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April 2010

New tools for cryptosporidium monitoring and inactivation

US researchers Susan B Rivera and George Bajszar of the MIOX Corporation have found that chlorine triggers a defence reaction in cryptosporidia oocysts, here we reveal their findings.

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We need greater collaboration on carbon reduction

A source of supply chain risk that threatens to play a significant role in the near future is a supplier's commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

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Pitfalls and benefits of carbon management explored

Chris Davenport, environmental services director, McKinnon & Clarke looks at the changing face of carbon management.

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· HWM's hi-tech solution makes perfect SonicSens

· Those that take proactive approach to CRC will profit

· Principality needs more funds for flood defence

· Thames announces £1.2bn of contracts

· Efficiency harnessed at Esholt

· How will efficiency savings hit council waste services?

· A whiff of success

April 2009

Creative forward thinking

Thinking ahead, one water company has already appointed contractors for its 2010-2015 programme of work, even before it knows what that programme comprises. Dean Stiles investigates the implications.

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Electronic meters step into the spotlight

The quest to reduce leakage and cut energy used in pumping water has put flowmetering squarely in the spotlight. ABB's Tony Hoyle puts forward the argument for electronic flowmeters over the use of the more traditional mechanical variant.

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Tarmac proves perfect tonic for remediation

A new land remediation product is working wonders for cleaning up acidic colliery spoil, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional 'dig and dump' methods

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· CIWEM predicts climate winners and losers

· Leakage innovations dominate awards shortlist

· Environment Agency urges smart metering

· Under pressure - the impact of the recession on the sustainability agenda

· Interview: Steve Howard, The Climate Group - "I'm obsessed with this problem"

· The Corgin foam skimmer says goodbye to scum

· In safe hands: Veolia shows the way forward

April 2006

A new type of capitalism

In an EB exclusive, Jonathan Porritt says change in the face of a failing environment is hopelessly inadequate. But we can't go against the grain, we must embrace capitalism - or a form of it

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Hidden cost of renewables

The Government wants 10% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2010. But any business that installs a renewable-energy system on its property faces increased rates. The British Retail Consoritum asks why As industry ponders the future of Britain's energy supply, political pressure is mou

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Biomass drive for Scotland

A biomass action plan for Scotland has been published by the Scottish Executive which includes £3M of extra funding for renewable energy projects across the country.

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· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (April 06)

· Spain loses leisure centre planning case

· Potential Future Legal Actions

· Edie environmental case law summary April 06

· A new type of capitalism

· Shrinking tropical glaciers hold the key to water resources in the Andes

· Responsible shopping

April 2001

Complex business of equipment choice

The belt filter press dewaters sewage sludge into a handleable cake.

Cake product hanleability and new legislation are the latest parameters affecting dewatering decision-making.

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Yugoslavia: a blue-print for post war environmental clean-up

Gareth Gardiner-Jones speaks to Mikko Halonen of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Balkan Unit, a specially-assembled team responsible for the cleaning-up of environmental contamination in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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On line to meet leak reduction targets

The noise loggers transmit radio signals to a patroller reciever module.

Phil Jones of Palmer Environmental describes the award-winning leak location system - Permalog® - which has helped the UK utility, South East Water, to tackle burst mains in record time.

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· Silk purses, pigs' ears....

· Benchmarking plan for a competitive future

· Telephone lines provide global warnings

· Business world calls for new approach to waste management in Ireland

· Recycling specialists offer wide-ranging services

· United States goes it alone on global warming

· Baltic expertise - shared with Lake Victoria