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April 2009

Although climate change will affect us all, a sustainable future can be achieved if we use the current economic situation to review our social, economic and environmental attitudes.
The recession is having a huge impact on corporate spending, not least on sustainability budgets. The common advice is for businesses to adopt green principles and invest in low-carbon technologies to help them through the downturn. But are companies listening and acting on that counsel, wonders Tom
A robust new water strategy was launched by the Environment Agency at the end of March. Natasha Wiseman highlights its key points
» Crunching the waste, but what about the numbers?
» Tarmac proves perfect tonic for remediation
» Actuator-driven pinch valves answer to an island's prayer
» Lack of control at the root of WEEE problems
» Tightening the belt means spending more astutely
» Interview: Steve Howard, The Climate Group - "I'm obsessed with this problem"
» Creative forward thinking

April 2008

Despite the essential role of sustainable urban drainage systems, they are not being taken up as they should. So the EIC has presented recommendations to government to encourage their adoption. Bob Sargent reports.
Lamella clarification of wastewater has been with us for more than 100 years - but, historically, lamella clarifiers have been expensive bespoke installations. The Siltbuster range has been specifically designed for mobility.
They did it first, they did it flat-pack - Ikea doesn't need to jump on the green bandwagon because they've been sitting up front and driving it since the mid-1980s. Tom Idle spoke to environment manager Charlie Browne
» Pinpoint system puts leak reporting in the palm of your hand
» How to increase sales through technology
» Flushing away the old image
» Walking the walk - Green Sian Berry runs for London Mayor
» Taxing times: weighing up options for waste soils
» How to comply with building-waste rules
» Smart meter strengthens night-time data collection

April 2005

IWEX organisers explore water usage and wastewater and effluent costs involved in brewing and food manufacturing
Steve Fitzsimons, sales manager at npower business, looks at the changes in the electricity market and how these will impact on businesses wanting a cheaper or greener supplier
Waste pre-treatment will play a crucial part in the implementation of waste disposal as the implications of the Landfill Directive and IPPC regimes take effect. The Government, and its agencies are playing active roles in advising industry and local authorities on how new technologies can be applied
» Iron supply hangs
» MARAD allows export of nine more ghost ships to the UK
» Oxygenation of large water bodies
» MBR configuration assessed
» A smashing idea
» Turbulent times
» A few home truths

April 2000

Precise chemical dosing is an essential element of water treatment. Bran + Luebbe believes automated make-up plants are a way of making the grade.
As part of an extensive upgrade at Layer de la Haye water treatment works near Colchester, Essex & Suffolk Water is installing a new control system.
Jon Leech of Wedeco gives the complete guide to the principles behind UV disinfection and the factors to be taken into account to ensure an effective, efficient treatment system.
» Plastics scene
» Bringing peace to troubled waters
» The law or the land?
» Bombs away
» Environmental assessment: a helping hand for EMS?
» MIS begotten gains
» 'Green' taxes set to shape future