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April 2011

Ikea publishes its Sustainability Report 2010

Ikea has published its Sustainability Report for 2010 introducing its 'Sustainability Direction' for 2010 - 15.

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Earthsong: urban living the sustainable way

Community values are at the heart of an eco-neighbourhood in New Zealand which offers an enviable way of living with its proactive recycling and waste minimisation initiatives. Katie Coyne reports

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Why Budget changes bode well for water infrastructure

The construction industry won’t see an immediate boost from last month’s Budget. But new planning measures should make a difference, says Dean Stiles.

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· Solar still FIT for domestic

· McDonald's UK energy manager talks to edie

· Increasing knowledge about taps and samples

· A dazzling night of triumph

· Sony on the road to zero

· Greener rocks

· Profile: Matt Chasen CEO uShip

April 2010

Saving energy efficiently

When Severn Trent Water was having flow rate problems at its Wanlip Sewage Treatment Works, the installation of ABB variable speed drives sorted out the problem - and proved a double winner by massively reducing energy costs too.

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A whiff of success

Odour control schemes have come a long way in the past two decades. But, as John Hobson says, there are still challenges ahead.

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Auntie's Vision

BBC Worldwide, the corporation's commercial arm, has taken its environmental impacts seriously for over a decade. And its headquarters and ethical policy are impressive. But, as Tom Idle hears, there's still room for improvement

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· Work up good vibrations

· A whiff of success

· Those that take proactive approach to CRC will profit

· Labour Manifesto 2010 - those green bits in full

· New tools for cryptosporidium monitoring and inactivation

· CRC transforms cutting carbon from worthy cause to sound business proposition

· Royal assent for Flood and Water Management Act

April 2007

REACH is a concern for us all

A Byzantine piece of legislation coming out of the EU with the aim of monitoring the use of chemicals and ensuring public and environmental safety will impact on everyone, not just the chemical industry.

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Leftovers fed to livestock are not waste

Foodstuffs left over from the agri-food industry which are used as animal fodder do not count as waste, as court has ruled.

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Russian Spies Have Us Mapped Out

At this year's ET 2007, Landmark Information Group will be exhibiting their latest addition to their historical map archive, Russian spy maps of the UK. Richard Pawlyn, Managing Director of Landmark Information Group's Property and Environment division, explains the role that these unique maps play

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· Climate change and the future of the water environment

· Getting to grips with manual handling

· France slow to tackle illegal landfills

· Business benefits of resource efficiency

· WEEE: What's in it for local authorities?

· Sustainable buildings - work in progress?

· Capital gains: a timely plan for infrastructure

April 2002

A sustainable solution

When people talk about energy reduction and management through waste minimisation techniques, the governing factors relative to the success, or otherwise, of a project of this nature is the ability of the company, or more specifically the local management, to sustain the efforts on a long-t

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The sweet smell of succes

A unique alliance between Britain's biggest coal producer and one of its customers is benefiting the environment with a sustainable landscaping opportunity.

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Exploding a time bomb

A waste dump contaminated with chemicals, radioactivity and live munitions is certainly a place to tread carefully. Beverly La Ferla visits a site near Oxford that is coming to the end of a two-year remediation programme.

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· Recycled materials get the green light

· Heavyweight recycling plant goes on show at Site Clearance Zone

· A drop in the ocean

· Information, information, information

· Breaking new ground

· Building industry backs sustainable development

· What's in a name?