sustainable drainage

April 2007

Climate change and the future of the water environment

Following a year when many of the water industry's achievements were drowned under critical headlines about drought order applications, high profile hosepipe bans and consumer concern over leakage rates, the industry needs to renew its efforts to set the agenda for a more sustainable water environme

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REACH is a concern for us all

A Byzantine piece of legislation coming out of the EU with the aim of monitoring the use of chemicals and ensuring public and environmental safety will impact on everyone, not just the chemical industry.

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Capital gains: a timely plan for infrastructure

A blueprint has been developed to help speed up the delivery of more waste and recycling facilities in London. Katie Coyne reports

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· Edie Special Report - Water and Wastewater

· WEEE national allocation centre fails to get off the ground as talks stall

· A practitioner's perspective on REACH

· Why it pays for builders to give the skip a miss

· Speakers to drive transport agenda

· Lyons report backs variable charging for waste

· Sustainable water management to top the bill at IWEX

April 2004

South West 'EcoHomes' gain high BREEAM rating

Architects, engineers and builders are all playing a key role in promoting sustainable construction. On the housebulding front new 'EcoHomes' near Taunton are being built ot the highest standards

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Technically speaking

Black & Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at minimising bromate formation

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Sifting through top screen firms

Mono Pumps' business manager for Waste-Tec Products, Ian Hallows, assesses the current state of the CSO programme and outlines his criteria for success in AMP4

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· Sweet Music

· Government acts to stave off potential hazwaste crisis

· Linking WFD with development control and land-use planning

· Gee meets Anglian's needs

· Drum roll for pumping station

· Uncertain plans

· Achieve better mixing and dosing

April 1999

SABINA puts waste minimisation to work on corporate sustainability

Can waste minimisation help a company move towards becoming a more sustainable operation? SABINA, the recent Severn Estuary project, says 'yes'. Here's how.

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Integrating approach to maintaining quality

Bob Borrill, water supply process manager at West Midlands Region of Severn Trent Water, explains how the collection and interpretation of data, often provided by computer control systems, is vital in the drive to improve the standard of service provided to its customers.

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Treating seasonal algal blooms

Seasonal algal blooms can cause major problems in water treatment works, particularly those where treatment is by direct filtration. Counter Current Dissolved Air Flotation (COCODAF) is now established as a high-rate process for the treatment of low-turbidity, coloured or algal-laden water wri

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· Water resources and the April deadline

· Messing about on the river

· . . . that damned elusive coliform

· Setting the standards in drainage

· Pipes bursting with success

· Plumbosolvency ¬≠ control and minimisationArticle Title