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April 2014

Green & Black's: setting the bar on ethical trading

A Fairtrade pioneer from the outset, Green & Black's has thrust what was a niche set of ethical principles into the core of today's mainstream chocolate market. Leigh Stringer finds out how this once tiny start-up led to one of the world's largest chocolate producers making the move to Fairtrade

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Why water issues are now commercially important

Water is essential for life, but many businesses still fail to recognise the commercial importance of this vital resource. Darran Messem explains why businesses must take note.

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Is sustainability getting too clever for its own good?

Every month there appears to be a new buzzword on the block, seeking to define the trends shaping green business. But as the language evolves, could it be in danger of becoming too self-serving and elitist? Maxine Perella reports

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· Keep the lights on with tax reliefs

· Leading cultural change through senior leadership

· Brand protection: engaging with suppliers for a more ethical supply chain

· Time for change - telling a new sustainability story

· All eyes on commercial waste

· A constructive look at tackling building emissions

· Big changes ahead: how the Water Bill can make businesses more sustainable

April 2013

Specialist WEEE recycler strikes gold with scrap metal

U Can Recycling extracts value from unwanted WEEE. Nick Warburton reports on a local regeneration success story

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Is the great British public being conned on recycling?

Recent headlines in the Daily Mail which claimed millions of tonnes of household waste were being dumped abroad in foreign landfill sites may be scaremongering, but the industry isn't helping itself, argues Chris Dow

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Lessons from Germany: securing supply of critical metals

German efficiency is being deployed to harvest rare earth metals from various waste streams in a manner that should make us envious, says Susanne Baker

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· Renewable by nature: Ensuring resources for today and tomorrow

· Resource efficiency is key to the evolution of the 'smart city'

· We are just three steps away from a circular economy

· Upgrading Britain's infrastructure - a constructive approach to a low-carbon economy

· Why being green means thinking blue for Volkswagen

· Behaviour change: why Unilever means business

· Safe-guarding operations with mandatory reporting

April 2010

CRC transforms cutting carbon from worthy cause to sound business proposition

Guy Battle, Deloitte LLP sustainability partner, comments the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

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Thames announces £1.2bn of contracts

Thames Water awarded contracts for up to £1.2B on 7 April. The company says the work is to carry out essential work to improve and maintain its ageing water pipes, sewers and other facilities over the next five years.

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Work up good vibrations

Fareham Borough Council is protecting its frontline workers against harmful vibrations - a measure that will soon be mandatory for all local authority vehicle operators.

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· The Lost Deal

· Recommendations to Lead Registrants

· Downstream Users can check list of intended 2010 registrations

· HWM's hi-tech solution makes perfect SonicSens

· HWM’s hi-tech solution makes perfect SonicSens

· Clubbing together to assess the risk

· Saving energy efficiently

April 2005

Smart thinking

Louise Etheridge, consultant at Bureau Veritas, advises on developing effective codes of conduct as part of corporate social responsibility policies

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MBT backed by new study to aid UK reach targets

Waste pre-treatment will play a crucial part in the implementation of waste disposal as the implications of the Landfill Directive and IPPC regimes take effect. The Government, and its agencies are playing active roles in advising industry and local authorities on how new technologies can be applied

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Separation and settlement

Vexamus Water looks at how using Lamella separators in settlement tanks can improve potable water treatment process and help WTWs keep within more stringent parameters

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· Application No. 48939/99 Oneryildiz v Turkey: Death caused by methane explosion at municipal rubbish tip

· MARAD allows export of nine more ghost ships to the UK

· Keen to be green

· A few home truths

· Silt pollution of waterways from construction sites; a problem the industry must learn to address

· Water management:

· Case C-449/03 Commission v France: France in breach of waste tip operating rules