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April 2012

GHG Reporting and Rio+20 - an international context

IEMA executive director of policy Martin Baxter

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) executive director of policy, Martin Baxter, considers how delaying the decision on mandatory carbon reporting will impact on international sustainability commitments.

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Keeping up with Jones

Choose your exit markets carefully: Peter Jones

He's one of the waste industry's brightest sparks - and usually streets ahead in his thinking around modern resource management. Maxine Perella finally catches up with Peter Jones

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The eating disorder around food waste

Wasteful habits are not helping the industry's image

Battling negative perceptions of 'slop buckets', Nicola Peake explains why more service providers need to do more to capture this waste stream

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· From little acorns mighty oaks will grow

· Keeping recovery comms in the neighbourhood

· Woking's WEEE collection switches on residents

· Waste authorities must grasp the resource nettle

· Wembley kick off: Envac's vacuum waste

· HSE drive targets the near miss

· Why it's not the last straw for Lush

April 2011

Suspended prison sentence for waste offender

The owner of a company that illegally deposited and burnt waste was given a 26 week prison sentence suspended for two years on April 14 2011.

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McDonald's UK energy manager talks to edie

Life could have been very different for McDonald's environmental consultant, Peter Schroeder if it hadn't been for the 'stop-gap' job which quickly became a lifelong passion and career.

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UK advances on digestion

In just two years, the UK has seen a shift away from incineration and towards more sustainable methods of sludge management. Ebcor's managing director, Keith Panter, shows how a global shift is now under way

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· Why AM’s a star of CCTV

· Increasing knowledge about taps and samples

· Waste company guilty of repeatedly flouting regulations

· Cleaner, greener Scotland

· Pilot reveals consumer attitudes to metal recycling

· Driving up safety standards

· A dazzling night of triumph

April 2008

Siltbuster's clarification range was born to be mobile

Lamella clarification of wastewater has been with us for more than 100 years - but, historically, lamella clarifiers have been expensive bespoke installations. The Siltbuster range has been specifically designed for mobility.

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It's the final countdown to the awards

With only weeks left until the winners are announced, we preview the entries in this year's awards

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For many businesses, trying to find low-carbon vehicles that are up to the job has been a struggle. But the John Lewis Partnership may have found a solution by holding a competition to encourage suppliers to up their game. Tom Idle reports

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· Fighting the failure of sustainable drainage

· Taxing times: weighing up options for waste soils

· Integrated action is the solution

· Climate Change Bill under industry spotlight

· France looks to Brussels for waste definition

· Is your consultant giving you value for money?

· Making SUDS standard practice

April 2003

Reducing paperwork

Jon Reeds looks at DEFRA plans to introduce a single permitting regime for contaminated land

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Learning to cope with change

Tackling water-borne substances which can affect hormonal balance

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Cleaning up for the future

The SAFEGROUNDS Learning Network aims to encourage good practice in the health, safety and environmental aspects of managing contaminated land on civil nuclear sites and defence sites.

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· Judith Hackitt

· Predictions made more realistic

· Remediation: It's a question of technique

· Ensuring quality

· Tougher fine regime chosen for waste offence that ended in employee's death

· Technically speaking

· Hoping for change