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April 2014

Big changes ahead: how the Water Bill can make businesses more sustainable

Ian Hewson is head of water and wastewater solutions at Business Stream

Water forms an important part of business sustainability. Or at least it should, says Ian Hewson. But the reality is that most businesses in England are used to being presented with a bill at the end of every month or quarter for the amount of water they have consumed, with little visibility of how

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A constructive look at tackling building emissions

The global green and sustainable building industry is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 22.8% between now and 2017

With awareness being raised this week around embodied carbon in the built environment, Leigh Stringer looks at how the construction industry could potentially become a leader in low-carbon innovation.

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Time for change - telling a new sustainability story

We need the biggest overhaul in business thinking, ever in order to effect transformative and lasting change

EXCLUSIVE The ultimate aim is to ensure sustainability is embedded in everything UK plc does, an integral part of our corporate DNA. We may be getting closer to the heart of business, but we're not there yet. So, Michael Townsend asks, is it time to change our story?

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· Green & Black's: setting the bar on ethical trading

· All eyes on commercial waste

· Leading cultural change through senior leadership

· Why water issues are now commercially important

· Is sustainability getting too clever for its own good?

· Brand protection: engaging with suppliers for a more ethical supply chain

· SC Johnson Q&A - mapping out renewable energy ambitions

April 2013

Upgrading Britain's infrastructure - a constructive approach to a low-carbon economy

The UK needs significant levels of new infrastructure to renew ageing facilities such as energy, transport and water management to meet future demand and help deliver a low carbon economy, says Josh Fothergill.

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Behaviour change: why Unilever means business

Inspiring consumers to adopt sustainable products and behaviours is critical if the world's third-largest consumer goods company is to realise its Sustainable Living Plan vision. Maxine Perella reports

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Ecotricity's Dale Vince: the highs and lows of a renewables advocate

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince

Leigh Stringer talks to edie and Sustainable Business magazines's 2012 Sustainability Leader, Ecotricity founder Dale Vince, about renewable energy, the Government and why the company is now delving into the realms of wave energy

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· Is the great British public being conned on recycling?

· Lessons from Germany: securing supply of critical metals

· Resource efficiency is key to the evolution of the 'smart city'

· Specialist WEEE recycler strikes gold with scrap metal

· Hugo Spowers - the new face of the car industry?

· Safe-guarding operations with mandatory reporting

· Why being green means thinking blue for Volkswagen

April 2010

Norton Rose election briefing: climate change and energy

The law firm looks at how the way we vote could impact on policy and regulation.

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Efficiency harnessed at Esholt

Energy efficiency was at the heart of the design of Esholt Wastewater Treatment Works in Yorkshire. Project manager, Adrian Marsden of Arup, explains how the scheme was delivered.

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A whiff of success

Odour control schemes have come a long way in the past two decades. But, as John Hobson says, there are still challenges ahead.

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· Principality needs more funds for flood defence

· 'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

· Labour Manifesto 2010 - those green bits in full

· Those that take proactive approach to CRC will profit

· New tools for cryptosporidium monitoring and inactivation

· We need greater collaboration on carbon reduction

· Clubbing together to assess the risk

April 2005

Advanced digestion facility opens up new options

Monsal Ltd is constructing what is stated to be the largest advanced digestion facility in the UK at Blackburn Sludge Treatment Centre opening, pointing the way to innovative treatment of MSW

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An end to point source pollution?

Dr Paul Fogg of ADAS, the UK's largest provider of rural and environmental solutions and policy advice, and one of the UK's pioneers of biobed development explains why their use could soon be widespread.

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DEFRA funding maintains impetus for clean up

Government funding initiatives and pilot regeneration projects help to stimulate new solutions in cleaning up the UK's legacy of contaminated sites

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· Case C-449/03 Commission v France: France in breach of waste tip operating rules

· Berlin to be brought before the Courts regarding PM10

· Roll up for the

· Turbulent times

· Quantitative Risk Assessment answers the question:

· Just what the 'soil doctor' ordered

· Waste firms fined £140,000 following workplace fatality