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April 2010

'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

As the chief executive of Good Energy, the UK's only supplier of electricity solely from 100% renewable sources, Juliet Davenport is on a mission. She tells Erik Jaques why she's frustrated by government policy - and how she hopes the company can play a major role in moving the nation towards its ta

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Galliford Try to upgrade Long Reach sewage site

Galliford Try has been awarded a contract worth more than £28M by Thames Water to upgrade Long Reach sewage works in Dartford. The contract will be carried out in joint venture with Biwater and Mott MacDonald. The project includes constructing aeration lanes, a final settlement tank, electricity sub

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CRC transforms cutting carbon from worthy cause to sound business proposition

Guy Battle, Deloitte LLP sustainability partner, comments the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

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· Water Discharge - All across the air, land and water

· Lining up for the future

· Efficiency harnessed at Esholt

· Power is not an end. It's a means to an end

· May Gurney’s brace of Anglian Water deals

· HWM's hi-tech solution makes perfect SonicSens

· All across the air, land and water

April 2009

Calming conflict between consultant and client

There are several areas of tension that arise between contaminated land consultants and their clients. A recent guidance paper looks at the common disputes involved and suggests ways to iron them out

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Under pressure - the impact of the recession on the sustainability agenda

The recession is having a huge impact on corporate spending, not least on sustainability budgets. The common advice is for businesses to adopt green principles and invest in low-carbon technologies to help them through the downturn. But are companies listening and acting on that counsel, wonders Tom

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Interview: Steve Howard, The Climate Group - "I'm obsessed with this problem"

The Climate Group has been formidable in putting climate change issues on the G8 agenda. Erik Jaques talks to its founder Steve Howard, a man driven by a sense of purpose who wants the work of the organisation to make him 'personally redundant'

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· Tightening the belt means spending more astutely

· Lack of control at the root of WEEE problems

· The Carbon Reduction Commitment - Friend or Foe? By Hyder Consulting

· Model aims to keep each link in the chain strong

· In safe hands: Veolia shows the way forward

· Creative forward thinking

· Wizards of Oz control manganese in Scotland

April 2006

On Boro time

Despite the delay of the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, a new plant in Middlesbrough is ready to meet its requirements. Tom Idle paid a visit

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Time, Science and the Water Framework Directive

If Europe is to move closer to achieving the clean rivers and lakes that are the goals of the Water Framework Directive, future investments must be chosen taking the relevant science into account, together with its uncertainties - writes Keith Beven, professor of hydrology at Lancaster University.

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Responsible shopping

A new Tesco store in Norfolk is the first of its kind, and one of the most energy-efficient superstores in the country. Tom Idle had a browse around or the past four months, staff at the Tesco store in Diss, Norfolk, have had to come to terms with their new place of work. The energy-efficient supers

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· A new type of capitalism

· Potential Future Legal Actions

· Responsible shopping

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (April 06)

· No more dig and dump

· Commission clashes with companies over plant protection product ingredients

· Biomass drive for Scotland

April 2001

Benchmarking plan for a competitive future

Denmark's municipal waterworks are to launch their own benchmarking scheme to prepare for a future competitive situation. The waterworks, which have a de facto monopoly to supply water to 65% of Danish water consumers, expect to be forced into benchmarking soon, to measure which companies are best i

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Telephone lines provide global warnings

Remote weather stations are downloading data providing tidal predictions, storm and flood warnings via robust industrial grade modems and 'line power', as Dr Geoff Lawlor of Jekyll Electronic Technology explains.

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Baltic expertise - shared with Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, is the second largest freshwater lake in the world - around 70,000m2. However, the lake and its natural resources are environmentally threatened, together with the livelihoods of 40 million people living in its environs. Recent reports indicate that the lake is shrinking, by about 10c

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· National targets drive massive investment in environmental and waste infrastructure

· Packaging waste opens up revenue opportunities for local authorities

· United States goes it alone on global warming

· Complex business of equipment choice

· Biofiltration solves municipal refuse odour abatement problem on sites across Italy

· Materials recycling maintains progres as MPs slam waste policy performance

· Silk purses, pigs' ears....