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April 2012

Wembley City is the UK's only vacuum waste site in operationOut of sight, out of mind - Stuart Spear visits the Wembley City development to see how Envac's underground vacuum waste removal has revolutionised waste collections.
Local authorities have a vital role to play in ensuring that mitigation measures outlined in the Government's Resource Security Action Plan become a reality, says Adam Read
Choose your exit markets carefully: Peter JonesHe's one of the waste industry's brightest sparks - and usually streets ahead in his thinking around modern resource management. Maxine Perella finally catches up with Peter Jones
» Keeping recovery comms in the neighbourhood
» Why it's not the last straw for Lush
» HSE drive targets the near miss
» Woking's WEEE collection switches on residents
» The eating disorder around food waste
» From little acorns mighty oaks will grow
» GHG Reporting and Rio+20 - an international context

April 2011

The cross-sector growth of nanotechnologies poses particular opportunities - and challenges - for the water industry across the globe. David Spurr of Water Oracle, explains how the UK shape the new vision
Residents from EarthsongCommunity values are at the heart of an eco-neighbourhood in New Zealand which offers an enviable way of living with its proactive recycling and waste minimisation initiatives. Katie Coyne reports
Is the enforcement of the Water Fittings Regulations a bureaucratic burden or essential to protect and save?
Definitely the latter, says Steve Tuckwell, managing director of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme
» Building in a better way for recovery
» Greener rocks
» Are WEEE missing an opportunity?
» A dazzling night of triumph
» Cleaner, greener Scotland
» Reeding towards a sustainable future
» UK advances on digestion

April 2008

German fault-finding firm SebaKMT has increased its turnover by 10% in five years. It puts its success down to innovation - and technological leadership.
The European court has told the EC to rethink its position on a flame retardant used by the electronics industry.
The European Court of Justice has taken certain member states to task yet again for failure to comply with European Legislation.
» Flushing away the old image
» How to avoid public outrage about waste
» Brownfield Expo launches
» Aquabio gets to the root of a particularly potent problem
» France looks to Brussels for waste definition
» Climate Change Bill under industry spotlight
» Keeping Welsh lake under control

April 2003

Maria Cull, from law firm Herbert Smith, analyses recent court rulings relating to industry and the environment
A new independent standard for auditing sustainability reports could provide a much-needed boost to their credibility, reports Anne Sayer
Secretary of State, Margaret Beckett, explains why retailers should get involved with greening their supply chain
» Brownfield developments: an unattractive prospect?
» Calling in the effluent experts
» Biotechnology shows its liquid assets
» Predictions made more realistic
» Hoping for change
» Remediation: It's a question of technique
» No decision reached on energy tax